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Part 3

I�ve been running errands for several people for the last few days in San D�Oria. The auction house prices keep going up and I keep finding myself short on gil. My sword has become too dull to effectively deal with the fiends so I need a new one. I can�t sell crystals if I can�t kill the monsters so, I turned into an errand boy.

It hasn�t been too bad though. I�ve meet a lot of people and it feels good to help them out. The only thing I wish I wouldn�t have done is accept the job to hand out the flyers for the magic shop. It took me forever to get rid of them! It seemed like nobody wanted them.

After much prodding by Kensu and Kegnia I decided to talk to the city knights about what jobs they might have for me. I figured that although I didn�t really need to get wrapped up in their politics but I could be a mercenary for them. It might prove profitable after all.

My first assignment wasn�t all that difficult. I had to bring the knight an orcish axe to prove my merit. Needless to say, a few orcs latter and an axe was mine. After turning that in, the next mission seemed a little more involved.

The knight wanted me to obtain some orc mail scales. Ok, sounds simple enough. The catch was that they could only be found on bats in King Ranperre�s tomb. I had heard stories of this place. Many unnatural things called the tomb home. I decided that I needed some help since I knew I would not survive a foray to the tomb on my own.

I called on my new friends, Kegnia and Kensu, and off we went. I knew I made the right choice as soon as we entered the tomb. I was lost immediately but Kensu knew exactly where he was going. In almost no time we had found the tombstone but night had already fallen. Everyone was on edge and there was an air of uneasiness. Then it happened, undead started to appear.

I was completely taken by surprise and was frozen in place. The next thing I know I saw Kegnia and Kensu taking on a skeleton. Without even thinking I jumped into the fray. The skeleton was quickly dispatched but not by any real effort on my part. There were plenty of other adventurers in the area and they took care of all the other undead around. All the fiends that had appeared were gone almost as quickly as they came but the uneasiness remained. I began to hear whispers between Kegnia and Kensu about something called �Spook�. I did not fully understand what they were talking about and did not question them further.

At that moment, another wave of undead appeared. They were dispatched as quickly as the last bunch but there was a sense of foreboding in the air so palatable the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end.

The air shimmered, I felt a chill to the core of my being, and then it appeared. Spook, an apparition floating before my eyes so frightening that it took every ounce of my being to stand my ground. Time came to a standstill and all I could hear was the sound of Kensu�s and Kegnia�s voices. �Go, go, go, attack, attack!� they yelled. Acting on instinct and letting adrenaline do my thinking, I pulled my sword. The hideous thing turned towards us and before I could yell a warning he was on us.

We traded blows with this monster but it was apparent the battle was not going in our favor. My sword was having little effect on it and the Taru�s mana was quickly depleting. It was time for decisive action so I cast Chainspell and kept blasting Spook with everything I had. First Kegnia went down and Kensu quickly followed. I was left alone to fight this monster. I kept throwing everything I had at it until my mana was gone. I had been so focused on casting arcana I hadn�t realized that between the three of us, we had managed to inflict great damage on this ghost. My last spell was enough to finish him off. We had defeated Spook, but not without great loss. It was a battle for the ages!

Through the magic of the home point crystals Kegnia and Kensu were able to regain consciousness, but that left me alone to get out of the tomb. Thankfully we had obtained the orc mail scales we set out for before the appearance of Spook. Unfortunately I was feeling a little cocky after defeating him. I figured I could find my way back without the Tarutarus� help. All it took was a little help from a goblin to remind me how vulnerable I really was. I�m glad the home point crystal works very well for me too.

I was sorely in need of a rest and found myself wondering if the magic shop had any more flyers they needed handed out�

Part 4:

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May your adventures be bold, your battles well fought, and your deaths honorable- Norsalik
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ahh a battle for the ages it was. Curious how the strong magic was not enough to defeat the undead and death followed the Taru. A strong elveen showed the mightly Taru his reserve. /em hurray to Norsalik
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