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Is it too late to start playing again?Follow

#1 Feb 04 2011 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
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So it's been a long time since I've played FFXI, Five years I believe, and I never got terribly far to begin with (my highest job level was 21 if I recall). Recently I decided I'd like to dive back in however after wasting too much of my time in WoW and discovering FFXIV is going to be a broken mess for awhile. So a friend and I started new accounts and made new characters on Diabolos.

My friend's already bailed on me. I've brought a couple jobs up to level 11 however (MNK and WAR) and I'm currently sitting in the Valkurm Dunes.

Here seems to lie the problem: There's no one here. It's a ghost town. Has the game died as far as low level progression is concerned? I understand why it would have but I'm hoping I'm just logging in at slow hours (thus far I've tried 10:00PM and 10:00AM EST). I really want to give this game a another shot. I have very fond memories of it and I'm really enjoying myself and noticing how much more I really loved this game and the world in comparison to my time spent in WoW. I don't want to be logging in and waiting for two hours to form a party though.

Am I too late? Has this ship sailed? If not what are people doing to grind low level jobs these days and when is the ideal time to logged on to do it?
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Hey there

I just setup an account today after quitting at least 7 years ago. Im suprised to see how dead it is.
Im up to lv 6 MNK after a couple of hours and it seems pretty futile to keep going. I dont really see anyone

Im wondering the same things you are. I had so many great times playing this game before and would love to see some new adventures. If anyone is out there we should party up and get some levels going.

Im also wondering about camping NMs that was always one of my fav things. Im wondering if its pointless to get any drops because they wouldn't sell anyways etc.

When is this servers peak time?
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I posted this same thread over in the general forum. I got a lot of really helpful answers, you should give it a read.

Things have most certainly changed.
#4 Feb 22 2011 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey all!

I guess I'm late to the party. I saw the reviews on FFXIV and it was tanked. However, FFXI has been out so long that I figured it'd be polished and worth checking out, and it was only 5 bucks so what the heck.

I really would love to get together with anyone on this. I don't care what we'd be doing, I have NO clue what to do.
I'm on Ragnarok server and started in the Elven city. I've basically just been killing some rabbits and worms but I see nothing else that extravagant being offered to me. It's pretty disappointing for a new player.

So yeah, I'm COMPLETELY lost and really on the verge of just giving it up, but I'd like to give it a shot at least. I love FF music and I feel I could be sucked into the environment if I could only just get past these initial hurdles.

So please, anyone wanting another to group with, contact me on Steam. My username is Xtrackt.

Or PM me on this.

Frustratingly signed,

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#5 Feb 24 2011 at 8:42 AM Rating: Decent
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It's never too late guys.

Look up some linkshells for new and returning players in your server-specific forums. There are probably linkshells on every server that are currently active and welcoming to new and returning players. You really do need to get a linkshell in order to fully experience what the game has to offer: i'm referring to a cohesive sense of community.

Honestly, what FFXI really needs is more people to start playing and stick with it. The in-game economy, ironically, is founded upon new players who eke out the meager living that is farming drops and killing low level mobs. They produce raw materials which higher-leveled crafters like myself need to make stuff.

Don't quit or give up on FFXI! The game doesn't even START till you get to at least level 30. You don't even have access to 2% of the entire game before that point. Make it to 30 then tell me if you can't get yourself immersed in the environment~~

Good luck, and happy hunting! Find me on Diabolos or Titan as Satetsu and Terrato.
Or on Steam i'm Simmercross.
Geohex - @ Asura

Sabaku no Hikari
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