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#1 Dec 14 2005 at 11:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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PM Requirements: Must have completed 3-5 (Darkness Named).
Fame Requirements: Unknown; haven't heard of anyone failing it yet.

1) visit Windurst Waters (south), Rhinostery; talk to Kerutoto
2) obtain key item `Vial of Dream Incense`
3) visit Pso'xja-40 (Beaucedine, tower closest to the Outpost teleport point)
4) sneak and flee through Pso'xja to reach the Shrouded Maw
5) Enter BC to face Diabolos

The path is not hard. You can run this while naked but sneak is recommended and invisible may be necessary also.

Enemies: Gazer (Hecteyes, sound), Vampire Bats (no aggro), Snowball (snoll, sight/magic, only one though), Diremites (no aggro)

The goal is to find large warp-gates, each will be blocking a hallway. The order is red-black-red-black. After the fourth warp-gate you'll head for the elevator, ride it downstairs, then proceed to the T-intersection. A left turn and a run down stairs brings you to the gate of the Shrouded Maw.

Directions from Queuebick's guide:
-From entrance, go straight until you reach a circular plaza. Head to the branch northward and you'll see a Red Warp (H-7)
-After the Red warp, turn right and walk straight ahead to Black Warp (I-7)
-Walk westward to the 2nd room, turn left and walk thru a Red Warp (H-7)
-After red warp, turn right and walk straight ahead to Black Warp (I-7)
-Go west to the 2nd room and turn left to reach the Elevator area.
-Head north, turn left and down a flight of stairs to a Stone Gate where you click to use your Key Item gotten earlier on in Jeuno to enter the Shrouded Maw BC holding area.
Note; ENM40 (Test Your Mite) happens in this BC area. Consider coming back sometime. You need to farm a Florid Stone out of Pso'xja and trade it to the Mithra receptionist at Tenshodo in Lower Jeuno first, but they're easy to get, and the ENM is a fun 3k exp.

The BC Fight:
The `Vial of Dream Incense` key item is required to access this fight. If you lose, the Vial stays in your key items list. Your bodies will be ejected into the Shrouded Maw, so you can re-enter the BC as soon as weakness wears.

When you win, you are transported to the other side of the Shrouded Maw. You will be uncapped and can use magic to take yourself out of the region. If you want to get back to the Shrouded Maw for some reason you will have to take the walk through Pso'Xja-40 again.

The Diabolos fight is fairly hard. Be prepared to use 2-hour skills and play like you mean it. You can't just limp through this like an Avatar Prime fight.

Camisado - physical damage, knockback effect
Somnolence - gives a gravity effect on target
Ultimate Terror - big multi-stat drain effect
Nightmare - Sleepga+Bio; damage will not wake you up
Noctoshield - Phalanx - Dispel required
Dream Shroud - magic defense way up - Dispel required
Nether Blast - AOE damage attack, can crush people easily
Ruinous Omen - Demi attack - Random % HP-down
Cacodemonia - AOE Curse - ~50% HP/MP down+slow, etc

Black Magic:
Blind, Blindga
Sleep II, Sleepga II
Curse, Cursega
Bio II, Bio III
Dispel, Dispelga

Falling Floor:
Diabolos can cause floor tiles to drop out, as per PM3-5. He typically does this as he approaches 50% health. As before, the falling tiles will glow briefly before they detach; use this time to move. Keep your tanks articulated so that their backs are not facing a hole in the floor; Camisado can knock a player right off an edge.

Below this platform is a pit full of Diremites. They aggro immediately and will attempt to kill whomever enters their domain.

* Special Note on the Diremite Pit *
It is possible to escape this death-trap. There is a path that leads from the diremite pit out to a short staging area where a teleporter platform seems to be. There is also a staircase leading back up to the battlefield.

When you touch the staircase, you are automatically teleported back up to the falling-floor platform. Be aware of this, lest you run up the stairs only to fall in a hole again. (I thought it was pretty funny, honestly.)

I survived the initial Diremite assault as a 75 Taru WHM with Blink and Stoneskin active. It was a near thing; they seemed to get off one set of attacks before I made it out of their pit. I am guessing they didn't pursue once I walked out of their area; I can't see how I would have lived otherwise. I had no lead time on them and didn't try to sleep them.

Notes on Nightmare:
The skill has the same range from the original PM fight. You are still on a 5x5 grid. The skill is still avoidable. However, with the number of floor tiles that drop out, finding a position where you can cast safely is hard. This is particularly true given that your orientation may be screwed up by Draw In.

The skill inflicts a hard Bio effect that eats away at you while you sleep. The damage does not wake you. If Diabolos attacks you, it will not wake you up; it's possible for you to sleep peacefully as he beats you to the ground. I do not think Poison potions will counteract Nightmare, either, though Cure spells will break the effect.

If at all possible, have a mage with Cure stand as far away as possible. This person will be responsible for waking the others. The WHM can do this, but it is a hard proposition, as if you're in Cure range, you're probably within Nightmare range.

