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#1 Dec 30 2003 at 12:05 AM Rating: Default
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There are numerous board inhabitants that find my presence here irritating.

Judging by the way you respond to my posts - as if you were a dog forced to follow his master around on a leash, and so, out of spite and the desire to extract some petty form of vengeance on his master, proceeds to ********** (unfruitfully) on his master's shoes - I feel it's safe to assume you are one of the aforementioned detractors which populate the board. Or maybe it's not as complicated as that. Maybe I've so thoroughly and repeatedly trounced your psyche you've developed a Pavlovian response to that particular stimuli; a response that manifests itself through displays of moronic ramblings and pointless and maliciously, yet ultimately ineffectual, diatribes.

Some of these individuals, my detractors, think I'm juvenile. Some of them think I'm insecure. Some of them think I'd do anything for acceptance. Some think I'm offensive.

At first I wasn't sure which of these detractors you were.

And then I realized only one of these cumdumpsters possessed the natural ability to spew out such a voluminous mass of lumpy conglomerated servile impotence and illiteracy.

But to confirm my suspicions I did some DNA testing. With the help of my electron microscope, which was on loan to me by gbaji - who uses it primarily to aid in the process of splitting hairs - I could see, quite clearly, that your double helix, your chromosomal backbone, was twisted into the shape of a wheelchair.

I'm calling you out, Mren.

Good news or bad news first?

Good news is that you are the first person I've flamed in months, and flaming you will undoubtedly serve only to decrease the collective faith the board has in me that my flaming skills have not yet atrophied - and I think this pleases you. You would do anything to help tear me off the pedestal which you, unwittingly, played an integral role placing me on. I make a genuine effort to avoid picking on the feeble and weak-minded, and it's positively embarassing that I must make an exception for you- it's an additional source of embarassment that I've had to put an end to my 'no flaming' embargo in the process.

The bad news is that if you aren't careful, your exploits as 'Stabitha' will slowly fade away. Once upon a time, Spielberg maintained the reputation of being the only man in Hollywood that hadn't made a 'Bad Movie'. When the sky is masked by clouds, nobody is going to notice how brilliantly the North Star is shining that night, even if it was the brightest star that ever was.
Idol of idiot-worshippers.
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