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Good people and people to avoidFollow

#127 Dec 01 2004 at 11:53 PM Rating: Good
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Envy was very nice before it broke up ><
I woulda liked to have it rebuilt but i dont think thats going to happen ;;
whmblm seems to be an awful whm. She left our pt as soon as the other whm left too.. I dont think she can heal on her own seriously. Maybe the jungle is just making me more tense than usual lol
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#128 Dec 02 2004 at 10:41 AM Rating: Good
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Well the people on my good list have been mentioned already so i dont want to make this a repeat thread.

Unless i missed the name i wanted to warn everyone of the rdm Diggy. I partied with him last night he's a 51rdm/22war, yes not only does he have a bad sub but its underleveled. When we started out he just cast an en spell and proceeded to melee occasionally(and i really stress the occasionally) refresh, not to mention he spent half the time refreshing the drks when we were fighting beetles and they could aspir them. After a few fights I asked him to enfeeble and dispel, so he just starts randomly casting dispel not paying attention to if it does rhino guard or not. After a few more fights of me begging him to enfeeble he starts casting paralyze.

Well after more begging for him to enfeeble and dispel he starts cussing me out and just being a jackass. The real treat of the night was when we got agroed by an elemental and had no blm to escape i started casting a teleport and he was stupid and didnt get close enough so the tele got everyone in the group but him.
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#129 Dec 02 2004 at 4:13 PM Rating: Default
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aww hey ^^ thanks jay... your great too :)
how sweet :)
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#130 Dec 03 2004 at 1:24 AM Rating: Decent
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smwrlw wrote:

Either you have the name wrong, or you omitted part of the exchange. This is not who Petroo is. Every single day when he logs into the shell the 1st thing we see typed across the screen is Hello, does anyone need any help with anything before I make plans?

I am not going to make a huge speech, obviously, I am biased as he is in the same LS as me. I am simply going to say that if I was to contstruct a list he would be on the good one.

I assure you that the name is correct and the exchange is accurate. I also am aware that everyone has bad days, and that no one is 100% nice to everyone that they run across. The impression that I got from the exchange was that he thought that we were intentionally taking the mobs that he was aiming for, and that was not the case at all. Whether or not he asks the LS if they need help before he makes plans every day when he logs on has nothing to do with what took place in Ghelsba Outpost. I am sure he is probably a great guy, was having a rough day anyway, saw us take a monster that he was planning on getting, and took it the wrong way. That's the best case scenario.

It really is not that big of a deal anyway, as we were pre-level 10 and a death at that level means little. The taunting nature that he used in the /tells that he sent me was what stuck with me. If he had just NOT helped us and left it at that, I probably would have forgotten all about the whole ordeal, but he flaunted the fact that we were dead and he was not. Haha!

Oh well.. Like I said, pre-level 10 jobs, it was not that big of a deal that we died, and if he is the great guy that you say he is Arowyn, I would love to get acquainted with him and be friends! I am just citing a bad exchange, exactly how it occured.

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#131 Dec 03 2004 at 6:36 AM Rating: Default
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I want to give a detailed account of a few of the awesome people I know on our server..

Koda~ you are awesome... a really wonderful gal and great paladin ^^ happy to be on the same server with you :)
Xanzabar~ you have been my friend from day one.. thanks so much..
you are a sweetheart..
Suidokin ~ Suid.. somedays.. when im sad.. I think about you and your cute little tarutaru ways.. and it makes me smile.. thanks for being you suidokin.. and such a great bard too ^^
Shokox~ I will never forget when I first partied with you in konschstat highlands.. you and Ahlyana (my r/l sister) and our old friends who left the game.. Enobarbus and Nosaj.. and the thing i remember so much about you from back then.. your sense of humor and the constant use of the word "indeed".. lol! Love ya Sho!!
Renessis~ I know we haven't always gotten along so great.. but Ren.. you are the best.. a great LS leader and an awesome red mage. Skippy Mo Pop was my very first Linkshell ever and I am proud to be a member still after all this time. Thank you Ren.. Skippy rules..
Jonnysako~ Jonny I know I mentioned you before in a previous post.. but I cant help but mention you again.. thank you for being you and always helping me no matter what.. you and I are a great.. great team.. and I am proud to call you my friend.. :) love ya jonny.. you are the bestest..
Kirza~ Kirza.. thank you for being such a wonderful friend.. and thanks so much for always helping. I think there are many times that I have felt like throwing in the towel on certain things.. and you will say something to me that makes me want to try it again.. only try harder.. thank you.. :)
Lilliara~ Lill, you are so great.. when i am down you always make me laugh so hard.. I can never stay in a grumpy mood when you are around.. thank you for your wonderful humor. Thank you for being my friend ^^
Zky~ I mentioned you before too... but truly.. you have been a great friend to me.. Zky.. please dont leave carbuncle again.. we missed you.. and we are so happy that you are back :)
Ardin~ I can't think of anyone as self sacrificing as you.. I cant begin to count the times that you have offered to help me with things or offered to help anyone who needed it.. even if you knew it could put your xp on the line.. thank you so much,
it means alot to me and I am happy to call you my friend ::hug::

