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What's the ideal party these days?Follow

#1 Mar 01 2008 at 1:02 PM Rating: Good
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I have three other RL friends who are going to join me soon and we are making a static party. What jobs should we focus on first and then after level 30?

Before we get our subjobs I was thinking we should go with:


Then from 20-30


Finally from 30+


I'm not familiar with any of the expansion pack classes (from BLU forward). I'm also not sure which classes are good as the main agro-holder (is NIN or PLD or what best?), and which classes other than BLM that are good at providing the most damage.

What jobs should the four of us focus on and what two other jobs should we be looking for?

I don't mind reading the job forums for all the classes I don't understand, but what I'm looking for is just some generic suggestions about what jobs make up the ideal groups before 30 and after 30.



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#2 Mar 02 2008 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Don't do RDM/THF. Just don't. Please. Don't. It's making me cringe. GAH!

RDM/BLM or RDM/WHM for parties from 1-75 (other subs exist but these are the "main" subjobs for a RDM), more spells, more MP to cast them, etc...
For your setup, I'd say go RDM/BLM (seeing as your BLM will be subbing WHM and you've already got a WHM, so RDM/BLM is definitely a good idea...)

WHM/SMN only really shines level 50+ when you get Auto-Refresh (which is AWESOME). However, even then /BLM still competes strongly in terms of utility (very nice spells such as Sleep) and MP thanks to Conserve MP. But that's not to say you shouldn't go /SMN 50+, both subs have their uses after 50. But until 50, the only thing /SMN offers is superior MP to /BLM... It's worth noting that WHM/BLM from 40-49 will blast /SMN out of the water for MP efficiency because Conserve MP is gained at level 40 WHM.

PLD/WAR (and WAR/MNK before then) is great and BLM/WHM is great. However you might want to consider BRD/WHM instead of your WHM. Both are good situationally and played properly, I'm just giving you options! Hehe.

Two other jobs you should be looking for: Damage Dealers (DDs). There's a metric ton of them per square meter so it really shouldn't be hard to find 2.
Something to fulfill the role of puller (bringing monsters to the "camp" for your party to fight whilst the rest of the party stays at "camp") would be good (unless you have a BRD/WHM instead of your WHM, in which case he/she/you could pull)... So if you don't have the BRD/WHM, RNG is a great choice for DD/puller. The last slot can be any DD really, as I said: there's TONS of them.

Good luck with your static!

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#3 Mar 02 2008 at 6:28 AM Rating: Default
some ideas i've had for my jobs lately were either:

BRD/COR (sounds like hardcore :3)
BRD/DNC (...can't really get that DD in with my stabby rip stab stab knifey)
DNC/SAM @ 60+
THF/SAM @ 60+

My thf is only at 38... SATA tends to get on my nerves and usually my party feel with me as thf varies depending on the individual party members behavior in battle. I was talking to an old schoolmate of mine, telling him about Final Fantasy XI, and he told me the idea of THF/SAM

Although Kuroganashi by my side doesn't really agree, Hasso being for two handed weapons and all, I think it would be fun to test against /NIN for a little bit at that level range

Meditate for constant SATA + WS

Seigan + Third Eye @ 70+ can be a soft replacement for Shadows

THF75/NIN37... hmmm, with Ninja you would have Utsusemi Ni

But, i guess what i'm gonna imply here, is that /SAM is a cost effecient way to play thf, that is if you don't want to deal with all the other competitive farming thieves at Zi Tah or at Uleguerand Range to keep rebuying the Bolts and Ninja Tools you've been using while farming ;D

DNC/SAM now...

I would like to use Dancing Edge, just for the pretty-ness in battle, then Meditate to regain TP to do my dances

DANCE DANCE REVELATION~! (my term for dance dance revolution, more rave-scene-involved version)

Let's D~D~AH~!

hotness! ~>

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#4 Mar 04 2008 at 1:15 PM Rating: Good
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The only problem with going /sam is most of the abilties you have with sam you need to be using a 2 handed weapon
#5 Mar 04 2008 at 6:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the ideas, everyone! Good to know about the RDM/THF thing. ^^
#6 Mar 05 2008 at 10:10 AM Rating: Good
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The ideal party now is any combination of jobs you can find and get together. Healer and tank are needed 99% of the time until the tpburn sets in. The job choices and subs are good most of the way.

WHM, as stated before, should sub SMN at level 50 and higher. That is when auto-refresh sets in. BLM is better for crowd control but if you have both a BLM and RDM than at 50 by all means have the WHM sub SMN.

RDM subs WHM or BLM through its party career. Either have them sub WHM for added party support in healing, which it can do without WHM or sub BLM. BLM for added bit of damage to nukes.

Until you switch to PLD tank the RDM is better off subbing WHM. Blood tanks are my personal choice. The party is more fun when someone is close to dieing.

BLM can sub either WHM or RDM. WHM for healing support and RDM for enfeebling. With a RDM I would say you are better off subing WHM for the oh **** cure.
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#7 Mar 05 2008 at 10:28 AM Rating: Decent
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I will say /blm is a viable sub for rdm untill you reach the mire. Once that happens you need to have whm sub lvld for silena.
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