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#1 Aug 13 2004 at 5:16 PM Rating: Good
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Come on guys! Let's get some action on this forum!!

Who are the people you most respect on diabolos?

Vergil - If you haven't seen a RDM that can do it all, look no further then him. He can adapt to any situation presented to him, perfect definition of a RDM.

Kihre - NIN with honor, if your a good player or a friend she will respect, defend, and help you, very selfless awesome tank that knows no bounds to her abilities. If you waste her time and show that you are not a good player,.. well don't waste your time.

Dilias - with two jobs of level 75(WHM/SMN), you'd think he does nothing else right? wrong. Always helpful, always willing to go the extra mile for a friend. Saved my **** many times.

Knell - probably the most selfless player on Diabolos. His contributions on Dynamis have been nothing but spectactular. Great attitude also.

Aresca - /slap =P. Best level NA 75 PLD on Diabolos. Also great lead on Dynamis missions. Can't say enough about him. But won't say it because it will go to his head. =P

Inutock - Not so much what he does in game(not that he isn't good), but more his out of game contributions. Great strategist and knowledgeable. He doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Gametripleml - honestly don't know many BLM's but he's a dedicated nice guy. Didn't have to continue helping with Fenrir since he got what he wanted, but he did anyway. Thanks again.^_^

Well that's my list for now gotta go, might update later. Honorable mentions to those in Ilterendi(my LS), most people in Aegis(or formally in Aegis,EDIT: I guess it's Aftermath now), and the Carebears.

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#2 Aug 13 2004 at 6:55 PM Rating: Decent
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Vadne Smiley: bowdown - She is the most honest and hard working person I have ever met, and the best friend to boot. Every job she levels, she levels it to her best ability, not thinking about her costs at any time. She puts so much effort into crafting, and then helps everyone out with the skills she has learned. She has my utmost respect Smiley: yippee

Lavi - A Japanese player who has put a huge amount of effort into learning english so that he can converse with others. Always there to help us out when we really need it, level 70 PLD, 62 THF, he is a great person, and a great friend.

Hahele - He helped me even when I was a very new player, then he helped me get NIN, now he is a level 75 SMN with fenrir,an expert fisher with Lu Shangs, and he still finds the time to occassionaly chat with me. Mainly the fact that he is a very good player, and also has time for others Smiley: smile

---- New Additions -- Smiley: blush

Toyomoyo - This guy is the best, All crafts abive 50 or so, great fun to talk to, he's always there to help out, for instance he died helping my party get papyrus, and took it with a pinch of salt. He also spent four hours fighting by my side for my Grotto coffer Key, which I didn't get until he went >.<

Resonator- I forgot to mention him, mainly because he was more of a friend than someone I respected Smiley: wink However, I've begun to realise that he is quite easiy the single nicest guy I have met in this game, always willing to help others, always there to cheer me up, make me laugh. The Best!

Yassen- I don't know him well, but this level 75, Japanese Monk was hunting an NM in the same area that I was hunting my sea serpent Grotto coffer key.. we asked him for help and he joined my party, after getting his NM and the drop, he was more than happy to tear around killing sahagins etc for my key.. Asuran fists is simply beautiful..

Anubie - This guy is a levelling monster, he managed to get from 68 odd, to 71 in a couple of weeks, his method being a 5 BLM and one bard party, which he told us pulled in 27,000 exp in 3 hours, with constent chain 7's. To be frank, I envy that, and I'm more than jealous, our static is great but we still get very slow exp compared.... but it really is something to respect. Besides that, he's a great guy, very funny, and he's helped us on a number of occassions! Smiley: grin

I'm probably missing loads, but if anyone else impresses me I will post about them Smiley: wink2

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#3 Aug 13 2004 at 7:39 PM Rating: Decent
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Man... Hahele was a SMN when I was trudging through Valkurm Dunes for the first time... (2-3 weeks after NA release).

Treye - Treye is a beast. Not much else you can say about him. He just goes around killing things for people, and helps others wayyyy more than should be necessary.

Chaoticfenrir- Japanese player, basically my mentor. Really helpful, and has like 5 level 75 jobs. Beats up Behemoth for fun. I've actually had the pleasure of partying with Chaoticfenrir, and she's arguably the best Ninja tank I've ever even seen.

Wabadego- You gotta hand it to this guy. He's an awesome Dragoon, always helping other people, and he STILL finds the time to power through the levels as a Dragoon. Also knows when he has to ask for help or admit he doesn't know something -- an admirable quality.

Sagaxxxx- I don't actually know anything about this guy, but Goldsmithing can be a real pain in the ****, believe you me, and he had the tolerance to power it to 99 or 100 or whatever he's at now. That kind of patience earns respect on its own.
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#4 Aug 14 2004 at 1:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Xcalibur - What other person would send a group of low level players into Ranguemont Pass, or let you put Crackers and Comets down his pants?

Jenjen & Bannor - Awesome team with a great linkshell, really helpful and hardcore about the game.

Icon - I was level 20 or so when he first saw me farming or something in Ronfaure, and he seemed really enthusiastic about looking forward to being a higher level. He's since gone way past me in level and skill.

Chips - She's been bazaaring since the NA release, I believe. Always has some useful stuff.

Also Sagaxxxx. He's like the father of goldsmithing.
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#5 Aug 14 2004 at 6:53 AM Rating: Decent
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Drake - this guy is amazing! He always helps out other people in anyway that he can, and never expects anything in return. He's helped me through Advanced Quests, Missions, Level Caps and has helped out with most of my AF. He's amazing at putting together groups of people to help out with stuff, and he's one of the best Dark Knights I know.

Aragorne - I don't really know this guy, but he helped out when I was doing Genkai 2. Our alliance was a mess, our main tank left and our main healer was leaving too. Then Aragorne came and not only did he tank amazingly, but organized our whole alliance. Everything went smoothly and quickly after that.

There are a lot of other people I respect, but these are the two people who've impressed me the most, and because I know if I try to list more I'll leave someone out, I'll just leave my list at this.
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#6 Aug 14 2004 at 10:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Not sure if any of u remember him but :


i just remember him cause he was the first high level (70+) NA drk on our server. Also a 90+ blacksmith. Kinda sucks he lost his character :(.
#7 Aug 15 2004 at 12:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Wisp - Good friend of mine who always offers a helping hand.

Buibui - great JP I've partied with on numerous occasions both as a MNK and as a SMN. Fantastic player.

Aethyal - Although my skill in cooking has surpassed his, he still has a great wealth of knowledge on the subject and always helps me out when I need assistance leveling my culinary skills.

Savetheworld - 75THF/73NIN. And I knew her when she was only level 40! We don't get to talk as often as I'd like but I respect the fact that she puts as much dedication and effort in to her jobs as she does.

Greenfource - For taking his death last night in Boyahda Tree very well instead of blaming the RDM at fault. >_> /wave Green
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#8 Aug 15 2004 at 1:19 PM Rating: Decent
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Hmm... this thread is rather uplifting. Nice to know there are actually more than one or two people on this server who aren't @$$hats.

I have one addition: Gail

She was a Dragoon at the time, and I was in my first ever PT at level 10. I was the only person without a sub-job, and was a WAR. I was asked to be main tank. At the time, being uneducated, I didn't even know what that meant.