I know that there are many many more of you that I could mention.. Thank you all for making our adventures in vana'diel so much fun!! :D See you all in game!!
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#132 Dec 04 2004 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
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well as for people to avoid

We wouldnt do things his way(he wasnt group leader) so he pulled a train of soldier crawlers and when hate went off him, he ungrouped and warped.

#133 Dec 04 2004 at 10:48 PM Rating: Decent
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awwww it's so effin cute that people who don't even know Pergo and were level 14 with no subjob at the time of the Dynamis thing feel the need to make mean posts.

Pergo was level 75 WHM not too long ago and now is one death away from delevel to 73 from helping me and my friends...... for free!

There are other ways to make high level friends that don't include following what the rest of the server says.

This was a great idea for a post btw!

I <3 everyone!! (cept Galka)
#134 Dec 05 2004 at 3:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Edited, Sun Dec 5 03:26:35 2004 by maynardisgod
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#135 Dec 05 2004 at 3:27 AM Rating: Decent
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Edited, Sun Dec 5 03:27:57 2004 by maynardisgod
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#136 Dec 06 2004 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok, I have some more good people ^^

Aftermath (One of the first people I ever met, brought me to my first LS where I met a lot of cool people)
Amaryllis (Japanese Player)
Fexia (Known him since I started playing this game. Was in the LS that Aftermath got me into)
Atdi (Funny, I just love this guy)
Cybill (Japanese Player)
Piucca!!! >(^_^)<
Hospitalnurse (Japanese Player)
Jameta (My friend IRL, I convinced her to buy this game, and now she's rarely on :P)
Danyael (Never see him anymore x.x)
Stormykitten (Had issues with her room mate and was moving in with Danyael cause they are engaged, that's the last I heard from her)

Ok, those are my good people for now ^^ I know, it's a lot, but there are a lot of good people out there!

And I wont list bad names, cause the experiences I have with them are experiences that I have with them, no one else. If someone is a bad player in general, word will get out, no need for me to spread anything.

Edited, Mon Dec 6 13:41:31 2004 by Denielle
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#137 Dec 06 2004 at 2:11 PM Rating: Decent
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Just have to give a BIG Thank You to:


I was seeking a party, and got bored so I decided to do all the quests that give you maps as a reward. Well I was at the one where you needed a Charm necklace, that is dropped from Crossbones on the Ferry (Mhura to Selbina). Well I was first to open the door to the deck of the ferry and look there is a Sea Monk (easy as pie); but then I saw the name, and it did'nt say "Sea Monk" it said SEA I take a U-Turn and run to the back (not down below, cause lower levels where there) I run around in circles like a chicken with my head cut off, CURE V myself and try to warp out. Well JRUNK Invites me to his party then Teleports me out.

I LAUGHED MY A^^ OFF, was to funny.

Also I wasn't to worried about dieing I had ReRaise2 up. (I always keep it up)

Duncan 75WHM/75SMN/59BST/40BLM/25THF/10NIN/5WAR
Server: Carbuncle

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#138 Dec 06 2004 at 6:02 PM Rating: Decent
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Hospitalnurse (Japanese Player)

I actually havent talked or gotten to know this person, but I do have a story...

Last night, I was partying with one of my linkshell members who is around the same level as me as well as some other people in Kuftal. However, during one battle with a crab, we noticed GUIVRE rapidly approching our position.... in hot pursuit of Hospitalnurse.

