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The Red Shadow of Norg: Part 1Follow

#1 Jan 26 2006 at 8:42 PM Rating: Excellent
Some people found it distasteful killing Taru’s. But that cutesy crap didn’t fly with him. He knew that many Taru were some of the sickest twisted bastards every spawned from the Crystal. Blackmages that would burn the life out of your body as soon as look at you. At least with Galka you knew they were too simple minded for much complex treachery.

Tonight he was assigned to eliminate a Taru of rather high profile. He disliked high profile jobs. It was more difficult to remain in the shadows when rumors of your name became attached to the death of people of renown. But orders were orders and he was loyal to the Tenshondo who had raised him.

What few people knew was that the Tenshondo had been in control of Bastok for some time and that the current President was nothing more than a puppet figurehead. The true structure of the current government was a closely guarded secret. He knew who he reported to and had his suspicions about others, but sometimes it was safer not to know too much.

All this passed through his mind as he crouched on top of the roof of a hut in Windhurst Walls. He reached into his tool pouch for his Shinobi:Tabi. With a complex mixture of rudimentary science and ninjitsu magic he made the motion for the Kanji of Tonko, becoming one with darkness. No sense in putting it off. He had a job to do, and tonight’s New Moon was the perfect night to do it.

He stilled his breath and listened. He could just make out the faint sounds of the night watch around Heavens Tower. He could feel the pent up mana of the Combat Castors like a faint prickle on his skin. Years of training his senses had made him attune to the subtle energies associated with powerful mages. He also knew the Mithran Rangers were never far off so even if he could somehow silence the mages he would still have to deal with dodging the hails of arrows from the Patriot Protectors.

That is if he made a mistake and they became aware of him here.

To be continued.....

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#2 Jan 27 2006 at 2:39 PM Rating: Excellent

Yoran-Oran was having trouble sleeping again. He really hadn’t slept much since he had made his discovery about the mandragora. Loosing 10 pounds was pretty noticeable on a Taru. He felt like crappy-wappy. What had driven him so relentlessly? Why did he feel he needed to know about mandies at all costs? Maybe he could learn from this seeing how the ultimate result of his private obsession had yielded such horrifying results. He should have never made that report to the Star Sybil. Surely no one but her inner council even suspected what he had discovered.

He had chided himself for setting wards in his own house here in the heart of Windhurst, but on that night as every lantern in his abode suddenly sprang to violent light he realized he had indeed been justified in his paranoia.


The Hume known as "The Red Shadow" was feared by most, who hoped never to have the misfortune of his company. However at that moment as he foolishly triggered the magical wards protecting the house of Yoran-Oran he felt pretty stupid. He could just hear Ryoma calling him “Baka”. Well nothing for it. It was time to toss the goblin dice, and there was a wide eyed little Taru who needed killing.

He drew and released three shuriken in rapid succession at the target in an effort to stop the incantation that was leaving the lips of the skinniest Taru he had ever seen. One of the darksteel stars took the right ear off of the Taru who screamed the last part of the spell causing a huge bolt of lightning to come crashing through the roof of the hut.

The shuriken had done their job and the bolt missed him hitting just behind. He leapt forward, using the shockwave to carry him towards his target. As he drew his twin katana Unji and Unsho he felt their power fill his limbs. It was over very quickly. With two stokes he removed the head of Yoran-Oran and placed it in his goblin bag as proof of his success. Also it was next to impossible to use a raise spell on a corpse with no head.

The Thunder spell had surely roused the guard, not to mention the building was now on fire. It was time to leave this place if he still could.

to be continued....

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#3 Jan 27 2006 at 4:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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Good stuff bro. ^^
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#4 Jan 27 2006 at 5:33 PM Rating: Excellent
He leapt out the open window in one smooth motion, rolling then springing back to his feet. He got two steps towards the canal when an arrow slammed into his left shoulder lodging into his wing bone. DAMMIT what the **** was wrong with him tonight? He had forgotten to cast Utsusemi to apply his shadow magic. Too late now. Time to run for the water. He could hear the shouts behind him but worse he could hear the low murmur of incantations. He jumped into the air, swan diving for the canal below. Suddenly the air around him became molten fire. His Koga Chainmail made by some long lost art was unaffected but his body became pain beneath it as the firaga spell engulfed him.

The coolness of the water only suppressed the pain for a moment, but he had to shut that out now. It would be a long swim out of the tunnel and he needed to slow his heart rate to use less oxygen. He reached back and snapped off the haft of the arrow to decrease drag during the swim. He could feel his burnt skin sloughing off into the water. He was loosing consciousness. Just swim. No more thinking.

