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Hello, We Have 1 Year EXP as a LS Together

Website: ForgottenSouls.Org

~We are Looking for the Following(Few Spots Left)
1. 65+ WHM BLM RDM, 70+ DD
2. A Co-Website Administrator for our Paid for Website

~Our Average LS Numbers in Dynamis range from 35-45

1. We run Monday and Thursday 7:00 PM EST, We Gather @ 6:30PM EST
2. We do all zones of dynamis. (City, Northland, Dream)
3. if you don't have wins, we will get them for you
4. There are no entrance fees, we pay you to participate in dynamis
5. 4 Points Max a Run, 2 Items in Seacom, Person with higher points lots.

~ {High Priority} #1= 100% of Points if AF Drops ~
~ {Lower Priority #2= 50% of Points if AF Drops. ~

~[This Creates a NO SENIORITY Atmosphere]~

~ I have set the point system up in a way that everyone is frequently getting items based on how well they want them. If you try half-assed your gonna take 2wice as long than someone who is trying their **** hardest. Just a little something to keep in mind when you are deciding if you wanna join this Dynamis.

Reasons to Join:
1. Shadow Mantle Or Shadow ring.

How do you get these you ask?
You must have been in the linkshell for atleast 20 runs and accumulated 100 points.
Well its simple, there is one way to accumulate these items, the only way being simply accumulating 100 points and having your name put on a list for the item However you cannot obtain these items if you are frequently absent or absent the run before.

~To Apply on Ventrilo with a ls leader,

Hostname:, Port: 3912, Password: dynamis {no caps}

~Email or any questions can be done in 4 ways, Email:, on vent, Website, or in game /tell Hixc on Garuda Server

~We will be starting Sky up as well in the shell for those interested in doing both sky and dynamis, within a month or 2

~ We Also Run a Assault, Nyzul, and Salvage Static within the LS, for those interested in the whole LS Package.

~ Lastly we are a Fun And Humorous bunch of people, having fun, and getting things they want as a LS, But when its time to be serious, we mean business
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