The other party memebers didn't seem happy with this, but before we fought, Gail told me about voking and my general role in a party, and taught me how to make a macro. (Yes, I didn't even know that. I was a super-n00b at the time). I screwed up the first couple of fights, but I got it quickly, and the party ending up getting a couple of levels out of it. Next day, I saw her flying a Mentor flag. I would saw she is one of the rare Mentors who actually should be one.
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#9 Aug 16 2004 at 9:30 AM Rating: Good
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Eziel wrote:
Greenfource - For taking his death last night in Boyahda Tree very well instead of blaming the RDM at fault. >_> /wave Green

Heh, I was tired at the time and yes a little upset, but we all make mistakes no biggie. Last night I made a mistake myself, I hit my astral flow and hit elciptic howl instead of howling moon. Smiley: disappointed. It kind of indirectly got our PLD killed because soon after he got a double attack and critted sickle slash. If I hit the 2hr right he most likely would have been dead. Anyways, point is nobody's perfect.

I don't make anything an issue unless it happens more then once. And I don't think anyone else should either.

I will however point out what happened in the hopes of rectifying the problem.
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#10 Aug 16 2004 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
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I myself died twice last night in the same party. It was an awkward setup, especially being the sub tank for a ninja. RDM, PLD, NIN, DRK, DRG, BLM. Tough for the NIN to keep hate and not enough healing power for me to tank (hence the dying twice). Ah well, it was still fun and out of the 3 hours we were at it I have 2k exp to show for it. XD
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#11 Aug 16 2004 at 3:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Aethyal - Although my skill in cooking has surpassed his, he still has a great wealth of knowledge on the subject and always helps me out when I need assistance leveling my culinary skills.


Eziel! There you are! I haven't seen you since we helped those two WHM's get their Giddeus keys!

People I respect..

Selbi - I've never met anyone with more knowledge of the game. There isn't much I know that I didn't learn from her.

Eziel & Gema - These two guys took a homeless little level 15 WHM into their LS and lead him by the hand through quite a few tasks <cough> Kazham Airship Keys <cough>

Poiysen - Although I don't see him much anymore, he's too evil to not like. Aside from threatening to make me into Taru soup, he also helped me out alot in the beginning.

Mathiu - If you ever see this little silver haired Taru running around be sure to congratulate him on getting his Lu Shang's Rod. Mathiu sent me a /tell out of the blue one day asking to contract my Moat Carp, I agreed and a few hundred stacks later he was a very happy Taru (and I was pretty wealthy =D)

Theceo, Crusafix, Travern, & Risca - Have you ever been in a party that was so beautiful you cried? Risca spent the better part of an hour convincing me to leave my current (not horrible) party to hook up with them in Yhoatar. Best decision of my life. I capped enfeebling and divine magic that night, and gained roughly 6k XP an hour (3.5 levels in 3 hours). (Setup was 3 Nin blink tanks playing pinball, Risca as BLM, me as WHM, and a random BRD).

As everyone else said.. I know I'm forgetting people.. expect an edit! =D

Edit: Added Mathiu ^^

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#12 Aug 16 2004 at 6:23 PM Rating: Decent
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There are sooo many people I respect in this game..most are in one or another of my LSs, but one that stands out, and is NOT in an LS is Takkumi. Best NIN tank I've ever partied with and an amazing puller! He's the first person I look for when filling the open spots in my static, and we all wish he'd join permanantly lol. I hope I'm not offending anyone by not mentioning them, since almost all of my parties are great and I've met a lot of great players ^^ Now I just have to finish Genkai 1 so I can meet some more of you. Grrr...bad papyrus...

Edit: And of course everyone in the party where I went from 12-18thf in one afternoon ^^ Darrien, Elvoret, Solarhawk, Legoles, and Leas..It was months ago and I still love them all. And special thanks to Legoles for convincing me to stay after I made 15thf and showing me how to use SA.

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#13 Aug 16 2004 at 6:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Tosimune - Japanese player that did not even know me but helped me do my Af's

Alver - also *** player that did not know me but stayed with me until I got my Papyrus (which is a pain in the *** to get)

Kodiak - I don't know why, he has never spoke to me, but since day one he has been my role model as a player.
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#14 Aug 17 2004 at 9:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Hmmm, I've got the 4 Amgios going on.
Bigmike: Myself, a nasty Galkan Ranger
Demonik: One of the best high lvl War/Nin's i've seen. He is also a really good friend.
Ocram: One of the best Pld i've had the opinion of parting with. Now that he has out leveled us. I'm going to make he wait for
Duku: For a laugh, call this silly little Taru White mage. I believe he has almost gave up his white mage for a Galkan Pld...At least I will get my free Teles.
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#15 Aug 17 2004 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
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Selbi - for her sheer knowledge of so many aspects of the game.

Lilithin - a great person to farm, and level with.

Gail - for her willingness to assist in times of need.

Arion - For being helpful, and a great LS mate.

Xarah - for trying to teach me the ways of fishing, and for holding the hate like a pld should.

Lani and Garrison - for inspiring me to level thief.

Erkreimer - a wonderfully intense player - who knows exactly what he is doing, and what you should be doing.

Punchline - who has a lot of experience with BCNM40.

Minimag - just simply a good friend and good player.

There are so many other friends, LS members, ex-LS members, all I can do is /wave

LS - DivineRight

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#16 Aug 18 2004 at 2:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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Diabolos... it has some of the best people on this server. Since I don't see much action here... I'd like to give a shout out to some of the people in the server who have stood by me time and time again.

Vhaldara - perhaps one of the most honest and kind players I've ever met. He is definately one of my two best friends on the server. Always willing to help, and never bats and eye for something in return.

Rincewind - Remember when I said Vhal was one of my two best friends on the server? Rince is my other best friend. We've been through a lot together, and he's got the right kind of attitude that I like. He's also one that is willing to try new things and help me out when I wanna do crazy stuff. :D

Vernell - Probably one of the best players I've pt'd with. He really knows what to do and is very good at handling the stress of links. ;) I think the best thing about Vern is his honest and "tell it like it is" attitude. He's been a good friend to share this game with.

Dantean - Unfortunately, Dantean doesn't play anymore. But I will say this, this guy was my bro. I didn't even have to ask him for help 99.995% of the time, he just knew. He was so eager to help, and just smiled and clapped and walked off without ever saying "Now do this for me". It was a sad day to see him go, but I keep your spirit alive bro!

Kailkun - One of the best PLDs ever. He prides himself on being the best at his job and takes tanking seriously. When I've played other jobs that isn't my PLD, the tank is just "there" most of the time. He is always looking for more information on how to be better. I know he looks up to me as a role model PLD, but I will have to say, he has more style in the job that I'll ever have.

Ryons - We've come a long way together. Started way back at 54 and now we are lvl 69. You are a very good WHM, and always glad to xp with ya. Can't wait for us to hit 70 together. Also, if it wasn't for Ryons, Tiifa and Dantean, I'd probably never have my AF. :)

Kodiak - I haven't known you for that long, just started partying with you for the past few levels. You are by far the best RNG I've ever seen. You deal the damage out all right and make me work my *** off while xping, but at least it's not boring. I appreciate you letting me be your tank.

