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Soda for Food Stamps

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rdmcandie wrote:
gbaji wrote:
Oh. I noticed one other fun bit rdm. In addition to your assumption that it's only socialism if it works, you also use one of my favorites: Calling the government, "the people". Isn't is interesting that the government is the people when it's doing the right things, but it's under control of some evil force when it's not. That's another delusion btw. A particularly scary one IMO, but one that I run into all the time.

The government has the power you give it whether it's going to do what you want, or it's going to do what you don't want. So don't give it that much power, OK?

Who said anything about being evil.

It's the distinction you're making between socialism and fascism. When a socialist does what you view as good things, you call it socialism. When a socialist government does what you view as evil things, you call it fascism. It's an after the fact labeling though. Which is the problem. They are indistinguishable until something goes horribly wrong.

I said my countries government is run by the people, not every country in the world experiences that, and not every country in the world that doesn't has power hungry government who eats up all the money.

It's cute that you think your government is "run by the people". It's "run by people", but those aren't "the people", they are people who hold positions of power in the government. And that's true of all governments. The methods by which they gain that power vary, but the power itself is the same. You are foolish if you think that because you gave someone power by voting for them, that they are any less powerful over you because of it. More correctly, they are only less powerful over you *if* you are vigilant in making sure they don't abuse that power. But you aren't vigilant. You trust them too much, and you look the other way and make excuses when they do things you don't like. You should be distrustful of your government.

It also isn't concrete along the lines of Capitalism or Communism. That is why I asked you which type of government. Here in Socialist Canada we elect our government based on their positions of spending our collective money, and plans to maintain the programs we have bought in the past.

No. You vote based on that. Other people may vote for other things. You make the mistake of assuming everyone is a happy collective with the same values and goals. And as long as the government is more or less doing what you want, you're fine with things. The problem will occur when the government starts doing things you don't like, but you look around and no one's saying anything against it, so you don't say anything because you don't want to be in the minority. That's the problem with many socialist societies. They become so indoctrinated in the importance of everyone working together that instead of starting with principles and fighting for them, they adjust their personal positions to match that of the group. You spend so much time attacking anyone who stands out from the crowd that you become trapped inside it yourself. And when the crowd moves in a direction you don't like, you'll have no choice but to follow. And you'll even join in attacking anyone who criticizes what's going on. And then one day you'll wonder how you ended out under an authoritarian regime, but instead of realizing that it was your own **** fault, you'll blame "fascists" who must have lied and manipulated unfairly to gain power, perhaps with the help of rich backers in shadowy rooms.

And all the while you've missed that it's your own willingness to give up your individual freedom in order to be ruled that is the cause. You want to feel safe in the arms of a government that takes care of you. You make a great deal out of differentiating fascism from socialism, but you will not see that difference when it's happening around you until it's too late.

I can understand your worry though as an American, considering your government doesn't really control its money supply. It is macro managed by a group of savvy banks who sit on the Fed.

And yet, absent ridiculous socialist spending policies enacted in the last 4 years, we would be doing just fine right now. The worst economic time periods in US history have occurred when we were most pursuing socialist economic policies. The great depression, the 70s, and the last 4-5 years. The periods in between we've leaned more towards free market and smaller government and our economy has soared. What's that old saying? Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it?

Paranoia is fun though isn't it.

Not paranoia, but a healthy dose of distrust for those who hold power over you. Certainly, blindly assuming that everything will be peachy because "we're socialist" is foolish as ****.

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King Nobby wrote:
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