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#1 Jan 05 2004 at 5:46 PM Rating: Excellent
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Was just thinking about things I did way back when, that got me a ticket from the 50, or just in trouble. Figured I'd give a list of advice for young teenagers out there:

1. Don't wear your helmet around your elbow.

2. Never speed past a cop car when it's going 25 mph in a 20 mph speedlimit zone.

3. Don't keep on asking the same cop over and over if he knows he left his lights on in the cop car.

4. If you get caught past curfew with your best friend, don't call him your brother, then realize you two gave him different last names then call him your cousin. (Katie, it's perfectly legal for you to tell the cop your Husband is your brother, but I don't recomend it)

5. It's not a good idea to take blackcats (the illegal firework), light them, and then throw them into sewer gutters.

6. If you're out drinking with buddies, and you see a car coming towards your group that "kind of" looks like a cop car, don't mime out a version of "oh no! the cops are coming!" Cops don't seem to want to believe that somebody would Pantomime "hiding evidence" while a cop car is headed towards them.

7. If live in a town of 5000 people or less, don't say you are from out of town.

8. Don't steal candy from a grocery store after having followed a cute girl around the store while pretending to be shopping for tapons. Especially if you are with a friend that has a bad case of the giggles.

9. Don't stay home "sick" for two weeks because you don't like your 3rd grade teacher, and if you do, don't wait for your parents to see you leave, lock your bike behind a bush, then go home and watch "Feris Beulers day off", occasionaly calling your school using your Mother or Father's voice to say "My Son is feeling sick". Even if you do all of that, don't show up to the GATE program that starts right after school ends and let one of your class-mates see you, no matter how much fun making paper mache masks is.

10. When your parent's friends ask you to get them a beer from the fridge, it doesn't mean they want you to open it and take a couple sips before handing it to them.

That's all I can think of now, but I'm sure there are plenty more. What are some dumb things you all did when you were younger?

#2 Jan 06 2004 at 9:31 AM Rating: Good
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I had my fair share of stupid things.

1. Never keep a secret from your best friend when his girlfriend confesses to you that she's cheating on him.

2. If your friend likes wrestling, do not let him get drunk and attempt to do wrestling moves that involve landing on the back of your neck. Like the Magistral pin.

3. If you fall in love with someone, don't block out your family and friends. And if they tell you, "She's not right for you" or "She's a piece of crap" or "She told me she likes me" then its a 90% chance they are right.

4. Do not allow MMORPG consume your life. Or you money.

5. Never spit in the wind.

6. If you got kicked in the balls, don't rub Icey Hot on them.

7. If you begin to shake after drinking alot of Jack and coke, that means you got alcohol poisening.Thankfully I had mine with diet pepsi twist. It was easier to have reason to vomit.

8. Never Agree to paying rent if the roomate's girlfriend lives there for free. For reasons unknown, you get less privalages and rights.

9. Never play a paper based RPG when one of the players are dating the DM or GM. More often or not they get more XP or uber items. In some cases they are your roomate's girlfriend too, so you are not aloud to complain or you'd get nerfed or have to get shafted.

10. Never take things for granted, and always cherish each second of your life and the lives of those around you.

That's pretty much it. Have a happy new year cause thi year will be fun and great for everyone!
- Spence D'Mann
#3 Jan 06 2004 at 5:12 PM Rating: Good
Prodigal Son
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Hmm my response last night got shafted...

Never try to take your mom's car out for a spin when you're 13 and don't understand manual transmissions.

Never mix LSD and Prozac.

Never walk down the highway to your high school at 3am, wearing a trench-coat over a hunting knife, pellet gun, machete, explosives and a camera. If you do and a police cruiser passes by, do not continue to walk down the highway while the cruiser comes back to get you.

I should have many more such nuggest of wisdom, but most of them seem to be repressed by my subconscious.
publiusvarus wrote:
we all know liberals are well adjusted american citizens who only want what's best for society. While conservatives are evil money grubbing scum who only want to sh*t on the little man and rob the world of its resources.
#4 Jan 06 2004 at 5:13 PM Rating: Good
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This is a duplicate topic. Your response is in the other one.

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