Vexione - One of the few people I've know that hasn't let level 75 go to their head. A lot of the people that used to be my "friends" got to 75 and pretty much forgot about everything else. He has always kept it real and I pretty much respect him for dealing out 3000 damage. ;) He's just a really good person, and fun to joke around with.

Reality - I partied with Reality in Qufim when his DRG was at the stage. I pretty much feel that same way about him as I do about Vexione. He's kept it Real (much like his name suggests). He's one cool person in my book.

And now to some other people who I've gotten to know recently that I think are just wonderful players and people to talk to.

Slayer - Dude, you just crack me the **** up. But your sincerity even when you are joking is astonishing. I admire your tenacity to make people laugh, and do so in a good way. /salute!

Xanthe - what can I say about Xanthe. She just makes me laugh so hard sometimes my stomach hurts. I can joke with her about all kinds of crazy things, and she just makes it even more funnier. I have enjoyed conversations with her since day 1 of meeting her. :)

Mqickz - a wonderful BRD. He has been sticking it out with us too through the **** levels of the 60s. I'm glad you joined up with us and kept coming back for more. He also keeps it real and is a great guy. :)

Kikaimegami - She's a good organizer and really knows how to whip alliances into shape. Not many people can do this, and still have all those people respect you afterwards! I admire her courage for taking the time and energy to do things like that! :)

Well that's all I can write for now. I will most likely edit it later and add more... but work beckons. ; ;
#17 Aug 19 2004 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
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There are so many, but a few players come to mind as i have had direct contact with them:
Vasudan: All around nice guy.
Unnamed DRK: No idea who he was, but he helped me get EVERY one of the Kahzam keys, one each night for 3 days.
Unnamed DRG: Level 55 died so i could complete PLD quest. She was ****** and made me pay her 5k for the death, but thanks to her for sticking her neck out anyway.
All the great PLDs on the PLD message boards: I can attribute 90%+ of what i know about being a PLD from you guys; how to keep hate, what gear to get, macros, and how to ACT like a PLD.
Everyone on Allakhzam: Everyone on here teaches me so much and gives me something to do while im at work. Thanks.
Epical: Taught me a lot about the game.

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#18 Aug 19 2004 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok well here is the list by job class

WAR: Tokane- One of the best tanks around.

MNK: Xavier- He an his pwr leveling group have helped me out on numerous occasions.

THF: Aravash- Best puller i have ever ptied with.

WHM: Phiera/Cleon- one of the nicest tail waggers around/very helpful and a good person to talk to.

BLM: Topgunmaverick/Merlyn- gave me numerous tips on how to make gil as well as helped me out many occasions.

RDM: Tegan- though a little low on the levels side of things, he is one of the coolest ppl around.

PLD: Myvixen/Vasudan- two of the best around.

DRK: Thirdlibra- this is one tuff taru.

SAM: Hiroaki- very cool guy if you ever get the chance to meet him.

SMN: Zeos- has helped me out when i was lvling my DRK.

BRD: Hubee(pardon the spelling)- knows the ins and outs of this job.

RNG: Krzkilla- Holy crap... myself our PLD and another WAR can't keep hate off this guy

NIN: Takkumi/Deidre- Both know what they are doing and are extremely well funded.

DRG: Woohoo- This guy is a mad leveller and has one of the best attitudes around.

BST: Merlyn- Once again just an awesome guy.

Ok well that sums it up. Now if any of y'all know who I am, rate up =P.

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#19 Aug 20 2004 at 3:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Heh, how Ironic that my two halves are both PLD and Drk?

::Kazzus: T_T! Kazzus your too kind! He sometimes says things like me being ahead of him in someway...and I'm flattered, but I must disagree. Hes a part of me, like a Brother. Kazzus is what being a Paladin is all about, Helpful, Protecting, Compassionate, and is just...a True friend. I wouldn't be anywhere without him. Hes always been there for me, like an Angel wrapping his wings around me, and keeping me safe and guarding me, Even when hes not around. From helping me with the PLD Quest, even to dying 2 times (IM SOO SOOOOOORRRRRY!!!) to help me get my Galliant Breeches. ::Kneels:: Im grateful beyond words. Without you, im nothing. Much Love Sire Kazzus ^_^. And when hes dead, he looks pretty ****! (' 3')

::Vexione: Vexione has been like another brother to me. I met him when I was young in the game and a few weeks into it...just as a Warrior in Shakrami. I was just learning how to tank then. Honestly...all I knew at that point was "Keep the mages alive", and "Provoke every 30 seconds". He gave me praise for being a natural tank, but honestly it was all dumb luck ^_^. Nonetheless, we've kept in touch, and been really good friends since then...which was what.....late decemember, early January? ::smiles:: We've been through alot, Ive watched him go all the way to a level 75 Dark Knight. Hes the perfect mixture of Eros and Thanatos (Drive of Love, drive of Destruction). He's got a heart of platinum. Rank what? What level? Doesn't Matter, he's been the same person. I love Vexione beyond words. If it wasnt for him, I would have been gone long ago. He's been my strength during level 50, when TLB was in the crapper, and even ranting to him about my GF problems. Hes more than just a vana'diel friend, hes a true friend :: Nods::.

::Xanthe: Aaaah, What can I say about Xanthe? Shes like the sister you peek in on while shes dressing? Wait what? ^_^! I kid, I kid. No, we've been through alot. I remember when Sansian first invited her into the limit breakers, I was like "wow, shes out there, just like me!". Shes her own woman, and that earns alot of my respect. She someone I could talk to forever and not get bored. She makes my Vana-life, and TLB much more. Shes a bit of a spitfire, but its because she's compassionate. She prides herself on Knowledge, and honor, and thats very praiseworthy. I love this girl, I hope i have many more adventures with her. :: nods:: An Awesome Samurai, and an Awesome Friend.

::Acerbusventus: Big Ventus. First member of TLB, with me all the way since Yhoator. He's come a far way, being an awesome Red Mage. His quest for power is far from over. Always improving, always working for the best equipment. He's an adventurer all the way. Its really surprising, but hes an imaginer. He is someone who thinks outside the box. He's a leader at heart. Hes a toughass sometimes, but still helpful and caring. Hes helped my clothcraft alot, supplying me with materials and such. I hope I can help him the way he's helped me. So if anyone has the chance to have this RDM in their party, jump at the opportunity. I trust him with my life.

::Niomi (omiomiomiomiomi): Hehe, I'll never forget this little Taru WHM. I remember meeting her in Tahrongi, and realizing how great of a White Mage she was. From that point, i've tried to spend alot of time with her. A part of me is angry at myself for not keeping in touch with her as much as I should, however if there was a white mage that would kill to party with again, it would be Omi. Shes sweet, and fun to be around, and just adorable ^^;. I respect her, because her goal hasnt been to power to a certain level, but its just been to enjoy life. I remember her only goal was to get to 25, so she can raise. SHe spent her time just going around Raising people. She was soo thrilled to reach it. Im proud of her. Shes a true adventurer, and always be in my heart.

