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Looking for my old LS: ExordiumFollow

#1 May 15 2008 at 8:13 AM Rating: Good
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I'm just getting back into FFXI after a 7 month break, and I came back a few days ago to find that my old linkshell Exordium no longer exists (or maybe someone just broke my shell?). This was an amazing shell - about 100 or so active members (most of whom were VERY helpful), weekly events, also had a dynamis shell. The leader was Edoserax, one of the most organized FFXI players I have ever encountered. I really want to get back in this shell, but I don't know if it exists and I can't find any of my old LS mates. Does anybody know what happened to Exordium, did they merge with another shell or switch servers or did it just die?
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The Exordium linkshell no longer exists. I don't recognize your name so I'm assuming you left before I joined Exo. Exordium's leader Edoserax has left FFXI and may/may not ever return. In the wake of his unexpected disappearance from the game there was a lot of conflict among the remaining members of the shell. People had started to filter out slowly before Edo's disappearance and more swiftly so after. The remaining group eventually split off into 2 seperate shells, one of which is now led by myself and a few other former Exordium members (Tehwarmmilk, Tsalmaveth, Skydance, and others). The other group formed a new Exordium led by Maozmas and Paozmas. If you're interested in further details feel free to contact me in-game.

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Hello there!

Edoserax is now on Alexander server, serving faithfully under the VanadielKnights linkshell. I am the linkshell leader there.

If you have any questions, please PM me or visit You may register and speak with Edoserax on our forums. Thank you!

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