Sadly, this tiny taru collapses in front of us, with the dragon breathing in our faces. After everyone has been mercilessly slaughtered, we were all posing the question on where in left field did that come from? The tunnel to the zone was across the floor from us, giving more than enough room to zone the dragon without killing us. After the immediate raises, we had a few people spread out, trying to run to safety before the dragon had a chance to aggro before they were killed (they didnt make it). Hospitalnurse reraised herself, and proceeded to raise her mates as well. Of course we were pretty steamed, since someone just trained Guivre onto us for no apparent reason.

After weakness wore off for the ones near camp, the mages went out to get the ones who were spread out. My ls mate (who was one of the ones who died pretty far from us) exclaimed that maybe the whole thing was out of innocence and said he was getting raised by Hospitalnurse. Not even a minute later, we saw his HP go back down to zero, followed by cursing in all caps, coming from my friend. We all asked what happened and he said that he was left alone in a field of crabs as soon as he was raised, and was promply aggroed. We all got back to Jeuno and decided to disband, still pretty steamed about the whole thing.

The point of this long story is I noticed this taru on someone's nice list, and had a not-so-nice experience with the same person. Okay, maybe Hospitalnurse and crew were trying to get keys, or camp another NM that spawns or whatever, but that is no reason to take a lv75+ NM and kill six people. Just becareful in who you call your "friend".
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#139 Dec 06 2004 at 6:11 PM Rating: Default
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Im 95% hospitalnurse and her buddies are gil farmers. Since they camp Amemit almost all day.
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#140 Dec 07 2004 at 3:17 AM Rating: Decent
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I have another story about a similar incident. I was leveling my pld a couple days ago there. We sneak upon entering kuftal tunnel and proceed towards cape terragin. We're about halfway there when my fiance, jtgam, aggroes a tiger. Why a tiger was there in the first place is beyond me b/c I heard those are from a far part of the area. I go to voke it off and end up getting a lizzy (I had accidentally left my camping targetnpc macro on). Tiger kills jt in like 2 or 3 hits. I punch my 2 hr and make a run for it through the caves with the tiger and a giant train of crabs, haunts, and lizzies on me. I'm getting closer to zone and my 2 hr is out when I run into sabotender sedienda. I get hit a few times by the train and die. My gigantic chain begins to dissipate right before I get tractored and raised, and then I suddenly get a tell from hospitalnurse. It basically says, "I'm sorry. Raise III. Do you need it?" I mentioned it to one of my party members, and he says "yeah....that's a gil farmer who probably brought that tiger up here in the first place." So I don't know how true this is. I think, even if it was hospitalnurse's fault, at least he/she offered to raise me. I was just wondering how often this sort of thing happens there.
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#141 Dec 07 2004 at 8:19 AM Rating: Decent
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****... i know or am friends with quite a few ppl on the list. But i dont see myself on there.. *tear* eh oh well ill have to try harder then ^_^
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#142 Dec 07 2004 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
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lol i still will beat you!
#143 Dec 07 2004 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
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Good List:

Seankp- Very helpful nice guy.
Aadrenry- Badass BLM, best equipment, knows his stuff, and very helpful.
Cerdiwen- Nice cool RDM (soon to be fulltime SMN!)
Draelius- Cool helpful guy, who actually was the person who showed Fizzy and Keys the game, two people you've mentioned. >>
Dajadayoda- Awesome BLM friend.
Krystia- KRYSTIA! Cool BLM.
Chezara- Cool high lvl RDM.
Shinlo- Awesome tank and nice guy.
Tealeaf- Nice person.
Niehaus- Helpful, funny guy.
Bombard- Stupid Bomb.
Rjames- Cool Taru DRG.
Arimaru- Awesome DRK Taru!
Dende- Taru taru PLD! (cool japanese, still remembered me weeks later).
Valentini- Helpful guy.

If I forgot anyone I am sorry. >_<

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#144 Dec 07 2004 at 10:39 PM Rating: Decent
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For the good people: Man I just don't know where to start!