::Tarupotter: What a true Blue, stand up taru. I remember when TLB was in the crapper, he stepped up big time and carried the flag. I cant believe that he took on alot of responsibility with the Linkshell. Even now, when I have soo much on my mind with life, hes a SOLID backbone. Hes to TLB, What cream filling is to twinkies, the good part ^_^. I really hope I can adventure with him more, I miss him ^_^

:: Darkscythe: Scythe quit recently. Me and him grew up together in this game. We both were warriors, then Paladins. We He was ahead of me as a PLD, but then I caught up and surpassed him. Then we leveled together, competed against one another to be the better Paladin. Personally, I think i was ahead...however i know alot of people Sung his praise. He turned into a very good paladin. He went from using GS, and being "an attack paladin" to realizing his abilitys, and strengths, focused more on his Defense. I repsect that he saw the change in himself, and went through with it. My heart goes out to him, because I know hes going through hard times. But as I hold my Glutton sword, and nearing full AF attire, i promise that this is for you pal ::cheers::. Hes always with me, giving me that extra bit of courage and strength with every swing of my sword.

:: Drachasor: Again, another person who is not with Vana'diel anymore. Hes been my crafting mentor, teaching me the basics that I should have learned, and making me into a level 60 chief with all his knowledge. He's left me his shield, and because of that I feel like hes there helping me hold my shield in every battle. Thank you for helping me be the person that I am today Drach. ::kneels::

::Realta: ^_^, realta, realta, realta. We met a while ago in Yuhtunga while me, kazzus, and rosser were looking for the Marble from the Lizards. She came with Xian to help also, but we had to go shortly after. I remember my first impression was a really bad one. I thought she was a heartless white mage, because she talked about letting her party die, because it was funny. Oddly enough, I invited her to a party in Boyhouda Tree not realizing who she was. After I realized it, i was afraid. But, then I found out that she was an Amazing WHM, and more compassionate than she lets off. Shes creative, fun, and against what she says, very caring. I promise to stay by her side always, being there as a PLD and as a friend. She might not want to admit it, but she'll be there for me also. For that, im very thankful. Shes a really good person that I hope spends more time with me

::Rosser: My little cute Taru Rosser. ::goes to hug her, and then is crushed by her might strength::. Aaah, the fun that me and rosser have had. Its been an incredible ride that I hope is far from over. Shes what a White Mage is suppose to be. Her wedding plans recently didnt go to well ::Rubs his hands together, and looks evil::, but that leaves me room to Woo!!! ^_^. Shes funny, and a doll, will add a smile to your day and a spark to your linkshell and party. Shes a stand up taru, but is also sweet. Im thankful to have a friend like her

::Atrus: If I had to pick one Paladin closest to me, that I would give my sword to if i were to quit, it would be Atrus. I respect him soo much as a Paladin, because he fights for the same things I do. Truth, justice, and the safety of those around him. Hes noble, but powerful at the same time, and respectful like no other. ::Kneels to atrus::. I hope to be there side by side with him one day in our adventures.

::Clide: I met clide in my hometown of buburimu, we both were farming crawler. Ive seen him catch up to my level, and become quite the Paladin. Hes a bit ahead of me , and that stinks. But I let him know that I wont let him become a better Paladin than me, no matter what ^_^!. Clide like Atrus and Kazzus is a True Paladin. He's definately powerful, but caring at the same time. Much respect

::Anjin: Hes been there for me a few times as a PLD. He's been another inspiration

::Sonix: Ive heard many praise of his PLD work. Sans his personality, Hes been another PLD inspiration

::Tialah: A hume PLD who has taught me that HP is very important to being a PLD (and Vex's nagging about HP ^_^)

::Sleeves: My first impression of him was that he was a bit bossy, and self righteous.

::Phalen: hehe, what a rival he has been. We both leveled our thieves together, fighting for dominance in the clothcraft ranks. I hate to say, but i've surpassed him. I hope that he can catch up soon, i need a rival. Strong Spirit, and has been there for me many times. Much love.

::Sansian: Hes a tradeskills man, Master fisherman. Gives me hope of being a Millionare some day

::Kikaimegami: Wow, Kikai has helped me many times. Sadly, i dont spent much time with her. I would like to

::Meegosh: Hehe, There was a time I didnt party without him. Really good thief, and amazing Pt General

::Redaru: He convinced me that PL = . He said there were too many trains in Garliage and Crawlers Nest. Tis true...there are too many Novice's at high levels

::Amplify: What a Great Crafter. My Inspiration when it comes to being a clothcrafter

::Arealire and Quercus: Brothers of Acerbus. Both have added many great aspects to TLB. Im happy to have them. Both Very proud, and great friends, even though like Acerbus...tends to pick on the PLD T_T!

::Sephiro and Skyelar: Kail Hopes they both will become great Paladins. I shall be their kazzus hopefully, helping them whenever I can, and making sure they are safe. Great friends, and im blessed to have them in my life

::Sorion: Aaah, Master DRG! ^_^. I remember doing mission 3-1 together and being lost and deaded! ^_^. I've watched him blossom into an excellent Dragoon. Hes a big guy with a big heart! ::bows::

::Torhu: And old Friend that Ive lost contact with lately. I saw her in Altepa the other day casting Sneak on herself. It kinda hurt me, because I didnt have the balls to say hi to her. She has helped me many times, and been there for me alot also. Shes amazing.

:: Diki: The Cute little taru that I lost contact with. I hope that I can adventure with her again, although she seems to have her hands tied with other things. :: nods:: Very good WHM, sweet, and fun.

::Kitana: Such an amazing BLM. I dont think i've played with a better BLM at my level. She does the damage, and she will test my PLD skills always. Shes really fun to talk to, and shes an awesome friend. I wish I could mine with her again, I just dont have the patience for it ^_^. But none the less, Must love

Noodle: AAAH Noodle. I met her when I was younger also. Shes been there for me alot, and I hope ive been there for her too. Shes helped me through many things, including Real life stuff. Shes defiantely a sweet heart, one of the most beautiful people ive met in vanadiel (Looks and Personality wise :: winks:: ^_^). We havent talked that often lately, so i miss her. But none the less, and amazing person, and good friend.

::Insignia: No one probally remembers him other than Vexione. Hes a RL friend of mine who doesnt play anymore, cept once every few months. I miss him...hes an adventurer to the core, it just sucks he doenst get the chance.

I hope im not missing anyone ;_;!

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Ok there are 3 people i'd like to pay homage to:

First is Drazhar. a lvl 42whm/22summ. she's just awesome. On top of all those free teleports, she really fun to be around with(aside from all the ankle bitings of course)

next would be Flute. She's the most nicest JP player i have ever met. housing a 75rdm she a sight to behold. She single handedly helped get the Ninja job AND carbuncle ruby.

Last but no least is Nichan. This guy, you just cannot have no fun with this guy. This guy lvled down for the pt in Quifm, that takes some real guts. YOu just cant not respect a person like that.
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#21 Aug 31 2004 at 8:16 AM Rating: Decent
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1. Alterain: took me in to the EoT (LS) in my n00b days and has become my samurai mentor i guess

2. Foxann (and all her mules): has helped me countless amouts of times just cuz shes nice and can box both her main char

3. Ryudragoon: man this guy is so nice he's offered to help me when i dont need it, he gives out mantels for free (travelers to his friends) and has pled me numerous times
Diabolos---> SAM/WAR
gimme a /t and i'll see if i can help =)

#22 Aug 31 2004 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
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well were to begain its hard to name all those who i respect on this game there are somany peeps i know and so many i respect i know i will leave some people out

Wolverine- he got me DRG and for that i will never forget

Eddard- a drg who is always ready to help peeps out he has never said no to me when i needed him.

