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Part 1

I dreamed of my grandfather last night, although it was mainly just a recollection of old memories. I was once again a child sitting beside my grandfather listening to him tell our clan stories. He was telling me of how our clan came to our island home.

�Hundreds of years before the Beastmen Wars, the Elvaan nation was comprised of sovereign clans and not united under one king. Then, a charismatic leader rose up named Tel�or and began uniting the clans towards a common goal, conquest of Vana�diel. The elders of our clan did not agree with this and wanted no part of it. They felt the other races of Vana�diel had as much right to govern themselves as we did. This did not set well with Tel�or. It went against his schemes for power.

Tension was high and many thought a clan war might erupt. It stopped just short of that but Tel�or did not back down. He managed to convince enough of the other clans that if we would not take part in their conquest, then we should not be considered part of the Elvaan nation. Our clan was exiled from the rest. A few clans were sympathetic to our cause but they were weak. In the end they chose to stand with Tel�or, rather then face exile themselves.

So we became nomads for a time. We wandered far to the west and reached the ocean. Our clan came upon a large causeway and sent scouts ahead to see where it led. It stretched as far as the horizon and we knew it would be some time before the scouts would return. The area we were in had an abundance of game and resources so the clan decided to wait out the winter there. However, many months passed and we feared our scouts were dead.

Soon after the spring thaw came, our clan was overjoyed to see them return and excited to hear the stories of what they found.
The scouts told of a beautiful land filled with everything we could possibly need and a wondrous expanse of caves filled with crystals of every hue of the rainbow. The elders decded that we should travel there and determine if it could be our new home.

It took the clan nearly the entire summer to cross the causeway. It was a strange strip of land, never growing wider or narrower, just inexorably leading us to our destiny. Once we arrived we were in awe of what we found. An area abundent in natural wildlife and edible crops. The land appeared untouched by others, as if it had been prepared especially for us. We barely had time to stock up for the next winter season having arrived so late in the fall but it was evident to everyone that this would be our new home.

After weathering another winter as outcasts we began to build a new life far away from the other happenings in Vana�diel. The population had not yet expanded this far and it was suspected that anyone that might was otherwise engaged and had no time for exploring.

It was during the building of this new settlement that it happened. A hush decended over that causing every living thing to be still. Then a rush of sound that continued to build until it was nearly unbearable. The ground heaved, the sky shimmered and blackend, and the ocean boiled. The cataclysm shook the land so much that everyone was terrified the ground might open up and swallow them. It seemed to go on forever but in reality it only lasted a few minutes and in that time we had become cut off from the rest of the world. The miles and miles of causeway had collapsed and our new home was now an island.

It wasn�t until many years later, once the clan had learned to channel the power of the Crystal Caves, when we learned the war raging between the Elvaan clans and the Tarutaru had unleashed arcana so powerful that it shook Vana�diel to the foundation. So mighty was the power in the Crystal Caves, that it stopped the shock wave before it engulfed our home�

Once I awoke the dream began to fade but even more then that, it now felt...distant. I knew these dreams to be my memories yet all of a sudden they felt like someone else�s memories. Perhaps it was my mind�s way of distancing me from my past life to focus on the reality of the here and now. I needed to shake of this feeling. I needed to exercise my sword arm.

I strode out the East Gate of San d�Oria that day, intent on purging the area of fiends to make it safer for travelers and caravans. I soon found myself in dire straits though. Perhaps stronger fiends had ventured closer to the city walls then they normally do or perhaps my dream had drained me more then I realized. Whatever the case, I found myself fighting for my life when two small Tarutaru happened along.

Kensu and Kegnia took one look at me and knew I needed help. They both quickly sprang into action, Kensu healing me with his arcana and Kegnia taking down the fiend that was attacking me with his. I had forgotten how powerful the little ones� arcana can be.

We became fast friends and spent the remainder of the day completing what I had started. I learned much from the two of them and I felt some of my former skill begining to return.

As night approached we headed back to the city and sold off some of the things we acquired from the beasts that day. We feasted and toasted to each others battle skill long into the night. We knew the friendships formed that day would not be soon forgotten and that many adventures together were waiting for us.

The day had ended better then it had begun, and the dream had become nothing more then a fleeting memory.

Part 3:

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May your adventures be bold, your battles well fought, and your deaths honorable- Norsalik
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The Little one has enjoyed your company and the story :)
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