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#1 Feb 01 2009 at 8:33 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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If anyone would like to join this LS be carefull for they are 2 face back stabing LS... they wont help u on anything unles the need something from u or whatever your doing rpgdreamer will get u to join his ls to get what hi wats then he backstab ppl
#2 Feb 01 2009 at 7:09 PM Rating: Good
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Normally I don't relpy to these things but you seem very young and immature. Add to the fact that you post seem to be nothing more that hot air balloon response to a topic about you ninja lotting.

I assume this is Ladydreamer. I have no idea who you are or where you come from. lol

You only been in LS for a week and I only gave you a shot as we needed a whm to for Einherjar last sunday. I haven't seen you since till you show up for Dynamis Windurst late. Even though I have no idea who you are unless you are hiding behind another toon beside Ladydreamer, you seem to be a very bitter person which perplex me.

Rule #1, you shouldn't join a LS unless you know the rules of certain events. Part of the blame can be my fault for not explain said rules properly but than again you show up a event very late and it was your first Dynamis run with us.

I'm not sure what you were expecting or why you would think that on your first dynamis run with a LS that you can just free lot whatever AF2 that drops.
When SMN AF2 first drop you don't have lotting rights yet. Anyone who joins a Dynamis LS would know that you don't get lotting rights on your first run. Not when there are members who have been doing runs longer than you and been there.
When you first lotted I assume it was a mistake because you didn't know the rules so you pass after I requested you to pass.

But when second SMN AF2 lotted and you once again lotted even when others were waiting to see if they could lot and when other members politely tell you to pass because you don't have lot rights yet on a first run. You refuse to pass. And even when we threaten to d2 you, you remove yourself from pt so you couldn't be d2. I had to tell other members to lot on the AF2 and currency so you wouldn't get them. Only when I finally called a GM did you decide to log out to escape having to deal with the GM.

But to me I just find the whole thing amusing and a noobish thing. I find it amusing even more that some other member told me your SMN was only lvl 65. I don't even know if you had done any dynamis before but I can asure you very rarely does any ls allow a level 65 job to lot on a AF2 much less a new member on their first run unless it was a free lot.

For someone who only pop in LS twice in the first week they been into a LS you sure like to pout out garbage.

Unless you are hiding behind another toon and don't want to come forward stop reframing from making up stuff. It just makes you look bad. I'm not concern on what other people think of me as those in my ls already know the truth about me.

You sit here in your amusing childish way saying I backstab ppl. Well who do I backstab and in what ways? Other than just making up stuff to try and make me look back. People get from ls on what they put into it. How does a person backstab someone in a game? In what way have I backstab you since I only known you for less than a week and barely spoken to you? lol

So either stop making stuff up or come out with your real toon if you got some emo problem with the LS. Myself and everyone in LS just thinks your nuts. And thats the truth.

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#3 Feb 04 2009 at 8:14 AM Rating: Good
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I would like to say that babylady is full of crap, RPGdreamers LS has been around a very long time and has a solid rep. I know how RPG plays and i know how he runs his LS. Both him and his LS are well known for helping players gain access to Sea/sky/dyna/ect.

Babylady, please watch what you say because you just lost the respect of several players, not just in RPG but my LS and likley from anyone else that reads this. It is always sad to see a player like this babylady with a post count of 2 try to slander a good name like RPGs.
#4 Feb 04 2009 at 10:07 AM Rating: Excellent
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I used to be in rpg's. I'm not playing ffxi atm which is why I'm no longer in it, but I can vouch for them, they got me sea/sky/dyna and some other things during my time in it.
#5 Feb 04 2009 at 11:53 AM Rating: Excellent
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I can go into a little more detail, besides being late when the 1st smn af2 dropped the 1st time you lotted, you were than told you wernt suppose to lot and the basic rules for lotting.

Than when it dropped again with some currency you tried to ninja lot it. I havnt been in RPG for as long as some folks but i can say in my 6 months there RPG and the other leaders of the ls have always been fair and honest folks, wich is more than i can say for you in the 45 minutes that ive known you.
#6 Feb 04 2009 at 4:09 PM Rating: Excellent
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I don't know who babylady is, but netspeak = instant "Don't care what you have to say" to me. If you can't be bothered to spell out your words, why should I be bothered to care?

Also, I've never been a member of RPGDreamers LS, and I don't know the guy all that well but I -do- know him well enough to know that he's a stand-up guy and LSes like his do not typically last long if they aren't doing something right. Typically the only people who complain an LS "doesn't help them" are people who are either CONSTANTLY asking for help with EVERYTHING and are unable or incapable of wiping their own *** without a spotter or people who continuously RECEIVE help from the LS but are constantly and consistently "unavailable" when they are asked for help in return.

Mikhalia: and FWIW, my posts are 95% helpful, informative, or funny.
Mikhalia: only 5% or less of my posts are utter crap.
Tyapex: 393 posts of utter crap...
Mikhalia: Sounds about right.
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