Shortee- the best taru mage i know u need him just ask and hes threre no matter waht hes doing

Entreiri- hes a hum RDM. he helpped me get my quicksands coffer after i died 4 times trying to get it solo evan after he died he didnt bail out on me he was like all well lets keep looking.

Darkhale- the god of all whm he helpped me and my entire LS get things done no one and i mean noone deserves more love than him

snipps- my wife who up until 2 months ago didnt evan play video games. she sat on the couch hours and days watching me play this game and she desided to try it while i was at work. now she has her own setup and has FAR surpassed what i thought she would ever do.those who say girls sux and shouldnt play this game

Veplobian- he gave a lvl 3 WAR a LS and friends i will have forever

Lptaru- evan tho we have never partyed if i ever had a question he would anwser it or at least give me a funny anwser that would pick up my spirits

Wilsner- SUP galka brother he lead me thro the jag my first time i went to jueno (thought i was going to cr*p myself in the jag)

Redshift- after 10 attempts 6 or 7 deaths and 90% of our alliance
leaving us in castle baileys you stayed to help me get my AF gloves

Pharaun- a friend that i have never got to meet in person after death in serpents grhatto you stayed to help me get utausmiand so many other thing i wont list here

lazertaru - my RL friend who playes a DRK taru no matter what the job or mission or quest he'll help you if he ant crafting lol (BTW HE NEEDS A NECRO COFFER KEY HELP HIM PLZ)

Raihn- the best EF group leader i have ever been with (if he ant in your EF i ant going!)and the only person that has ever pled me (i dont like pling)(but he needed a PLD for his static so)
and evan after i lost the race to be in your static you still offered to keep pling me so my pld would be ready if i ever wanted to use it(which i haven't used since and will not)just incase he starts another static ill be sitting pretty

like i said when i started i know im leaving peeps out but i ant no mage im just a galka DRG lol

and a special thanks goes out to all my LS thanks for eveything!
edited for spelling mistakes and name fixes

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I miss Darkhale :(. I hope he comes back some day.

And Lazertaru is cool as **** ^_^
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I miss Darkhale :(. I hope he comes back some day.

And Lazertaru is cool as **** ^_^
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First of all, those who helped me get things that I couldn't get myself:

Aurace: led me and a few LS mates into Korroloka Tunnel to kill the leeches for the Ninja flag quest.

Theagrin: high-level War who killed the treant for me for the Samurai flag quest.

Ultima: JPN 75drk who killed the bomb for the other half of the Samurai flag quest. Not to mention I got him to come to Konschtat from Bastok so it did use up a bit of his time.

Pekem: JPN 75whm I ran into on the way down to the Wandering Ghost spawn in Gusgen Mines for the monk AF1. I asked him to help me out while he was mining and he showed off his abilities ;).

Darkestknight and Usha: DK felt bad for wasting my time coming to party with him while the party ended before I arrived so he invited me to come along to get Genkai 1 items. Usha also made a great leader in getting our alliance down to the Explosure spawns in Garlaige. 2/3 done now, just need the Papyrus.

Now for some other good players:

Sugious: Currently 54sam who likes to protect areas from Valkurm to Yhoator from trains. I've farmed a couple times with him and apparently I'm his lucky charm as he gets better drops when I'm around :). He also calls me the "Rich Samurai" as I was able to buy Ochiudo's kote before reaching lv34 with sam or mnk.

Dalmbraast: Met Dalm back when we were both around lv9 (SJ-less) doing the Bat Mission for Sandy. He's all around fun to talk to, does his job fighting, and has a great understanding for the game. He definitely doesn't get as much respect as he deserves, especially in my linkshell.

Ayanamieone: Perhaps not the greatest player in the world as he liked to goof around a bit, but Aya was the first person to add to my friend list. What I respect most though is that he was called to go to Iraq and has been there now 2 1/2 weeks. We all can't wait to see you back online again!

Dragosani and Liltrouble: Couple lv51 members on my LS that will go out of their ways to help people if they're not busy. I don't really ask much of them, but they both helped Dalm and me get rank 4. They would have helped with rank 5, but Dalm and I decided to do it while they weren't on.

And a big thanks to all those War's and Pld's that know what it means to voke! Any time I have a party with a poor tank, I end up becoming the new tank. So thank you to all those who can keep hate off me, especially those where the mob won't even turn after a focused and berserked Raging Fists.

Thank you everyone!

Smiley: bowdown

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Inn ure the man, its been a pleasure gamin this up with u and the rest of the disciples. Long live the Disciples of Oblivion!!!
#27 Sep 02 2004 at 3:39 PM Rating: Decent
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Wow, people u respect huh... Man there are quite a bit. Thats one thing about this game that amazes me, for every spammer and ***** u see at a NM camp, there are always those people who really treat u with honor, respect, and make u feel lucky to play this game. This thread is dedicated to those people, and to those that i happen to forget in this list...

The first person would have to be Valjean. The first day i met this guy we were both 10 noobs in West Sara and he just up and gave me 2 spools of silk thread to get me my first stack of em. Man i had my stack and DECKED my self out with the best armor at that level. Man did i think i was rich... lol. At any rate, u find me a better man than that, one who is as generous from the bat, and ill type another entry for them. Vals been the best from day one, and solidified his generousity with a brave, honorable take to the game, all the while keeping an awesome sense of humor. He was even there with me when i founded our crazy, yet surprisingly fast spreading family know as the Disciples. Heres to you man, may our adventures be as numerous and as fun as that day in deep Yuhtunga Jungle.

The next one has to go to Lococoqui. There is not a better tank in this **** game... period. Even though he hates to do it, Loco tanks even when he ISNT the designated tanker in the group lol. A great guy who is willing to help anyone at anytime. For a while i was callin him a Noob lifeguard cuz he always seemed to never go a day wo saving someone. That and I owe him for my subjobs, and numerous successful farming sessions. Heres to you, crazy frog ^^

Third is Flute. You will not find a more generous hi lv japanese player in this game. Everynight she is on she takes her time to help me. From Rank 5 to RSE armor to my future AF armor, i can always count on her help when i need it. Thanks, youve been the best.

And then there is the Sorentoman... The best drunk to ever play this game. Even though he is long gone, (RIP) no one will ever give me the laughs and tears playing this game like Soren did. The best man, the best...

And then there are all my second gen Disciples. Draz is my lil taru girl. But watch out, even though the raises are free and her help is generous, it might cost u ure ankles... And then my man Innais, aka Suiko. A badass THF and a great Summerfest partner lol. I swear him and Draz might be married... And i cant forget Gargoyle. Even though most Tarus run from him, and he farts of poor dead fellow LS members (Sorry Kurb) he is a great THF/MNK/WAR and dedicated to his PTs and XP. That and when the LS is always gettin a lil boring, hes always got a dirty joke in that bag of his to wake us up. ^^ /ma "Unsilence" LS!!!! And then there is the rest of the Disciples. Flamerunner, Sinshenron, Vino, Kurb, Bahd, Aiki, and all. U guys always got my support and respect being in the fam. We are the best **** unified LS on this server, hands down.

