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Transferring LS looking for new LSFollow

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Devotion, a social/event LS from Bahamut has decided to transfer in its entirety to Garuda. After losing a decent amount of members because of non-game related drama we are no longer able to do any big runs. We are all experienced players who have been playing 3+ years. All have at least 1 75 and all at least Rank 6. We are no longer interested in leading our own events and are looking to be absorbed into an existing linkshell.

Here's what we're looking for:

No Drama: Some of us are Married IRL and play together, others have been friends IRL in the Marines for 5+ years, but we keep it mainly to ourselves. We dont go around calling each other baby and boo or whatever 15 year old slang is going around. If your LS has a group of people who are tight nit, thats awesome. If your LS has people in it who are interested in dating in FFXI or other lame crap like that, we're not interested in you. Sorry, online "relationships" have wrecked more LS's that I care to recall.

(Social LS)Experienced/Older Player Base: We're not elitests, but answering questions all day long about the same stuff and usually to the same people gets annoying. If your player base doesnt use the wikipedia or allakhazam site before asking stupid questions be prepared to get some stupid answers. On that topic, we're all over 25 years old. We talk like adults and sometimes about adult things. If your LS members can't stand people using slang and curse words, your Social LS is not the right one for us.

(Event/EG LS)Experienced/Older Leadership: It's important that whatever group we join has a leader who is clear and concise on event planning. If the LS is planning an event and I get a tell that says "r u going 2 dyna 2nite?" I'm going to flip.. That's just the way it is. The use of Ventrilo, LS forums, etc. is important to us for Events for proper coordination. This LS will be taken seriously by us, and expect the other players to do the same.

All of us have at least 1 75 Mage job with the exception of Montressor, who pretty much only level's DD jobs. 5 of us have BLM's over 70. We are about 8-9 people all coming with the new update, and will make an excellent addition to any LS. Replies to this topic are the main way to contact us. Serious replies only please.

Thank you,

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What kind of events are you looking to do? PreliatorCaelum, an endgame shell on Garuda is looking to add members. We do Sea/Dyna/Sky/ZNM and other events as they become available (Ouryu/Bv2, KS99, etc). Didn't see you mention what time zone you were in, but our events are EST based (starting between 630-730pm depending on the day).

Many of the members use a ventrilo server I run, and the LS does keep a forum. If it sounds like something that interests you, please feel free to reply, send me a PM, or I can give you my messenger/ventrilo info if you prefer something more realtime.


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I too am a memeber of PC along with Vitali. Just wanted to add to what he was saying. As far as what you mentioned about the kind of people you'd like to share the game with. We too are a smaller shell, an older crowd with married folks (including the leader Sirauron and his wench, Jyzabel). We make fun of each other, crack jokes, and drop an F-bomb every now and then, but no one giggles about the word **** on the vent or even says it for that matter. Anyway... most of have 4+ 75 jobs, meritted and played well. From reading your post, sounds like we would make a good team. Hope to see you soon.
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