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#1 Jan 04 2006 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
My good friend Garro brought this up to me and I didn't believe it until right now. "The whole point of this game has become the pursuit of the best equipment"

For me, the fun in this game has always been talking with my ls family, crafting, seeing new zones, and slowly leveling my RDM for over two years. 73RDM as of right now.

I truly hate camping and NM's so for gil I've crafted. Im currently 91+1 cloth 60leather 50smithing 41gold and I've become rather wealthy from this.

The auction house is my farming is where I find items that are hot and that I can make for a profit. Then I wait for the right time to buy materials low and sell finished goods high.



My farming grounds have been warped and perverted by the overwhellmingly huge influx of rich idiots who just NEED to be the most 31337 player+1 in their sh*ty little universe.

Did you know what every 4~ days 150,000,000 gil worth of noble's tunics are sold...the same can be said for the vermy and the scorp harness (which both almost doubled in price since the holidays).

Utsusemi ni went from 800K to 3mil+

Crafting materials like spider webs and silver ingots doubled and tripled.

Everyone likes to veil themselves by thinking they are making more gil than ever as their common money makers now bring in 2-3 times as much as normal. But the problem is that EVERYTHING "desireable" went up this hih as well.

I just hope all those little bastards who took Grandma and Grandpa's christmas gift and went straight to IGE with it (by the way...Grandma has Cancer and Grandpa is crazy....this is the last Christmas you ever get anything from them because they will be dead in 3 month..../smile) truley enjoy the 10-20 million gil they each bought. So as all the little sh*theads of the world took their holiday money and made sales for IGE probably shoot through the roof...little Ling-Ling, the 8 years old chinese child laborer, gets a 1/4 cup of rice advance in his pay as his X-mas bonus.

Now HERE'S the BEST part...the gil sellers have the server by the balls. Players buy up everything they want at this moment but its never enough. You see, everyting just got more expensive, and now as the folks who bought leaping boots level up they need more gil for Emp Pin and Peacock Charm...well are they gonna farm it? **** NO. Cuz people who farm and craft are usually not willing to pay these rediculous amounts. The gil buyers will keep buying gil to afford the gear they want so they can hit 75 and join an HNMLS, and be their leet MNK/DRK (because we all know people who buy huge amounts of gil usually dont even understand the game), and bask in how awesome they think they are.

But eventually mom and dad will stop buying the gil....and the little bastards will have to start turning tricks on the street to afford that V. Claw...
Pretty soon MMORPG players will flood the market on prostitution and the value of that will degrade as well.

You'll see people in the street with signs reading "43THF/NIN seeking party... will suck Richard for squid sushi +1"

And eventually the hand of God will come down from the sky and bring a swift and painfull death to the Earth...perhaps his/her next experiment in creating life will turn out better....

all i'm saying is...stop paying rediculous prices for items people. you will inevitably loose in the end wether it be your gil, rl money, your sexual inocense to a life of hooking, or your life to the hand of an unruly deity (btw God is a monk so he's allready ****** at everyone for not inviting him to parties)

/end rant

So for anyone who made it through that...umm here! have a cookie!

I just typed this up in about 15 min while im bored at work. But to be honest I really am tired of what i'm seeing on the auction house. I just want everyone to know that it's ok to not have a hair pin or a scorp dont NEED any of this stuff.

Learn how to be good at your job and be helpfull to your fellow players before working about getting leet gear.

Thank you for your time


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#2 Jan 04 2006 at 6:01 PM Rating: Decent
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i have long been a beliver of the rule

if your skill and knowladge are good. then your gear dont have to be +1 only a person who wishes to flant ther gil buy +1 crap. now i will admit i have bought +1 items and even high gil items but i can tell you this i did so when they were no were near the prices they are now. busa is right. SE will not change the prices or fix the AH they will let it keep going till in the end only the barter system will work. ill trade you a scorp harness for a nobles. and give you a imp pin for those leeping boots.

i have also never thrown away any armor or weapons since i started playing i simply pay the 1 extra dollar a month for the added mule. now i have 4 mules full of gear and spells. my wife has 3. i can level any job to 60 and only have to buy food and chos money.

save your items people dont resale them in the end youll just end up buying them and have to pay the marked up price. but dont feel bad if you dont have a fansy piece of gear. its ok. youll be fine. and mages if you cant afford that spell you need. farm do bcnms even pl a little
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#3 Jan 04 2006 at 9:06 PM Rating: Decent
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and that mega, is exactly what i have started to do. i'm not reselling anymore gear. time to stock up, cause its only going to get worse.
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#4 Jan 04 2006 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Every once in a while I clear out a mule that has old equip I'll never use. I've always stocked up on gear and found it useful for when I want to lvl my Drk from 1-10. Me and my brother have 6 characters total. Four mules three of which are his, but I kinda hijacked one.