Right here I just have to make an insert for those that I initially overlooked in my drought of sleeplessness earlier caused from too many late night PTs... The first would be my main man Fiftyone. You will never find a more intrepeneuing man when i comes to crafting and pulling together of resourses. The man is so dedicated to our LS and his people that I cannot count the amount of favors for given equip and gil that we all owe him. Definiitely appreciated bro. And then there is Cyc, the coolest pantless hume on all of Diabolos. You are the man with Lizzy bro, just dont get too comfortable with her... lol And of course there are the new members to the LS. Although many of you completely outrank me in lvs, Rank, and knowledge of this game, I am amazed at how much you are willing to assist our group of clowns. ^0^ Dudes like Steele, Elladar, Dragshin, Serg, Keara and co... You guys are the best. Thanks for everything. And last but not least is Chace. He dont take **** from anyone, but is one of the greatests assets the LS has when it comes to game knowledge and dedication to us all. With Chace you will learn that silence on the other end does not signify a lack of willingness to help nor apathy to others. Chace is simply awesome. Hands down...

And for all those i forgot who helped me along the way, much love from Nich. I appreciate all you do, and the great times you have given me ^^

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well i just hit ESC mid message so i won't bother making my comments again. you guys know why you're great, and everyone else will find out too

Fifty/Fiftyone (you dropped what? don't u know what that sells for?)
Drazhar (ouch my ankles)
Cyclonus (can you wear your pants yet?)
Jareth (mesa nosa likea you-Jar Jar)
Kurb (sorry bout your face man)
Hiroaki (see, we know you man)
Sinshenron (insert comment here)
Sorentoman (HUGE loss to all)
Unholythrash (just had a great pt last night)
all the other quiet ppl i like to make fun of for not saying much on Disciples

Prissea (link-pearl? whattha?)
Tyrastan (what's this thing Priss is giving me?)
Accolade (ok, i'm in Valkurm, and u need a raise where? Sgusta? hold on let me look)
Acroyer (props on AF)
Ghode (wb man, stop being poor anytime now)
Humplestiltzkin (ok, i'll run the stalker into the Wadi and he'll die and leave u alone, k?)
Brinock (same as Humple, but Hume)
Kaji (HAeuhAEuhuEAHuea)

Dulgan (the one n00b i was able to convert, get back to playing daily man)

But above all else, Bahdirwel, Mithra RDM/WHM/SMN/BRD from Bastok, one of my best friends in real life and the person responsible for this crazy Galka running around Kazham right now refusing to leave til I'm done! Bahd studied the game 2 months before getting it, is uber knowledgeable and takes dying better than anyone i know. all in all, the most fun person i know

Also thx to anyone who i had good pt with, anyone else on my FL or LS i didn't mention, sorry to the DRG who helped me get the quest, many thx, also thx to those who helped with SAM quest you know who u r, maybe

and of course me, but that takes a whole nother post to explain ;)
#29 Sep 02 2004 at 7:59 PM Rating: Decent
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You be nice to me i be nice to you since there is alot of nice people on the server
Something in peace are a mirage to those who been through war
#30 Sep 03 2004 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
377 posts

Victorm- tried helping me with my papyrus and died. Didnt mind it at all. Overall good buy

Kingbulk- same as victorm.

sattikins- Always willing to help me. Helped with my af2 even thoug h she was tired.

Drycynath- Helped with my af2 also. He was exhausted and had to goto work in 5 hours when we did it.

Kloud- Helped me on my Nin quest.

War75 / nin 42 / thf 37
#31 Sep 03 2004 at 8:36 PM Rating: Good
They may not be Ubre leveled, but I have watched each one of these people help others simply to help them, I have much respect for those who throw raises around and ask nothing in return and those who answer n00b shouts for n00b information.

Daeva and Samus - Good folks who take turns playing on there PS2, always willing to teach the n00bs the ropes. Although Deava is a bad elf for not sharing his Bronze bed with Samus, making her sleep on the floor of the mog house :(

Asuba - On his second day of playing, I invited him to my LS because he thought I was a n00b, and offered up all kinds of helpful information that would have been helpful to me if I had been new to the game.

We must help the n00bs, lest n00bs they will stay.

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#32 Sep 06 2004 at 9:09 AM Rating: Decent
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Coconuts must be one of the nicest person ive ever met. Coconuts was nice enough to send me back the difference of 7.5k i payed for a single hatchet ^^; (never use the ah while half asleep).
#33 Sep 06 2004 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
There are way to many ppl that i can think of as respecting in their own rights. First of all i'd like to thnk the Ppl of LegionOfSmashing, Slackers, DarkSlayers, and the LimitBreakers. many ppl have already been mentioned on the site.

*Rosser= my lil taru sister. who was once a lil thf that turned WHM. she is awesome as a whm.
*Minimage= one of my many mentor's as a whm. always can look to him for advice and hints. although i'm higher lvl now, i still look to him for help.
*Atrus= my favorite lvl'in pld.. he has saved me so many times that i cannot even count or try to thank him enough
*Cyrost= an awesome Dragoon and a good freind, been there to help on countless times.
*Tialah= always holds a special place as a pld for me. always there willing to help a poor lil whm, and alway buggin her friends to help me too ^_^.. finally after enough buggin them they let me in their LS.. and now they cant get rid of me.. hehe
*LuciaDrakon= one of those ppl that is awesom at what she does. DRG. and always there to help.. *Hugs
*Lococoqui= although his low lvl, he is an awesome tank. one of the very few tanks at his lvl that i can use benediction and he can hold hate still.
*Kailkun= a great help. and a very good pld. never have to worry when he is tanking. he has taken a few deaths for the pt while me and him make sure everyeon else runs.
*Deinomache= another good whm that has saved me through the times, one time she risked death to save me in Castle Ostroja, luckily we made it out. thnx Deino
*Chilokee= a blm that is always there to help out even when it might mean death for him.
*Moskie= one of the bash brothers. add him and lococoqui together in a lvl'in pt. those two cause so much damage together anythign dies in their path. and btw i might add to Tialah, Atrus, and Kail's delight is a brand new pld starting up

There are so many more of you that i would love to mention btu i'd be afraid that i'd listing my whole freindlist. so i'm sorry if i missed you. please hit Carinen up online if you want to chat. ^_^ /wave's

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Here's my list:

Frebaud: leader of my ls Visage Reborn. When Immaculate Visage crashed, he took control immediately and has made into something stronger and better than it ever was. He's always helping ppl if he can (our LS is VERY spoiled by him) and he's one of the best players i've ever partied with (or dated. no i'm NOT biased. he really is awesome).

Carinen: one of the most giving and sweetest ppl on our server. An awesome whm to boot!

Atrus: another bud of mine who's really been there for me and is also an awesome player.

Inutock: yes he was our old leader and kinda left us..but he knows an infinite amount of knowledge about the game.

Shanvhere: can you say cool guy! He's funny , sweet and one of the best kiters i've ever seen.