He could see the surface on the far side. Just a slight brightening in the darkness. He wanted to gulp the air in great breaths but his noise discipline kept him from it as he dragged himself onto the bank of the small pool of water outside the Windhurst walls in Sarubarutu. With a shaking hand he searched around his pouches for a small vile of elixir. It tasted awful. A cold wave rolled through his body and he shook with a convulsion. He never got used to the feeling of having his skin knit itself back together. It was like having a thousand spiders crawling over you and weaving webs of flesh, but he had to admit it was a lot better than being burned.

Moments passed before he noticed the smell. It had always reminded him of a place where people feed pigeons in the park. It was a smell that meant Yagudo, and it was very strong. Climbing a nearby tree he peered out onto the dark moonless night. The city had been surrounded by Yagudo who were slowly moving into position. Hundreds of thousands of Yagudo.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Windhurst was about to be under siege.
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#5 Jan 27 2006 at 5:46 PM Rating: Excellent
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Good stuff man, it's helping me pass sometime at work. d(^_^)
#6 Jan 27 2006 at 6:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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Very nice so far man, keep up the good work.



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#7 Jan 28 2006 at 11:32 AM Rating: Excellent
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Good story, but why's this happening to Windurst D:! and to all the poor tarutarus..; ;

#8 Jan 31 2006 at 2:57 PM Rating: Excellent
There really wasn’t much choice. He was going to have to go back into Windhurst. While sneaking through that many Yagudo was technically possible his odds were not great considering the High Priests would see through any form of camouflage. Besides part of him wanted to go back, to make an excuse to see her.

He was forbidden such attachments by code, unless it was to serve a purpose, such as assassination or information extraction. He was considered handsome by most women, and he had used this to his advantage in the past. He knew he couldn’t really fool himself into thinking this was the same.

As he was about to go over the wall back into Windy he spotted the grass parting below the tree. Enemy ninja. He could feel the presence of his foe. Imagine him straining his tufted bird ears to listen for guards along the wall. This was one of the things he had always been chastised for in training. Making rash decisions based on thrills was a good way to become a dead ninja.

He eased out over the branch silently drawing his katana. He would only get one chance for a clean Death from Above technique. He could see the goblin dice rolling again. Snake Eyes. His Katana hit the Yagudo squarely in each shoulder driving down through the lungs and into its beast’s heart. The force of the blow drove him and the Yagudo into the ground, which is probably what saved him from the other two Yagudo he had missed.

He hurled Sarei-ran powder into the face of one Yagudo while bowling the other one over by rolling into its legs. Before the downed Yagudo could recover he grabbed its sword arm between his legs and broke the bone underneath with a crunch. The other blinded Yagudo was swinging its Katana wildly making stabbing motions at the ground were he was grappling. Pivoting out from under the crippled Yagudo he slashed the feet out from under the blinded one with his left katana.

He checked the bodies after and found a gold beast coin and a few usable shurikan. This army would be attacking within minutes. It was time to quit ******** around and go see his favorite cat burglar.

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#9 Jan 31 2006 at 5:50 PM Rating: Excellent
He dropped down from the wall outside of Windhurst Woods checking for nearby gaurds before unrapping a small cake wrapped in panama leaves. The Cardian gaurds had ways of finding an invisible person and after tonights events in Windy Walls that’s what they would be looking for. What they would not glance at twice was the small Taru boy he transformed into after eating the mochi.

It was almost dawn. He scurried along as if he was late for a morning errand for his parents. He suspected if she had gone out tonight she would be getting home right around now as well. Maybe he could still warn her of the attack in time. A deafening boom shot through the air and the street lurched beneath his feet. The Yag summoners must have launched the first wave, sending their Titan Avatars and earth elementals to tear down the walls protecting the city. He had to get to her fast, no time left now.

The door to her residence was open a crack. He cancelled the effects of mochi and eased his katana from the sheath, suspecting trouble. As he pushed the door open he saw her silhouetted against low lamp light. She was just changing out of her civilian cloths and fastening on the straps of a superbly crafted Scorpion harness.

Turning just her head to him she raised her hand and waved an admonishing finger.

“If I didn’t know you betterr I would think you meant me harm. Coming in arrmed without knocking.”

She turned around flashing him a dazzling smile.

“Did you brrring me any shines, kitten?” she asked putting her hands on her sides and twisting her hips suggestively.

“Listen Mihgo, Windhurst is under siege we have to get out of here.”

Her eyes narrowed at him and she moved in uncomfortabley close. It was a strange mix of things that caught his attention at that moment. She smelled of tropical flowers like the exotics that grow in Kazaam. He could here the sounds of the battle intensifying outside the city. He had a foolish desire to kiss her.

She whispered into his ear, “You of all people should know to call me Nanaa. Of courrse the Yagudo are attacking silly. I’m the one who sent for them.”