Strategy notes:
Silence works.

Stun may or may not. My team tried using weaponskill stuns to interrupt Nightmare but we were not successful.

Try to keep at least one person with Cure outside of Nightmare range -- or pray that someone wakes up before Diabolos finishes dismantling your team.

Consider using your 2-hours and treating this like any other PM mission. Medicines may not be needed but you don't want to go easy on this enemy.

You get a CS with Diabolos when you win. You are teleported to the other section of the Shrouded Maw. To finish up..

1) Go back to Windurst Waters (south) | Rhinostery, and talk to Kerutoto. Get his CS.
2) Choose your prize!

Prizes: Copied from FFXI-main, minor edits.
Diabolos Pole
Level 75
DMG:57 Delay:402
Dark weather: Enhances effect of "Drain" and "Aspir"
Additional effect: Slow

Diabolos Earring
Level 65
Dark weather: Accuracy-3 Magic Accuracy+2

Diabolos Torque
Level 70
Ranged Accuracy+8
Dark weather: Ranged Accuracy-8 Ranged Attack+8

Diabolos Ring
Level 65
On Darksdays: MP-15% Dark magic skill +15
In addition to these items, you will have the option to accept the Summoner's Pact with Diabolos, or to recieve gil.

Diabolos as a pet
A teammate and I took our Diabolos' out to Sarutabarata for testing. With a maxed SMN sub, you get the following skills..

Ultimate Terror

At Lv24 SMN, you get ...


Diabolos is a biiiiiig summon. His wings can block out the sun. His glance can cause the plague! So on and so forth - he's pretty cool to bring out.

Diabolos has a higher physical attack power than any other summon I'm aware of. A SMN from my party rated his attack power as higher than that of Fenrir.

He is a strong beast, and he looks great. Go get him!

Good luck.

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#2 Dec 14 2005 at 11:05 AM Rating: Excellent
1,863 posts
#3 Dec 14 2005 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
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Nice writeup. I didn't think Silence was possible after seeing multiple attempts, including my own, to get resisted. That probably helps a lot for NIN tanks. :)

And yeah Stun does resist more than occasionally especially if you have a Chainspell Stun going. Piling on the Magic Acc and Thunder Acc merits did wonders.
RDM @ Carbuncle
#4 Dec 14 2005 at 5:53 PM Rating: Good
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That is a very nice and accurate guide, Wing. I was in Wing's pt along with a Smn, Rdm, Drg, and a war for this fight. Perhaps the reason my group's stuns weren't as effective is because we were relying on weaponskills instead of spells. I know that my shield bash didn't stun him, but that's normal (shield bash only works sometimes). I'm guessing that weaponskills aren't 100%, or we just had some timing issues.

We won on our 3rd attempt, and I think I managed to find a safe tile on which to stand. If you're looking at diablos from above, if you look at the most upper and left side, it is the tile directly below that one on the left side. I was able to drag him to the corner each time, stand on my tile with my back to the wall, and I never saw that tile fall or was blown down the hole (unlike our whm:). I could be wrong about the tile though (3x isn't really enough to say that it's definitely safe), but it was safe for us.

I would also suggest saving 2 hrs for after diablos knocks the tiles out of the floor. After that move, you will be able to guage whether or not your team is in a good position to continue with the fight. Once you get him down a good amount, everybody can bring on the 2 hr damage and finish him off a little more quickly.

I had a lot of fun doing this fight. It was very convenient that after losing, your entire team is placed right back at the entrance to the fight, which allows you to get up and keep going at it (as Wing said). It always feels good to be one of the first to accomplish something, and I personally get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that I am a part of a group that doesn't solve all of our problems by throwing blms at them (my CoP static was all melee too:)
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#5 Dec 15 2005 at 5:04 AM Rating: Decent
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We could never get weaponskill stuns to work.

After a dozen failed attempts with solid, normal groups we just cheesed the big black demon with a manaburn.

MNK/WAR to tank (72, meee!)
3x BLM (75, 75, and 69 I think)
1x RDM/DRK (75)
1x RDM/BLM (75 couldn't find another BLM XD)

dropped down, gave 'em an 11 boosted chi blast, voke, dragon kick. RDM/DRK chainspell stun. everyone else just opened up in blasted him into kitty litter.

Total hits taken: 2.

Stunned Nightmare, his spells, all his regular attacks (after the first 2), and even his 2hr.

Of the things we tried we were never able to weaponskill stun him. We were never able to sleep him (ES sleep 2, ES sleepga 2, etc. Some people said it was possible so we tried.). Most battles would go fine until he sleepga then immediatly NM. We lost one when he freaking ~opened~ with nightmare. It was the first weaponskill he did. we weren't even ready at that point. :\

After wasting 600k in meds (personally, plus the hundreds of thousands the other party members wasted) I'd say just go in with 3x75 BLM, 1x75 RDM/DRK and 2 leeches (or another BLM and one leech), one of whom can tank for 2 hits and just kerplode him.
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#6 Dec 15 2005 at 11:51 AM Rating: Excellent
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re: Silence

I can't really say what the deal is with resists. Ryara was our RDM for the battle and seemed to land silence as needed; I didn't see any particular complications with it. If you check in with her she might have better info as to the 'why' on the resists.

