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Soda for Food Stamps

#1 Jan 09 2013 at 9:17 PM Rating: Default
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Zymunn wrote:
Gbaji, decide if you want your words to be taken literal or figuratively when you make your claims(point).

I said question but it was me wanting an answer more then phrasing that as a question.

Oh. You were serious? Sorry. I forget that you're new here. Everyone else knows how futile that would be. Literally. Smiley: tongue

Instead of quote directly just gonna save space. I spent two months, 8 weeks, paying for food, rent, my car, insurance. At that point the money I arrived with and what I was earning would not have kept me: employeed, with meds, food and a place to sleep. You are an idiot for thinking that me giving up my car would be the smart choice. Explain how a person would get around to earn the money, in my case Montana, to eat and pay bills. I starved, obviously not to death and so assuming starving means you die without question is just genius.

Perhaps giving up a car that cost you $800/month and buying a more reasonable one would have been a better choice though. Maybe you were exaggerating the cost, but that's a huge amount for a car plus insurance. You should easily be able to afford a "normal" vehicle for half of that. And gee! That would mean $400/month for food. Plenty.

My choice to starve myself before, not just when I moved, was stupid how exactly.

I'm not sure how this refute my point that most people go hungry, not because they absolutely cannot feed themselves, but because they make choices to spend money on other things instead of food. You're really proving my point for me perfectly. Thanks!

Seeing as I helped to take care of three younger siblings and my disabled mother while me and my dad worked our asses off is irrational how. Get your head out of your *** and enter the real world.

That's wonderful and all, but it does not change the fact that you did exactly what I've been saying people tend to do. Not all of them, mind you, but a high enough percentage that we ought to take it into account when making decisions like how we help people get food. In your case, the food stamps were utterly unnecessary towards the purpose of preventing hunger. I can be called callous for observing that many people on food stamps really don't need the money (and am, quite often), but when hearing a story like yours, it should make people think that maybe a bit of callousness is what's needed.

That or a swift kick in the side of the head.

Huh? Are you claiming that I directly said that food stamps were people? I'm kinda at a loss as to how to even respond to this bit.

You placed the blame on an inanimate object. It can not think, act, speak, do a thing. Living beings can however. You're responces all continue to support that food stamps are people. Food stamps are liable/to blame for people making "irrational" choices.

A really hard kick.
King Nobby wrote:
More words please
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