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#1 Oct 04 2007 at 2:36 AM Rating: Good
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Recently I have been going down Sea Serpent Grotto as my 60PLD to camp for the Frog Trousers as another rare/ex piece to add to my inventory, and came across several gilsellers fishing Nebs up at an alarming rate near a pond, without any aggro at all when enemies are EP to me.

It seems they have found a small area under the bridge past the Ornamented Door where they don't get aggro from monsters in the room, and there are no GBH's to patrol the area.

I did report it to a GM, but it's worrying that RMT are getting inventive with where they fish in regards to getting aggro. Only way to constantly keep them away is to report each known activity and hope SE fix these areas.

Just wondered if anyone has recently had any run-ins with regards to RMT finding new areas
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#2 Oct 05 2007 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
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They prob are fishing with a lvl 75 job. No aggro from the mobs on the ground at that lvl.

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#3 Oct 07 2007 at 7:11 AM Rating: Excellent
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Just passing through but I know what the OP is talking about. They do the same thing on Cait Sith. The spot where they stand is absolutely free from all aggro. The Sahagins stop just short of aggro range, as do the bats. I have turned in dozens of names to the GM's. If you're really bored, do what I do. Pop either Fyuu the Seabellow or the Qull the Shellbuster. Run your *** back up to where they are fishing. At this point do the following. If you are on PS2, flip the switch. If you are on X-box 360, flip the switch. If you are on PC, flip the switch. Since you're level 60, pop Sentinel before you DC yourself as you will be standing there for at least 30 seconds at the NM's mercy.

Log back on. Enjoy the carnage that you have wrought. My personal best was 12 out of 13 RMT's and that was about two weeks ago Smiley: sly
#4 Oct 23 2007 at 12:33 AM Rating: Decent
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Yes, they definitely aren't 75. They've just found a spot where they can avoid aggro. Kind of stunning that S-E hasn't fixed this obvious spot yet; not a day goes by after then do a round of bans, and 10 to 12 new ones are back and fishing away.

Careful of that NM MPK trick by the way, RMT have been known to call GMs on players before. You can probably get away with it once, maybe even twice, but if you get a half dozen calls on you within a week DCing near gilsellers with NM aggro, I think you might be in for a short ban, if they choose to report it.

I'm not even reporting them at this point, I'm positive S-E knows about it. They'd have to be blind not to.

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#5 Dec 18 2007 at 4:22 AM Rating: Decent
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hehehehe we mpked them all with nin 2hr and NM last week. dead x16 <you can have this> btw did someone checked if they are still there? I mean realy the same ppl with same names. They shoulnd dare to call a GM becouse: we reported them to SE on the POL side. Now SEis supposed to check those account for useing bots and i wonder if there's any result. I still have the names. I think im gonna check that today and if they are still there.. well maybe its time to annoy a GM and call hin to that spot once a week till somethign happens.

SE is a *****. i think they will get along with this bots couse they are paying players.
I met someone who worked for SE once.
Their politic:
Spend no money for this game till they get into trouble. Thinks will only change when they loose players.
Like, 1k ppl quit game -> ok now we start to loose money. Now its worth it to work on the game without make a minus of $.
They just try to max out their profit and as long we players dont yell on them till their ears ringging they will be happy to have all this bots couse they get money from them every month.
Say there are 1000fishing bots on all servers (or w/e) if 1001 ppl quit game becouse of it they will fix it. They will not move an inch before.

We players have to fix the prob on our own. so i beg u to report botters names always and get on GMs nerves a bit.

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