Rincewind: Also a completely awesome Whm! he and I have partied together many times..he's really fun to party with.

Misterturtie: he was my first mentor (his mentor, btw, was Drachasor :D) for blm. Aweomse little guy!

SHadowfax: Fellow Sackholder..he's one of the most level headed guys i've ever met. He's also an awesome bard...

Habbaruk: This guy knows everything about everything to do with FFXI.... and if you quit, he wants your stuff. :D
#35 Sep 07 2004 at 6:06 PM Rating: Decent
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yeah hey everyone i just made an account on here and here is my list of peeps who deserve respect...
-alessandro...this guy is the coolest...he walked me through all of my missions to rank 5...he has died for me and likewise...this guy has to be one of the nicest guys in the game...he will help at the drop of a hat and is super cool...he may be a pally but hey sumone might like them ~_~ lol (if u cant read sarcasm lol that was just it) i also got kicked out of HIS linkshell and HE left it because i got booted...he let his friend have linkshell and his friend booted me because i was afk when he was giving about he and i are in a linkshell together...well anyways this guy deserves a pat on the back...way to go alessandro for making it to the page of fame (or peeps u respect page lol)
-schlauch....this guy is also cool as **** he helped me camp some nm's is going to help me on my rse once its time for elvaan males...and helped me on 3-3...this guy also helped me out when i was a noob and had NO idea wtf i was supposed to do...this guy is a super cool dude...gratz to u schlauch
-ALL the peeps on Deciplesofoblivion (my ls WOOT)...a few off the top of my head are nichan suiko gargoyle drazhar (watch out she will bite ur ankels clean off) innas soriku (is a spaz) and cyclonus are all realy cool...i have done bcnm20 with these guys and they r cool and fun to pt and cyc did ninja quest together and camped leapin lizzy together draz and nich did bcnm20 with me and we set a time record on not sure wat the time record of it was but i know we got it...our party consisted of drazhar-whm elladar(me)-samurai and sure there are way more people im forgetting but this is just a short list of people i had on the top of my head...i could probably go on WAY more but ill stop here because these r the peeps i play with and hang out with the most in game ~_~ give these guys a standing ovation for being some of the coolest people i know.../HURRAY <all the peeps i just listed lol>...oh yeah if u need help with sumthin send my dude elladar a /tell ill se wat i can do for u ~_~

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#36 Sep 08 2004 at 11:18 AM Rating: Decent
6,471 posts
I guess i'll paste my response to a similar topic on

Hmm....i feel compelled to contribute to the list too, but my memory sucks. lets see now...

i gotta say that i love my ls (Wanderers), and that everyone in it is a lot of fun.

Katsako: its always tough for me to say something nice about kat, hehe. seriously though, he's helped me a huge amount with quests/missions, so he definitely deserves mention.

Izual: just a real nice guy, simply put.

Ketsuri: a good whm, saved my *** big time once (long story).

I've seen both Akicktothegroin and Hedgehogforprez around more than a few times, clearing out trains at zones and whatnot, which is always welcome.

Fyuyu: I can remember pt'ing with Fyuyu way back in the day, and he was pretty cool.

Mexico: i pt'd with him recently, heh, weird guy, but definitely a good player and a lot of fun.

Jandor: simply put, he's a pretty solid player.

Anubie: every time i see this guy he's raising somebody(usually me). definitely a helpful whm.

Sojiro will hurt me if i don't mention him in some form i suppose, lol. nobody takes party formation more seriously than this guy, and i doubt many people can assemble groups at his level with such speed and skill.

I wish i could remember more, especially all the other guys who helped me out with all those pain in the *** quests and missions. Unfortunately, the only thing thats really triggering my memory is seeing the names posted earlier. ah well...
#37 Sep 08 2004 at 11:20 AM Rating: Decent
57 posts
Let's see...

My buddy Eske is an awesome 53 rng/nin. He does a lot of farming so he can perform well in parties and I've seen him take quite a few deaths for the party in order to keep everyone else alive.

Jandor is another great guy. 68 war/thf now he's a great player and he's always willing to help people out. It amazes me to see just how much damage he can put out sometimes, do not underestimate warriors at high levels.

Armoni is one of the nicest people on the server. She's always very kind and helpful and a **** good rdm too. Never have to be afraid of death with her in your party cause she can keep you alive in some pretty tough situations.

Hmm lots more people to mention but not enough time...will post more later.

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#38 Sep 09 2004 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Just gotta add everyone i did 3-3 with last night, alliance of 16 smashing our way thru Delkfutt was hella fun, so if u tagged along with me last night, grats for all being great players and fun to make a wave of mass destruction with.
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Fyuyu? Ha!

He was in my LS for the longest time, and never ever helped anyone with anything. Period.

He would also have at least 4 stories a week about how he got his parties killed by accidentally using -aga spells or Escaping half the group when he meant to cast Stone III.

Not to mention the one time he asked us, "Do people not like it if you don't have the spells you need?"

Good thing Fyuyu's gone.

Kailkun, I can't believe I forgot to mention you. You're by far the awesomest PLD I've ever played with. We need to PT again soon, although you may pull away too fast, since everyone goes "Oh, look! Kailkun! Invite him, he's awesome!"

Vexione is a good friend of mine, and even though he's pulled way ahead (not to mention that he's a Dark Knight), he still talks to me on a semi-regular basis. He's given me a lot of advice, and helped out quite a bit, too.

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mmm~ people i respect -_-a

Minimage - One of the first people I met in the game (how? he hit on me ... how else?!). I've known him longest, and he's like my big brother who likes to pick on me and make fun of my laugh -_-a hehehehehehe He inspired me to be whm, and apparently many people owe him big time ^__________^ he put up with my noobiness (omg you're in ... la theine ... ??? where is that ???) and didn't hate me. ^^

Carinen - My other big brother... was another person I met when I was first playing, and he helped me out a lot and was super nice. He's now like the 2nd in command in my LS, and I respect him so much. I owe him so much, more than I could ever repay ^^; He's always been very helpful, whether we're helping noobs get magicked skulls, or just helping the LS do missions and such.

Houa - My whm mentor who hasn't been online in a while (i miss him!! *cries littaru tears*)... super nice, and super helpful, always willing to lend me whm advice and a helping hand.

Atrus & Cyrost - Two rather snazzy fellows who are both excellent at their jobs, and very nice. (Atrus also taught me... never kick somebody in the balls when they're wearing platemail ... ouches -_-a lmao)

Iorca - My fiance irl, but that's not why I respect him ^^ hehehehe in the game, a very awesome tank in my opinion. willing to die for the rest of the party ... something a lot of people seem to be missing unfortunately ... but not stupid about it either. always a good thing ^_______^ (now if only he'd stop dying, and i could stop PL'ing him... hehehehehehehehehe)

Kailkun - kailkins... kailcakes... *thinks* must think of more names! hehehehehehehe my fiance in the game, and my best of bestest friends irl *gigantaru hugs* (THERE WILL BE NO RESISTING!! NO!!). Possibly the best pld I've met, he's been my mighty protector since the first moment i met him (although i almost didn't invite cuz i thought he was JP -_-a hehehehehe good thing acerbus was like "NO!! INVITE HIM!!"). Super nice, caring, and all that good pld shtuff.

