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#1 Aug 23 2004 at 7:48 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi all, funny story time.

So things are going well on sunday, windy's in first place, Norvallen is occupied by somebody (it's windy in this case, but the regional vendor is more important to wood crafters than who's in charge), and at noon on sunday I started the 2nd mog house quest (yay, 70 spaces on their way).

So I look at my AH, full. OK so no reason to go gilfarming. Look at my inventory for inspiration, keys and the last selbina clay. Well my first attempt to get that in my low 40's was prety desastrous, But I figure I'm 51 now maybe I'll have more luck. I need to practice this anyways for when I have to go do my coffer key in here for my AF.

(and the universe goes: muahahahahhahahahahah)

so I fight 2 agro beetles on the way to the first gate. No problem. Wait around for a bit and sure enough someone opens the gate. and on I go thru. Now I have an idea about the layout since I've had to go fight explosures in a party to get past genkai 1. So I head off, manage to get around the rooms of dead bats, refresh the sneak/invis downstairs. get past that first round room with explosures, and my invis starts to go. So I think ok I'm far enough from those 3 eplosures near this tunnel I just passed and from the one I can see in the next room. So I figure re-casting invis should be fine.

Note to self: Ballons agro on magic at very large distances.

(never ran into this before, guess I've just been lucky/carful with baloons before this)

I'd heard about the pots that are near the switches to the gate, but I must have missed/not rememberd the part about the baloons.

It was not a prety sight, In short order I had 4 baloons pounding away on me. I did manage to get chainspell warp off. but this was like those getting killed in the sticky at a zone situtations. My corpse ended up at the hp in Jeuno port. Talk about embarasing, getting raised in jeuno.

My first comment after the incident: ouch

My second comment after the incident: ouch

So I logged for food. Went back and had a real good party in CN. I was main healer wiht the other healing capable person being a brd/whm. But we were chaining helm beetles like mad and mad exp was being generated. I managed to keep everyone but myself alive for the entire fight. (an asside, comment from one of the people there: "Oh good an RDM that knows how to rest between fights" - yeash, must be a lot of bad rdm's out there). How I died was rather funny in retrospect as well. So there's some start of battle casting I'm doing, like hasting the nin tank, so he can get his spells off so I don't have to heal as much (we where hitting chain 4 very reliably). So I'm doing my thing and the mob is on top of me. No problem I'll just finish up my casts and move around to the side so I can a) see what's going on and b) whack away. All of a sudden I'm getting hit like mad, and the nin can't voke it off of me. It interrupts me twice and bang I'm dead.

The thief had accidentaly SATA'd onto me. Moral of the story: even if it slows down your casting, move, you don't want to be IN the monster when a thief SATAs.

but 8k exp in 2.5 hours of partying. So good party even with the death (otherwise would have been close to 9k exp).
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#2 Aug 26 2004 at 5:32 PM Rating: Decent
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God, how I hated getting past Banishing Gate #2 or #3. It seemed like when I went, we had a terrible run of luck with people casting magic by magic aggro (pots and bombs), or just not being in a good spot when re-casting sneak and getting aggro. It's tough.
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