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#10 Feb 01 2006 at 11:52 AM Rating: Excellent
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more more!!!
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#11 Feb 08 2006 at 4:44 PM Rating: Good
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This is great stuff! Keep it coming please! The anticipation is killing me!!!
#12 Feb 09 2006 at 1:13 AM Rating: Excellent
^_~ hopefully I will have a quiet day at work tommorow so I have time to write some more. Lots of ideas floating in my head. Thanks for the feedback.
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#13 Feb 09 2006 at 4:05 AM Rating: Good
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Im actually sitting here impatient for the next bit.

***** work!! do it!! lol :)

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#14 Feb 10 2006 at 6:36 PM Rating: Good
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Don't have time to read this all, but if Tarus are die'in it must be good!

#15 Feb 14 2006 at 3:51 PM Rating: Excellent
"All of you GET OUT OF HERE!"

The Star Sybil of Windhurst was furious, as she watched her council of elders scramble from her office chamber in The Great Tree on short hasty legs. It was uncharacteristic for her to loose her temper in front of others. It was those **** Humes at the bottom of this, with their short lives and quick passions. She was beginning to hate them all on a personal level.

They had killed Yoran-Oran. Sweet bumbling Yoran. She knew he had never meant to create a weapon. Most brilliant discoveries were like this unfortunately. Stumbled on by the least likely peaceful genius. No one outside of the people she had just kicked from her room should even know. That meant that one of the people she believed was a Taru was instead a rat.

They were forcing her hand. She would not abandon Windhurst. The Great Tree would not burn at the hands of the Yagudo. It was time for Vanadiel to feel the true power of the greatest mages of this age. Today would be a day of blood.

She opened the door to her chambers once again serene and composed.

"Gather them all." "Come Ajido-Maruijido." "Come Apururu"" Gather the circle of Arch-Mages and assemble in the Heavens Tower Planetarium."

She turned to a very frightened looking assistant standing attendance at her door.” Go into the dungeons and tell Semih Lafihna to bring up the Crimson Mandragora."

Authors note: I whipped this out at lunch and havent spell checked it yet. I'm taking alot of liberty with Windy's characters for fun. I wish I had longer lunch because a part of the story I really want to write down is coming up. Maybe later this after noon. ^^

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#16 Feb 14 2006 at 4:31 PM Rating: Excellent
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Good stuff Sho, keep it up!
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#17 Feb 14 2006 at 5:01 PM Rating: Excellent
It was a loathsome creature, a being of pure malevolence. A blood red mandragora, different from others of its kind, it had a slit of a mouth with small needle teeth. It had no leaves on its head but instead bore a thorned branch. Its black lidless eyes were locked on The Star Sybil as she stood before it with a ceremonial knife. It was not really a mandragora in the true sense. It was a trigger.

Twelve other mages were spread out in a circle around the room. Two mages were dedicated to binding the remarkably strong creature. Symbols in the walls and floor of the chamber were lighting up in astrological patterns in response to mana that was gathering within the room. A dark dissonant chant was being repeated over and over by the 10 remaining mages echoing around the room and building in timber.

The knife in The Star Sybil’s hand was unnaturally cold and had a pale glow surrounding the blade and white jeweled haft. She made a small motion with her free hand and the mandragora was flattened against the alter. She raised the knife in the air and the chanting came to a deafening crescendo. The circle of mages stretched out their hands and from each mage emanated a blue/white beam of power. The beams connected on the Star Sybil’s Dagger and she waved it through the air tracing an incredibly complex star mandela out of the light.

Their was a moment of silence, of complete still, and then with a shriek she plunged the knife into the heart of the Crimson Mandragora.

Some say Heaven’s Tower burned that night, others say it was the sky itself.

*Note: next chapter goes back to Red and Nanaa. to be continued...

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#18 Feb 14 2006 at 8:48 PM Rating: Good
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Awesome, still on the edge of my seat here.

I can't wait for more!
#19 Feb 16 2006 at 3:26 PM Rating: Excellent
He felt a flush as she took his right hand in both of hers. “Someday soon you will tell me your true name I think, misterr Red Shadow.” She then slipped a ring onto one of his fingers.

He took a step back from her stiffening slightly in his posture. He should have known she had something to do with tonight’s events. He was not sure he could trust her despite their mutual association with the Tenshondo. He held up his hand to inspect the ring. The finger with the ring on it was becoming slightly transparent as if it was shifting in and out of reality. A teleportation device of some sort, it felt itchy and he wanted to remove it.

As if suspecting what he was thinking Nanaa told him, “Leave it on. We need it to be aligned with your physical presence, just in case we need to make a hasty exit.”

He wondered were it exited to. “Let’s just go now. I saw the Yagudo force arrayed against this city. There is no way Windy can stand against it.”

“Not just yet Red, we have one more mission tonight, given to me by someone higher than either of our normal contacts.”

He watched as her breath came out of her mouth in a cold fog. The temperature in the room dropped to sub-zero in seconds. Ice crystals were forming over everything.

