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Interesting Atlantic Monthly article on BHO's shortcomings

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Not at all. If I overcompensate, it would be in my tendency to empathize with others' plights. Regardless the persona I project here on this and other boards, my instinct is to see the world through the eyes of the person I am trying to understand.

However, Catho's statement baldly taken would suggest that our blacks have somehow been given greater obstacles and difficulties than blacks from other regions of the world. Yet, as a man who has traveled the world extensively, lived in Africa, the Middle East, and various places of interest in Central Asia, I can firmly attest to the view that many, if not most blacks from elsewhere subscribe to, which is that Americans, black, white, yellow, red, and all the shades inbetween have life pretty good and would gladly trade their existence for even the most destitute of inner city blacks.

Furthermore, if you cannot appreciate that last sentence for the sheer obviousness of it, then that tells me you haven't moved or lived in those circles. Because to them, a little racism for what there is in the United States, pales in comparison to the overwhelming violence and misery which surrounds them on a daily basis-- you know, the kind of trouble which involves being macheted to death, raped until dead, children forced to point a gun at their mother and pull the trigger, being accused of witchery and turning your neighbors into monkeys, having *** with newborns because you believe it cures AIDS, bathing in the blood of rival tribes thinking it renders you impervious to bullets, knives, and roadside bombs.

At the risk of minimizing our collective past, the complaints of blacks and those championing their problems smacks of the teenage girl bitterly complaining about the injustice befalling her when her parents take her cell phone away for bad grades. Trust not me, but the millions of blacks who have experienced real problems and carry on anyway. Racism?!? Pffft, if only they had such tiny problems.

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