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ok so i tried to make some freinds...and maybe get intoa group with some people(im in bastok btw)and no one is responding to anyhting i say...i have a keyboard and all for my xbox360 but no one is talking...then it struck me that i never see massive amounts of endless debate going on in my message does anyone ever talk? a hume lvl 11 war doing the bastok missions and conquests and random quests for maps and if anyone on that same lvl has the same focus in the game it would be wonderful for you to message me, ign is Nootch, games kinda boring by its getting harder and harder to kill enemies all alone. anyway...hopefully ill hear from someone..peace. o yea im also up for any explanation on the chatting thing...thanks
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Er...ok I'm guessing you need some major guidance.

1. On leveling by yourself.. at about level 10-12 you should leave Bastok..go through the Gustabergs, to the Konschtat Highlands and into Valkurm Dunes. There you should Seek Party and get together a group of 5 other players to kill enemies that would otherwise destroy you if you tried to solo them.

You will stay in the dunes until about level 18-20. At level 18 you will be able to unlock subjobs. You will require a damselfly worm, a crab apron and a magicked skull. These items all drop off mobs in valkurm dunes, so look out for them while you are partying there. If you see one drop, ask politely if you can cast lots for it. In any case, at level 18 you can go back to Bastok and level up a subjob if you already have not. (my suggestion is getting your main job to 18..then getting your subjob to level 37 before going back to your main job, so you don't have to worry about going back and forth.) However, it's up to you. Just bear in mind you will be severely mocked if you try to level past 18 without a properly leveled subjob. (Your subjob should ALWAYS be at half your level. Don't walk around as a level 18BLM/2WHM. >_>;;)

Once you've done all this.. and are about level 18-20 with a properly leveled sub, you can head to Jeuno. Jeuno is the mecca for most communication in final fantasy xi. There is never a dull moment in Lower Jueno, and I think once you get there you will be most pleased, as it seems you wish to communicate more with people in game.

Blah, sorry for the wall of text. Again, if you need any help in game feel free to send a tell. Another option that often turns up good results is to go to the Help Desk option in your side menu. Select "Mentor Search" and ask whatever questions you may have of the nearest mentor.

Good luck, have fun adventuring. I know the game seems impersonal and lonely now...but be patient. You've only just scratched the surface to one of the most involved MMORPGs I've ever played.

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ahh....thank you my good are a wonderful human being and i appreciate your help dearly.
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D: I'm not a sir.. but your welcome hehe

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Lomelindi = Tranny?

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...curses. You were supposed to keep that quiet DX -tucks in- >_>

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Sorry my good Woman. :x
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In fact, you don't have to stay in the dunes for so long. hit Maze of Shakrami worms from 12-15 or so, then Korrolokka tunnel worms from 15-19 (this is with a group of 4 or more for both). After that you can hit Qufim, and around 24 or so you can go to Battalia Downs or Kazham, your choice (I recommend going to the outpost in Yuhtunga Jungle from 24-29, then to the tunnel leading to Norg from 29-33).

Around 34 or so there's Garliage, or if you're feeling extra frisky, you can hit up Gustav Tunnel at 36 or so.

Most of this game is experienced through partying with groups of people. Try seking for party, or making one of your own. Ever need help in game, /sea all Merlynius and I'll see what I can do. Oh, there's a guy named Tacodemon that loves helping also. If you wanna bribe him, send him tons and tons of Insect Wings.
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