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#1 Dec 02 2009 at 5:25 PM Rating: Good
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Hey, I'm a lvl 32 Blue Mage, that is new to the job. I am looking for a linkshell that is heavy in Blue mages or either have a few players that play the job or learning to play. I want to be able to learn a few things from more knowledgable people and also help when I can. Please respond if you have a ls or know some. Thanks in advance. My gamer name is Gifted.
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hello fellow blu brother. blu is a fun job. even tho learnign the spells can be a super pain in the rump. job based Lses never last more then a few days. i will keep a eye out for one for you. and anwser any questions i can. or try and help you wit ha few of tho9se pesky spells. but out of personal experiance i will give you the following tips.

1. attack spells are learned easier then buff spells.

2. a blu's blue magic skill is the most important thing in the universe to him.
if its not capped cap it. why. the ability to learn spells is based around it. if your skills are bad it makes it harder to learn them.

3. all blue spells 1-65 can be gotten by by you and a single 75 or by doing a few nm's or bcnms.

4. dont be upset by not having a certian spell. youll eventually get it.

the blue mage hunting grounds i used all the time. sometimes you learn it on the first mob other times it takes 30+ (stupid healing breeze) its all random. but if your skill is to low you wont learn it at all. the best way to skill up your magic. it to get one of your high level friends to tank a few mobs while you spam, headbutt, bludgen, sproutsmack. on a t-vt mob. and watch those skill fly.

if you have any questions or need some help let me know i'll gladly help
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