Acerbusventus - ^___________^ fun to pick on. Can't help respecting that ^_~ hehehehehehehe nah he's way nice & easygoing, and a good rdm ^^

Chilokee - Met him when i first started playing too... he was a taru warrior lol now he's blm, and gaining levels on me -_-a hm~ *shakes littaru fist* hehe he's super nice and easygoing too, and we've been friends for a while.

Vexione - Met him in kazham, and I'm glad I did... he's helped me out so much, and I'm very grateful. He helps out a lot of people and is such a nice guy. Definitely a very awesome fellow.

I can't think of more people, but i know there's more... >.<; bleh. I'm such a blonde ^^; hehehehe if you're sitting there thinking "rosser hates me!!" then uhh sorry i forgot you!! lol *gigantaru hugs*
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Hmmm People I respect...well there are alot of them, let's just hope I don't forget anybody. (I'm bad with names)

Shawna: <<< My favorite person in this game. She is an awesome whm and rdm. She is also the most helpful person I know, She has powerleveled me, helped complete my entire RSE quest, helped destroy numerous NMs, and helped on many quests.

Gonadz: hands down the best PLD I know, this guy is not afraid to charge into battle and take the hits for everyone. Also a very helpful fact my rank 5 mission was a breeze with him on my side. He even died once, deleveled from 50 to 49...forcing him to buy new gear, and didn't once cry or complain about it...I respect that kind of attitude. Along the lines of good PLDs Johnvb deserves mention as he also rocks as a PLD.

Thaurin: Great guy and great DRK, he always has good equipment..keeps his sub leveled..and manages to always crack me up, and again very helpful. Also, this guy is another of my oldest friends who I've had the pleasure of knowing for what feels like forever now.

Ximatt: This guy has been a good good friend for a very long time, from the days before I even had a subjob. We have teamed up on many occassions including Kazham keys, and Rank 4

Kingore: Need muscle? He is your man, he will follow you to the ends of Vanadiel without a thought for himself, and is not afraid of a challenge..again I respect that kind of attitude.

Mialee: Most lighthearted Mithra I know and also a very close friend, who has been a trusted and very kind friend forever now.

Neobahammutt and MrSpanky <<< I rarely see these two seperated so I'm mentioning them together. Again these two are just really good players, and very welcome friends of mine.

Kikaru: My favorite Taru..He is a master of the culinary arts and has been kind enough to always offer me discounts on whatever I need. In fact more than half the moat carps I've caught in this game were with insect paste that this guy made and sent to my moghouse for ridiculously cheap prices.."KIKARU RULES"..You'll often see him hawking off his "teleportaru service" in Jeuno.

Reglurien: I call him "brother reg" I don't even need to say more than that.

Nognog: Ok so this guy can be a little wierd at times..but he never ceases to make me laugh...this guys is hilarious

Last but certainly not least is the entire LightWarriors LinkShell, They are all awesome..I have seen a few linkshells in my time, but none compare to this...they all will go out of their way to help you out,and always make you laugh. They are all like a huge family to me, and without them I wouldn't be half as far in this game as I am now..
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oh ****, yeah i forgot to mention minimage. he's helped me out quite a few times as well.

as for fyuyu, i'm just copying the post from ffvault, which wasn't really about respect, but about good players in general. i mentioned him because i partied with him once at a very early level, and he was a pretty nice guy. beyond that, i can't say.
#43 Sep 12 2004 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
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and the whole University of FFXI LS
best group of people you will meet in FFXI
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Patie; very nice person, helped me with many things when i was in my mid 40's.

Yagiepotter; craziest blm taru on server ;D, funny guy

Ayako & Zino; maybe my best friends in FF11 since i started on DRK, great people.. but too bad that ayako changed server..

Balala; great guy.. always had fun to play with him, too bad i don't know where he is ~.~

Gametripleml; always helpful person, fun to talk with, and one of the not selfish people ;P

Kaz; good guy, helped me with many things too

Letha; partied with her almost every day short after i first came to qufim, but it's been many many month since she quitted

Sigh; helped with almost all my DRK AF's, and fun to sit with him in up jeuno >.>

Poe; nicest JP on diabolos ;P

Syun: great person, he's like always on, and fun to talk to when you're bored ;D, did many missions and NM's for fun with him..has new name but its secret lol

Theone/Loxenfox: maybe nicest NA on the server, great people

Nigh & Leenya; helped me with my subjob quest, and more.. good friends and am happy they still play since such a long time

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#45 Sep 14 2004 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
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That Severd guy is pretty cool.
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#46 Sep 16 2004 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
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I have ultima materia respect for The Honourable Greenfource!
/kneel motion
/kneel motion
/bow motion
/kneel motion

P.S. That was a **** of a shameless promotion Severd

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For those i missed be sure to check my edited posting above. I just cant forget my Disciples. You guys are the best. ^^
#48 Sep 20 2004 at 1:01 PM Rating: Decent
Well first of all I have to say that I respect all of my current and former LS buddies in the Wanderers...even Katsako =^_^=

Personally I would like to thank Blueice and Ketsuri for being my personal body gaurds on way too many occasions.

Kristasee, Matsuro, and Lowkey are also well respected by me as personal friends.

Respect to Nedrea, Onikagii, Khazz, Makira, Eske, Katsako, Garro, Sclash, Abbadon, Jylomulie, Vasari, Oneraith, Valmont, Spectre, Tigress, Umaeus,and Izual for helping me in many different ways with quests missions and farming.

Im sure im missing some but thats all I can remember at the moment.
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#49 Sep 20 2004 at 1:32 PM Rating: Decent
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i used to play on you guys' server, but i quit a while back and passed the character to a friend from the ls i was in. i was trublu. i currently have a character i started on bismarck about 4 months ago, (couldnt get a world pass) its now a 58nin/war.

anyway i was wondering about a few people on your server and if they still play, what level now exct.

one would be my old character trublu
melfice, liquidskies, hallucinogen, madmardigan, kazzus, vashxl(i saw a post about him losing his character, did he get it back?)
there are so many more but its hard to remember, its been atleast 6 months ; ;
so anyway if you guys see any of them tell them i said whats up and let them know im playing on bismarck now.
#50 Sep 21 2004 at 10:54 AM Rating: Decent
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Tru!!! omg.. its been a while since I have talked to you. So how's everything? looks like you have been doing well in Bismark. Well hit me up on pol or something when you have a chance. :)
#51 Sep 21 2004 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
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i been good man, it hurt to start over. i tried to get a worldpass when i did but whats his name never did return my phone call(the current trublu) so i started on bismark. didnt wanna do drk/war again since i knew how much time id put into it already so instead i went blm/whm till 32 and then after a bad day in garliage citadel i decided to do nin/war. i just hit 59 last night i have all af although i cant wear my ninja tekko till next level. i fish alot now my fishing is 56 and i have my lu shangs fishing pole, currently leveling woodworking so i'll be able to repair it. maybe a couple more months and i'll be where you are now :) killing gods and such, i just looked at your god drops and i almost died lol. anyway what about malekith and madmardinga(did mad ever come back). well talk to you later man. oh my name on bismark is Firestarter.

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