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Thinking about re-joining the great world of FFXI PleaseReadFollow

#1 Dec 06 2011 at 12:05 AM Rating: Decent
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Age 24 Male gamer, Looking for a nice chill relaxing game to play one last time, I always find my self coming back to this game but I use to always just level up class's in partys!? Now there is no more of that, Well there is but I wanna level up fastest way always! Here are my few questions please.

1. Do people still do 30 to 95 grind everyday is there a party going?

2. That grind they do is the same and most easy way to get merits still too right?

3.Is the new gear from the Abby exp set hard to get or kinda easy? I know there is +1 and +2 but is like stock parts pretty easy and not alot time REQ to gather a few pieces?

4.Lets say I hit lv. 95 idk for sure yet if 99 cap is released but Lets sat I hit 95 and merit what do I do from there?

5. Is the end game a bit more fun then it use to be? Do people get to party up with each other and do alot random fun events?

6. MY account has first ABBYs EXP set. I wont buy the second 2 untill I know the game is fun again after while trying it.. What am i missing on on ? Or am i missing out on too much to not buy it right away.

Thank you guys and hope to hear a reply asap! Ty so much
#2 Dec 19 2011 at 7:40 AM Rating: Good
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I think you should care less about what the actual level cap is. I think exp is so fast nowadays (if you want to be fast) that exping has become much an irrelevant issue. The option to exp slower is still available if you so desire. Frankly speaking, I think exp is actually too fast nowadays; being capped level does not really mean much any more, but I think that was true for quite a while.

You will miss a large fraction of the content and be very limited what you can do without the other Abyssea areas. I think it is worth buying it, and it is not expensive at all.

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