I just cure people. :)
#7 Dec 15 2005 at 12:03 PM Rating: Decent
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this has nothing to do w/ what your talking about but... Wing i noticed it says below your posts that your posting from Maryland. Thats where i live! yea i know that was random.
#8 Dec 15 2005 at 12:15 PM Rating: Good
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well since brd sleep is light... and diabolos is dark based... theoreticly brd can sleep him :/. though i dont have the incentive to walk down there and try it. if anyone can prove/disprove this let me know i'll probobly just end up goin down there solo.

IF, brd can 5blm/1brd could own it, but that seems too easy. anything too good to be true, isnt true. theory that hasnt been proven wrong too me yet, but its always nice to hope.
DynamisLord pwned: O
#9 Dec 15 2005 at 4:05 PM Rating: Excellent
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Wowie, thanks for going to the trouble of the guide. That's very nicey and Diabolos looks immense and jaw droppingly WOW!

He's a big dude. Can't wait to see him :) Congratulations on obtaining him Smiley: yippee.
<3 Bearsie <3
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#10 Dec 18 2005 at 6:38 AM Rating: Decent
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Did this on friday (won first try). The blm in my ls who tried it before said he couldnt silence it with 280 enf and elemental seal. Since i sub drk, i didnt even try to cast silence at all assuming he was immune to it.

Setup was drk/nin, rng/nin, 2x blm, 1x smn (lvl 71), 1x rdm/drk (me). We didnt do anything special, ran in, debuff (Poison, slow, blind, para, absorb mnd) while drk and rng got their TP. Did light (drk was using company sword/ridill), 2x th-ga3 MB (both blm were thunder merited blm) which got him to 1/2. I hit chainspell but he did nightmare which resulted in the death of the drk. As soon as i woke-up, i did my stun spam while smn did curaga and blm did their nuking. When his HP was @1mm, i stopped stunning and started doing thunder 3 (which killed him).

I think it took us around 3 - 4 minutes to win.

Additional note - I can confirm that poison is useless against him. Stunning him for a rdm/drk is extremely easy which pretty much means any job with dark magic skill on main can stun him without any problems. Nightmare can be stunned but he did it while both BLM were doing MB and i was MBing gravity too. Tried to do the CS stun but was around 1 second too slow. For us, his nightmare lasted around 15 seconds. He also removed 1 set of tile while at 1/2. He pretty much wasnt able to move after i started my stunning. He also hits a lot lighter than fenrir if anyone is worried about getting hate. Nightmare is the only killer move he has so a stun order is important to prevent that.
#11 Dec 18 2005 at 7:52 AM Rating: Decent
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Did this fight 2 days ago. Setup was :

WHM/SMN ( me )
NIN/WAR ( tank )

we stunned every nightmare he did ( I think 3 in total ) fight wasn't really that hard. We used poison potions to counter Sleepga II, though we ( the mages ) never got hit by it.

All-in-all a very fun & cool experience. I'm thinking of levelling my SMN now. ( 36, but I didn't want to level it any further w/o Fenrir..maybe now with diabolos ^^ )

at level 36 I had access to Camisado, Somnolence & Nightmare. Ruinous Omen did around 300 damage to a too weak bee in batalia.

Edited, Sun Dec 18 11:21:06 2005 by Eyde
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#12 Dec 19 2005 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
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I am so far 0/7 on this monster of an avatar.
I've tried pick up parties, but none w/ RDM/DRK for chainspell stun. Nothing seems to be working, not even manaburns ><

So, I have an idea that seems pretty solid.
Party Setup:

Strategy: Combine a bit of PLD Maat fight with the manaburning methods used by BLM against him.

DRG and DRK bring 4 sleep potions, an Opo Opo Necklace, and Icarus Wings with them. Sleep to 100% before you enter the BCNM (or 300% if u wanna spend the extra money). Open the fight with PLD using every hate gaining JA he has. From there, get setup to do Wheeling Thrust >> SATA Spinning Slash onto PLD. MB with Thundaga 3, and he's at around 65% HP. Have the DD's use I wings and do it again! MB again, and he should be around 35%.
From there, all the DD's use their respective 2 hrs to destroy what little HP he has left. WHM should save theirs for if he does Ruinous Omen, and PLD should use his to hopefully hold the hate created. The entire time, the RDM/DRK is chainspell Stunning him to keep him immoblized. Maybe toss in a Thunder 3 on the Light MB for good measure.

The jobs are interchangeable of course, it doesn't have to be this setup exactly. But anyways, there's my idea. If anyone wants to volunteer for a setup like this, send me a tell in game. Lemme know ur opinions or if u see any flaws.
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