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Part 4

The memory-dreams still haunt my sleep and each time I wake they fade into another existence. It�s as if something is trying to peel back the layers of my being to reduce me to a shadow of what I am. Will this continue until all traces of who I am are removed?

This time I dreamed of Treali, my love. It was a memory of a time when we were children. A time before we knew what would become of us and what we would mean to each other. We were simply two friends enjoying the day together.

[Gold]We were running through one of the vast fields of wild flowers that could be found on our island home. All hues of the rainbow were dancing around us as we hurtled ourselves as fast as we could through the field, laughing all the time.

All of a sudden the sky blackened with clouds and the flowers around us withered and died. We began to morph into our grown up selves and we could feel the innocence draining out of us. Unexpectedly, Treali vanished and I cried out in vain to her, my heart tearing in two at the thought of losing her again. My voice sounded distant, almost strained and I realized I was alone.

Then I noticed the blackness seething around me. The darkness was encroaching on me, seeking to obliterate my existence. It was boiling and undulating with a life of its own. As I felt its touch it seemed so empty and cold yet, at the same time, sentient.[White]

I woke up screaming with cold sweat dripping from my brow. It took me several minutes to regain my composure and it was all I cold do to keep from being sick.

More fully awake now, I began to analyze the dream in more detail. It had elements of my other dreams, memories of my past, but also something else, a portending of things to come perhaps. I shivered at the thought.

As the memory-dream began to fade into that other existence I became aware of the coldness in my soul. I realized it had been there ever since the encounter with Spook. I knew it was there but had denied its presence thinking it would leave me if I didn�t acknowledge it. Perhaps by doing so it has manifested in my dreams in order to satisfy its hunger.

I got up and left my Mog house to clear my head. It does not do one good to dwell on matters such as this. It didn�t take me long to realize there was a buzz about town out of the ordinary. After a few inquires, I had found out that some children had been taken captive by the orcs in Ghelsba.

I had vowed not to take any more assignments from the knights because of what transpired in the tomb. I had not been adequately briefed on the dangers I faced there. Unfortunately I had heard that the Temple Knights and the Royal Knights were squabbling over whose responsibility it was to go and save these children. **** their politics! There were young lives at stake and they were arguing like a couple of old men over who caught the bigger fish!

I decided to take matters into my own hands and asked Kensu for some help in defeating the orcs holding the children captive. He was unsure if he would be able to assist as he was a citizen of Windurst. This didn�t make any sense to me because I knew that orcs don�t care where you're from if not one of their kind. They will mercilessly strike you down if you are unable to defend yourself. And that�s what I planned to do to them, show no mercy.

Kensu and I made great hast to Ghelsba and soon found where the children were being held captive. In a rash decision I raced into the hut to my folly. Kensu had been right. For some reason, these orcs were targeting only San D�orian citizens and had erected some kind of magical barrier that kept all others out. I found myself ill equipped to deal with the three powerful orcs before me. Before I could even get more then a couple of sword swings in, I was face down in the dirt.

I once again found myself thankful to the home point crystal and more determined then ever to gain the children�s freedom. Kensu returned home to Windurst because he had business to attend to there and could be of no help to me in this endeavor anyway.

I marched back out the gate to West Ronfaure striking out at any beast that lay in my path. By the time I reached Ghelsba I was seething with hate and full of adrenaline. Yet, I still had enough wits about me to know I needed help to defeat these monsters. When I arrived back at the hut I looked around to see if I could enlist the help of anyone nearby.

A lone Galka stood near the hut and I hoped against hope he would be able to help me. I soon found out his name was Badninjamonkey and that he was indeed from San D�oria. He also informed me that he had faced these particular orcs before and had defeated them. He seemed surprised they were still alive as he thought he left them for dead the last time he was here. I knew we wouldn�t make that mistake this time.

I examined Badninjamonkey and found that he was somewhat stronger then I, but then again, the Galka always make such formidable warriors. We marched into the hut and charged the Fodderchief and his ilk. The battle didn�t last long this time either, but with a completely different outcome. This time, with the help of Badninjamonkey, the orcs quickly lay slain before us.

The children were saved and although a little shaken, none the worse for wear. When the knights finally showed up they hardly gave us a �thank you� for doing their job. It doesn�t matter. I didn�t do it for the glory, but because it was the right thing to do.

My new found friend and I headed back to San D�oria to toast each other's battle prowess and proceeded to drink ourselves into a stupor.

Perhaps I could avoid the dreams for one night�

Part 5:

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May your adventures be bold, your battles well fought, and your deaths honorable- Norsalik
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umm did i forget to read something ???
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/clap /kneel /cheer /hurray
Your stories have gotten more and more interesting nors ^^
I love how you give a flair to the missions. You've inspired me to add more about my character now ^^ I hope to hear more from you .

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Thank you my friend, I'm glad you've enjoyed them. I was beginning to think nobody cared. /sad

But now you have bolstered my confidence and I shall continue...for the moment.

And for those of you coming in late (*cough* Gnarkills *cough*) I have porvided links to the earlier stories at the top.

May your adventures be bold, your battles well fought, and your deaths honorable. -Norsalik
May your adventures be bold, your battles well fought, and your deaths honorable- Norsalik
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