“Get down!” he yelled launching himself to tackle her to the ground. The back half of the house exploded with a tremendous roar of shattering glass. The entire back wall had been sheered off by the force of the Astral Flow. He raised his head up to see Shiva descend from above the hole and stare right at him. He swore there was personal recognition in those cold Avatar eyes, and then she curled up into a ball leaving this mortal plane again.

“Now is not the time forr us to snuggle Kitten.” she chided him, pushing him off her and getting to her feet.

A line of Yagudo formed in the settling dust and debris, mostly Samurai with Great Katanas held out before them.

‘Time to go” she said dodging out the front door.

He followed right on her heals emerging onto the docked wooden street in front of the ruins of her abode. The Yagudo had broken through the walls of Windhurst in many places and were making it into the city in small pockets burning and destroying as they went. In fact he and Nanaa were completely surrounded by a small army off birdmen.

He held up his ringed hand. “Now might be a good time?”

“What would be the fun in that?” she said with a wicked grin and drew both her daggers.

Man he liked this girl.

The Yagudo moved in on all sides and they fought back to back a whirlwind of death and blades. Fighting in this way with her was effortless she knew him like a dance partner. As he dodged this way to parry a katana he would see her dagger flash from behind and another Yagudo would fall. They slew dozens, hundreds, an endless kata practice session. Tiger Fangs technique moved into the Shadowless Hand technique and another Yagudo fell into the waters below. Yet still they came at them, until suddenly a space opened up and a circle was widened around them.

Panting he wondered “What now?”

A giant Yagudo walked into the circle. It was easily half again as tall as the other Yagudo. Its arms looked like they were carved from rocks. It had no weapon but both of its hands were wrapped in muslin. A monk.

“I am “Hundredkicks The Iron Fist” and today you will die by my hands” it hissed, balling its clawed fists.

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#20 Feb 16 2006 at 3:29 PM Rating: Good
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^.^ rate up!
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#21 Feb 16 2006 at 9:37 PM Rating: Good
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gogo, awesome story
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#22 Feb 17 2006 at 1:54 PM Rating: Excellent
“You’re making a mistake General Ironfist. Stand down your soldiers, our leaders have shared interests.” Nanaa said sheathing her daggers

“Don’t presume too much cat wench. I have very specific orders concerning you, but it’s MY choice how I follow them.” and with that he was attacking.

The Yagudo General closed the distance between them almost before Red could react. Its blows and kicks came with astounding speed. Before he knew it The Red Shadow was being forced back on the defense. It was all he could do to remain on the docked street. He saw Nanaa’s dagger flash out from behind the Yagudo but it easily dodged the blow.

It was nearly breaking his arms with its counters, and his grip on his katana’s had gone numb. **** this Yagudo, it was right, unless he got lucky he was going to die here today. He began then to reach deep, to gather his chi and harness it with his spirit and anger. He would only get one chance to use the Blade: Jin katana skill, it had to be enough.

A flash of light mixed with a crack followed by a ringing……… Why was he on his knees? Blood was pouring from his broken nose and mouth. He felt unsteady. Looking up He saw a giant Yagado launch itself into the air before raining kicks down upon Nanaa Mihgo. She fell unconscious in a heap dropping her daggers onto the wooden dock.

He looked at his ring. He should use it now. It was time to go……but he couldn’t leave her.

Suddenly from the center of Windhurst a great beam of crimson light shot from Heavens Tower into the dawn sky. An unimaginable surging pulse of red magical energy rushed past the circle of Yagudo and out into the city.

“Karai! Un Kaldaazaar!”

He roared the ancient warcry leaping for the Yagudo General in the moment of distraction. His katana gathered power from the air around him. His entire being focused its strength into the triple blows. The Notorious Yagudo, Hundredkicks the Ironfist was nearly cut in half sending it spinning backwards off the dock where it fell into the water below with a great bloody splash.

The pulses of energy continued to rush past. Heavens Tower lit up with a blinding light so that it was impossible to see. Outside of Windhurst the world burned.

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#23 Feb 19 2006 at 6:53 PM Rating: Decent
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/em is going crazy with excitement
#24 Feb 27 2006 at 6:06 AM Rating: Decent
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Any new installments coming soon?
#25 Feb 27 2006 at 3:28 PM Rating: Good
Got a project going at work this week so I'm kind of busy. Got the last two installments for this part of the story already worked out in my head though. Should have some more soon. ^^
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#26 Feb 27 2006 at 6:13 PM Rating: Decent
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It's really good, Shogen. The writing style just seemed so familiar to me, with how events flowed together, and how people interacted.

And then I saw this:
“Karai! Un Kaldaazaar!”

Nice change up of the Old Tongue, there. Not that I'm bashing you or anything, it's just something I happened to notice. Good job on this story, though. Keep it up.

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