Anyways I still have level 30 equip for my war and I haven't leveled that job in probably one year now. I keep it because I know someday along the road I'll want to level War again and when I want that same equip I'll look at the price and say OMG WTF!

A lot of people should keep their equip and I wish someone would hack IGE for once but my wish will never come true. Oh and if that does ever happen don't stick it on me cause I don't even know how to write a program.

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#5 Jan 05 2006 at 1:48 AM Rating: Decent
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lol ~busa, that was beautiful.

*chomps on a cookie*

the lingering hope in all this is that by the time people run out of money to buy gil, no one will purchase these items at an inflated price. for example, black cloak has fluctuated between 100-400k in the past 6 months alone. people want things, and are so impatient that they are willing to pay horrendous prices for them. either that, or people start to cash in on these things and flood the market with them, undercutting each other...

yeah, i don't like how this system can be controlled via greed. :\

#6 Jan 05 2006 at 2:38 AM Rating: Decent
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as a DRK myself i realize skill is important but since we cant hit water falling out of a boat i saved all the gil i can and buy my end game gear early so far i am a 50DRK/WAR and i already have a vass. scythe and all the thick gear except for hauberk/haubergion i did this because i realised that the gilsellers/buyers would jack the pries up
#7 Jan 11 2006 at 1:28 AM Rating: Decent
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Fear not, for this may only be temperary. Like you said, all the little sh*ts bought this gil with christmas money from grandparents (as if I needed 'another' reason to hate chirstmas [and grandparents]) but those funds are pretty much all spent by now. And with christmas a full 349 days away (as of this post) the gil sellers may realize that things won't sell very well at those prices and, rather that waste a lot of money to keep putting something up in the AH that isn't selling, they may just be forced to drop their prices.

Plus, the new expansion will be coming out soon, which will bring a ton of new people to the game as well as experienced players going low level again. Hopefully, all these things will add up to at least a somewhat more tolerable economy /crosses fingers.

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#8 Jan 11 2006 at 2:30 AM Rating: Decent
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and maybe with everyone lvling lower jobs the hi-lvl gear will have to drop in price /prays to one day be able to buy a hauberk or a P.charm
#9 Jan 17 2006 at 4:22 AM Rating: Good
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I feel your pain, but I do not think prices will ever "come down."

They will come down a bit because it's no longer the Christmas frenzy, but prices will still be about 150% (at least ) of October 2005 prices.

Obviously, this is just an opinion, but look historically. When have prices ever &really& "come down."

There is a production ceiling on many items which cannot be broken no matter. SE desperately needs to change the NM system, particulary the drop rates.
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#10 Jan 17 2006 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
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Doesn't seem to be just things that NMs drop though. Even sole sushi has jumped from like 40k to 80-90k a stack...
So it has come to this...
#11 Jan 21 2006 at 8:43 AM Rating: Decent
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You know, I always hear ideas of how to fix the economy problem in FFXI. Yeah, I agree that gilsellers and gilbuyers are definitely the problem. Is SE ever gonna be able to get rid of them? Probably not. Is making all uber items R/EX gonna stop gilselling? Doubt it.

OK, arguement is this: Why doesn't SE make more systems to pull gil out of the game? Example: Chocobo stables and Airship fares. The money you pay for that is not cycled back into the system, it is taken out. Granted, the quest on the airship lets you get your money back... but you get my point. Even putting items up on AH has a "tax."

POSSIBLE solution: SE could set up taxes in the nations. I thought about them actually charging for rent-a-rooms... but I think that would be outrageously expensive; seeing how most players are in Jeuno anyways. Sandoria charging for maintenance of the plants and trees? Someone's gotta keep the place looking nice.

I dunno, just an idea that I feel could help out the economy.
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#12 Feb 24 2006 at 1:37 PM Rating: Decent
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I think the chocobo system is one of the best things ever. It isn't a static price. The price fluctuates based on use. If more prices of things scale, then more money would be taken out. What's 200 gil for an airship? Not much. 4k for a chocobo at Mea is another monster entirely.
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