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Soda for Food Stamps

#1 Jan 03 2013 at 3:56 PM Rating: Default
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Friar Bijou wrote:
gbaji wrote:
Friar Bijou wrote:
gbaji wrote: family grew up pretty poor. We never were on food stamps...
Then you weren't "pretty poor".

Or, y'know, your definition of "poor" is different than everybody else's.

So your definition of poor is based on whether or not your family receives food stamps? You get how circular that definition is, right?

So in your mind no poverty existed until the US created its food stamp programs? Interesting. I see an easy way to end poverty right now!

You really are @#%^ing retarded.

You're the one claiming that if someone wasn't on food stamps then they couldn't have been "pretty poor". Perhaps you should think such things through before posting them?

I understand that being on food stamps doesn't make you poor, and being poor doesn't require being on food stamps. Is there a problem with that you'd like to take up beyond just tossing out epithets? Some of us grew up in families who did not go on food stamps at the first sign of tough times, not because we wouldn't have benefited but because the principle of being as self reliant as possible is important to us. Some of us actually believe that it's wrong to take from others to provide for ourselves. Some of us actually believe that accepting public assistance is a trap which makes it harder to become self reliant down the road. And some of us formed those opinions, not because we were greedy and rich, but because we were poor, but believed that it was our responsibility to do something about it, and that sitting on our butts waiting for a government check wasn't the correct solution.

ALSO: The whole "I was starveling child whose bedroom was a cardboard box" story is pretty retarded, so. No one believes it.

Neither do I. Good thing I never said that. I'm curious what you would accept as evidence of being "pretty poor"? Wearing hand me downs and goodwill clothes? Check. One black and white TV in the house until sometime around 1990? Check. Parent working multiple jobs and long hours? Check. Cabbage and hot dog slices a common meal? Check. I'm honestly curious at what point someone is acceptably "pretty poor" in your eyes?

You know how we got along without food stamps? We volunteered at a local food service (called "Share" IIRC). Yes, us kids as well. Once a month, we'd spend the weekend packing boxes with food and loading/unloading pallets and trucks. In return, we got a number of boxes based on the number of hours we helped out (usually a couple boxes). Rice, beans, and canned foods were in the boxes, along with some other assorted food items. On holiday's you'd get a small turkey or ham. That's why we weren't on food stamps. Because we choose to do something to help ourselves and others instead of just waiting for the government to step in and hand us something for free.

So forgive me if I have absolutely zero sympathy for people who complain that they can't buy soda or other completely unnecessary things with the free food stamps the government gives them.

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King Nobby wrote:
More words please
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