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Debate #1... GO!

#1 Oct 04 2012 at 7:48 AM Rating: Excellent
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Jophiel wrote:
Lehrer sucked. That's not the reason Obama sucked but Lehrer did a pretty poor job.

He was bad, he didn't make them actually answer the questions, and essentially it was them just repeating the same 3 points over and over.

My plan adds up using math yours does not.
My Health Care plan is going to reduce costs when it goes into effect, you should know its a copy of yours.
My goal is the same as it has been for 4 years focus on middle America first.

You don't know how my plan works because I haven't given anyone any actual details!
Your health reform is costing middle America more money even though it hasn't actually started yet!
My goal no longer includes a 4 trillion dollar tax cut, didn't you get the memo.

As far as who sucked and didn't, I said it last night.

Obama sucked in a sense of personality, he seemed condescending and distanced from the discussion, Romney came out way ahead in this regard he was much more personable I think.


Romney had no real points, he offered no insight into what he was actually going to do. he hit his buzz words, he ball parked his ideas again, but still offered no details onto exactly how he was going to accomplish his goals. Obama had took the advantage as far as policy points was concerned I think, he detailed his points, said what he was going to do, and how he was going to pay for it, or cut it.

In the end, depending on how you vote depends on who won. To me despite Obama being clearly weaker on the personal front, I walked away knowing more about what his plan going forward is than Romney, which is what I personally put my vote in. I don't care about the " I could totally have a beer with this guy" shtick. I care more about knowing what that guy plans to do with my country.

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