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Part 12

Part 13
It’s been many months since I faced the trials and I have learned to live with my burden. My hate makes me strong, gives me power, but the constant battle of wills is ever present. I dare not underestimate my sword’s power for it would surely mean the end of me…and possibly much more.

I am in control of this power though, and that has allowed me to be reunited with my good friends Kensu and Kegnia. It’s much like old times now, we explore Vana ‘diel and help out where we can. Getting into trouble to test our skills and running from it when necessary. But I’m always mindful that my brother is out there, somewhere. I grow stronger with each passing day but I know he does as well.

I have finally been able to penetrate the web of shadows and subterfuge that is the Tenshodo. Their archives have provided me some mysterious clues to the dreams I’ve been having lately. I no longer dream of Treali since I have reconciled myself to the fact that she must be dead. Instead my dreams have been of a shadowy form that could only be my brother. Great expanses of emptiness and despair fill my dreams and I sense that he has somehow passed through this emptiness.

The Tenshodo scrolls have indicated that I may find answers at the various Spires around Vana ‘diel. I know that some of the religious leaders believe these spires to be connected to Altana but I think their secrets may be much darker and foreboding then anything that would be associated with the goddess.

I took a trip out to Delkfut’s Tower in Qufim since it was the closest of the Spires to Jeuno. Upon entering the tower I was greeted by a contingent of Jeunonian Scientists and guards. They were muttering something about the Spire being some sort of power conduit and it seems they were determined to reenergize it.

Unfortunately, something seemed to go terribly wrong and they lost control of the experiment. A giant ball of power began to coalesce before us and continued to grow until it nearly filled the great room we were in. A few of us had enough wits to run out of the room before the explosion. Surely anyone left in there was vaporized instantly.

When we felt it was safe we returned to find a young boy lying prone on the floor. I felt a strange affinity with him that I could not explain. I could feel an aura surrounding him that was not unlike what I sensed in my dreams, emptiness and despair.

Before I could see if the boy was conscious, I heard the head scientist instructing the guards to take him to the infirmary in Jeuno. I guess I would have to find my way back to the city if I was to have any answers to this new mystery.


There was great confusion in the infirmary. The scientist was there barking orders at everyone including the doctor Monberaux. I could tell the normally even tempered doctor was getting very frustrated with the scientist. The patient was not responding to the Monberaux’s care and he was running out of options.

Just then, as Monberaux was about to order everyone out of the infirmary, the boy woke up. His gaze caught mine and time seemed to stand still. I could see millennia of experiences in his eyes and despair so intense that I couldn’t comprehend how he could bear it. I saw him get up and leave the infirmary but I was so stunned that it took me several minutes to regain my wits. When I did, I found that the only people left were the doctor, and his nurse, and myself.

Monberaux handed me an amulet that he said was dropped by the youth and asked if I would return it to him. Still in somewhat of a daze, I agreed even though I hadn’t the slightest thought of how I was going to find him.


I spent a few days enquiring of the citizens if they had seen the boy. My questioning proved fruitless until I began to focus on the amulet. While the responses were still shrouded in mystery, they all began to point to the same places. The Spires.

I didn’t have many people I could turn to or trust since my Linkshell, KillArmy, had disbanded after the disappearance of our leader. So, I once again turned to my friends Kegnia and Kensu.

I informed them of the events that had taken place and asked for their help investigating Mea, Holla, and Dem. From past experience we knew that it would be wise to seek out additional help. As luck (or fate) would have it, they were able to enlist some help from their Linkshell mates.

We spent several days researching and equipping ourselves as best we could for we didn’t know what to expect once we entered the spires. In retrospect, nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to face.

We first traveled to Dem and found the scientist from Delkfut’s already there. It seems he too was still searching for the young boy. I didn’t really concern myself with him. I had good friends by my side and an adventure ahead. I did not know at the time, what we were getting ourselves into.

There were strange devices in the Hall of Transference and it took us a while to understand how to operate them. Once we got went through the door to the inner spire, it seemed like we were teleported to another dimension and I found myself in the world of my dreams.

A voice called out to me, “Norsalik… come back… to the darkness…” The sound chilled me to the bone. The voice was made up of thousands of souls, trapped in this empty void. I could hear the timbre of each voice within the larger one but my mind focused on a familiar one. In with all the other lost souls, I could hear the sound of my brother’s voice. Lochren had passed through here, but what has become of him?

I had no more time to ponder as our party was suddenly engaged with one of the monstrosities that inhabited this place. We quickly dispatched it but soon found ourselves battling another and another. We spent hours working our way up through the various levels of spire only to encounter increasingly stronger enemies.

When we finally reached the summit, we had no idea what was waiting for us. Once we passed through a strange door, we were greeted by a thing so immense and grotesque it truly tested our courage to just stand our ground. Everyone fought very bravely and with everything they had left, unfortunately it was not enough. We all ended up using the home point crystal that day.


After the valiant efforts of many a brave adventurer, I was no closer to any answers then when I first left Delkfut’s. But I was determined to press on. Over the next several months, whenever we had a break in our normal routine, Kensu, Kegnia, and I would gather a party of adventurers together and assault the spires.

I fought along side many heroes during that time. Pawis, Pyrothraxis, Arawn, Synbios, Borodin, and Amaryssa are just a few of the brave warrior’s names that I remember. I was envious of Kensu and Kegnia for all of these people were members of their linkshell and were always willing to help out their friends. How I longed for that again because that is how it felt to be part of our clan. That part of my life from so long ago.

Eventually we were triumphant over the spires and Kensu, Kegnia, and I found ourselves standing in Lufaise Meadows. We had heard this would be our ultimate destination but really didn’t know if we would ever see it. Now that we were here, we felt a great sense of accomplishment. Little did I know this feeling would soon be dwarfed by what was coming next. I had been adventuring with people I considered to be a cut above the others of Vana ‘diel and they wanted me to become part of their Linkshell. I had been invited to Wolfpack.

To be considered worthy to stand beside people of this caliber was humbling and I was determined that their faith in me would not be wasted. However the elation of this invitation was tempered by the fact that my brother was still out there somewhere and the Spires really hadn’t provided me any insight. On top of that, the boy from Delkfut’s still remained elusive. Perhaps Tavnazia would hold some clues.

My spirit was renewed though. I knew if anyone could help me find the answers, it would be Wolfpack.
May your adventures be bold, your battles well fought, and your deaths honorable- Norsalik
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I dont think I've ever replied to any of you adventures but I';d like to just say keep it up. Alway an enjoyable post abd rate up.
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Arridu n**ga you will be missed forever by those who know you most, hold it down till I get where you are. And don't keep all the b***hs loose.
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