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#102 Sep 09 2012 at 1:22 AM Rating: Excellent
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Job losses in this recession vs others (note, Obama takes office 14 months after peak employment)

GDP since 1994

And to answer the original question, Democrats simply want a viable and robust middle-class. What this means for them is giving people opportunities to join the middle class, as well as sticking up for people's interests instead of corporate interests.

I find all the talk about "middle class" disingenuous though, since somehow nowadays it's unfashionable to say you're looking out for the poor. So "middle class" is indeed coded language. For all the Democrats failings though, I'd say they look out for the "middle class" much more than the Republicans, who are much more inclined to let corporations trample over people's quality of life.
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So "middle class" is indeed coded language.

It's the opposite, it's one size fits all language. All voters in play think of themselves as middle class. Self identified poor people don't vote, by and large, self identified wealthy people are paying for access to both sides. The votes there are miniscule in number and close to 100% decided. The rest of the idiots making between 25k and 2.5 million/yr are who you target.

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