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Possible strategy for FINAL FIGHT of ACP (warning:VERY LONG)Follow

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I believe I have found a strategy that DOES NOT involve only pet jobs, range attacks, or even a paladan

. My first try was Rdm/drk, Mnk/warX2, Sam/war, Drg/sam, whm/sch, only problem i found is we went to zerg too fast, so if you choose the TP burn route have everybody buy TP wings, be ready to 2hr

So what I have found is if we have somewhat the same strategy we may win. A job combo I thought of that may work is
Drg/sam (me)
Mnk/war, or Drk/war(or /sam?) (1 or 2)
and a Sam/rng,cor/sam (with a flame or vulcans staff) or a rng/sam (also with a flame or vulcan staff) (1 or 2 depending on number of drks or mnks) due to the boss' weakness to sidewinder

The reason I believe this will work is because when we went and did the battle we got the boss to 15% with zerging at the start and eating all his high end tp moves and -aga spells.

The way I see this strategy working follows a (somewhat) simple battle strategy

- First, this mob has VERY low evasion, so if you have any STR or ATT+ gear (like warwolf belt) use it over ACC gear (life belt)

-Buff up at the start (protect, shell, haste, and even phalanx2, have the whm take 2 of the DD's to haste, and the RDM takethe other 2)

- Have rdm use composure>refresh on themself (will keep refresh up longer) than click composure off

- EAT FOOD (Carbonara for ALL DD's for the extra ATT, Store TP, and HP.... as a taru I have a total of about 1085 hp, with carbonara i had around 1200, AND was reaching a 6-hit WS build. And if you come rng or cor use whatever food increases you R.ATT)

-Engage and have DRG (me) open with angon and make sure angon is up ANY chance possible (SAMS SAVE TP WING) make sure you have HASSO, BERSERK, LAST RESORT, AND BERSERK UP AT ALL TIMES POSSIBLE

- If you go Cor/sam have up magus roll (all of the nm's TP moves are MAGIC BASED) and Chaos roll, use meditate and spam slug shot whenever possible

- If you go Rng/sam keep up snapshot (if you have it) and velocity shot. Use meditate and spam Sidewinder whenever possible, not sure if barrage stacks with WS or 2hr, if it does NOT stack with2hr and it stacks with
WS use it at any time before you WS

-have the RDM chainspell stun, Drg throw another angon if possible and 2hr Jump to lower defense, MNKs focus, formless strikes and 2hr (formless strikes will reduce mob TP moves GREATLY), DRK souleater/2hr, WHM haste DRK of all people, and SAM, very important BEFORE YOU 2HR if you have over 100tp give it to DRK or DRG, Sidewinder, 2HR, do 3 sidewinders, use tp wing, meditate and immediately ws AGAIN. And WHMS only run in and 2hr when the party seems in trouble, whether its at the beginning or end.

- If you go Cor/sam Wait till all melees use 2hr, as soon as they do use wild card for hopes on resetting the 2hrs

- If you go Rng/sam and barrage DOES stack with 2hr, this is the time to use it

If all 2hrs and abilities are timed right than the end effect of this SHOULD indeed defeat the Boss, assuming my research and planning is correct.

If you are interested in trying this out with me please let me know in-game, or on this site.

Video proof that it CAN be zerged if done right

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