I would personally would like to add all the members of shojuken and honor bound to the list of good people because they are all very helpful and fun to be around with! As for some other people I have met along my way of my journey ^^

Eadrick-Great taru blm! Man I remember when we first pted together in tah. canyon lol! yes it was that long ago hehe grats on 75 btw ^^
Haggen-Another great taru blm who knows how to magic burst like no other! Had fun stating pting with you little taru ^^
Camila-Such a nice thf and always willing to help out! Had a great time with you in static ^^
Thrombus-By far the best pld I have EVER partied with. He can keep hate like no other pld I know!
Drewcasey-My list of great taru blm's continues! Very cool blm who knows his stuff!
Sepirock-The all great DRG and thanks again for helping me with WHM af3! Hehe and its a "bad" habit, but I always bow to my superiors :)
Yamino-The most helpful bst I have ever met and just a kind person in gerneral :)
Golive-This rdm knows his stuff! It was nice being in a static pt with you golive ^^
Damontez-Another great rdm who is always on top of his game ^^
Krystia-Yet another great blm! Cool person to be around ^^
Lantou-The all-might Samurai! I like to call him the SC master!
Doctorr-He is my prime source for information about summoner! Thanks for all the great tips you gave me when I was just thinking about becoming a smn ^^

Oh man, this list can get very VERY long! There are just soooo many great people its too much to name! I just have met some great people in the world of FFXI ^^

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#145 Dec 08 2004 at 12:45 AM Rating: Decent
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/cry that made me cry.
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#146 Dec 08 2004 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
Vamperilla sux ballz. I hate her. She owes me 250k gils from BCNM winnings. PT setup was 2blm 2rng 1whm 1pld @ waughoorn shrine (wtf/e). i was DD blm vamp was pld. we played 9 battles and won every battle and we had lots of fun pulling all-nighter. of course since we did 9 battles obviously some ppl used more than 1 orb.... i was one of those ppl. i ****** away 80fkn seals and vamp got 2 erase (1 on mule) and i think a utsusemi all though i dont remember for sure and i dont have that paper anymore cuz it was soooo long ago. Neway... every1 payed^ but vamperilla and the fkd^ thing is... vamperilla payed every1 but ME, and i didnt **** ne1 off or say nething bad or nething like that, that i know of.... so of course since friends got their money, they dont give a $hi+ that i got fkd. but thats ok... i started over after a brief fling with EQII (sux btw unless u absolutely lllloooovvveee questing. graphix r amazing though... unexplainable amazing... just baddd azzzzzz). neway vamperilla = 54pld last time i saw, my LS ldr was friends with her and asked her about the bcnm gil cuz he also my friend, she /blist him and force logs when she saw him in jueno. so bottom line.... *** vamperilla i hate her and if u decide to trust a stranger (fool if u do) make sure that stranger's name isnt vamperilla. gahhhh... i could type on and on about how much she sux but i must try and forget about it cuz i started new char and i wanna be fresh u know... fk all the dumb $hi+.
#147 Dec 08 2004 at 4:04 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Good People:

Evalynn: An awesome SAM/WAR, been my friend since i started this game.

Pergo: I insulted this guy in bastok markets for what he did. What does he do? He took the insult, and later on gives me a cure 2 and poisona when i am close to death from soloing a lizard with my summoner. Now anytime i have a question about the game, he has an answer. One bad thing should not be enough to condemn a good person. And i am completely sorry for misjudging him and being a hypocrit towards him.

Hellspawned: This person will travel anywhere in the world, no matter what he/she has plans for, to assist you. Too bad she/he is not playing anymore :(

Brotherbob: An awesome monk who knows what he is doing. I laugh at how other monks operate compared to this man.

Bad People:

Ulga: I am not sure about this persons attitude now, but when i was partying with her in the dunes, she was the only one not doing her job correctly(she was supposed to be the tank). She had bad hate control, and the party tried to explain to her how to do her job. When we fought and she died( blamed the whm cuz he wouldn't cure 2 her, but since she wouldn't voke, cure 2 = death to whm) she blew up at everyone and disbanded party. But, this was at the beginning of her play, so her attitude may of changed by now.

#148 Dec 08 2004 at 6:17 PM Rating: Good
101 posts
Pergo has done more than the dynamis incedent.
A return may be closer than you think.
#149 Dec 08 2004 at 6:24 PM Rating: Decent
98 posts
Good People:

Sonmor-I met him on the first day I started. He found me, showed me how to play, and answered all of my dumb noob questions. He is not on often, but a very nice guy.

Hiroki-Really nice Sam turned Blm. Generally another great guy to talk to.

Cheena (whm/rdm)-An extremely talented whm. she knows the game very well. She also has a level 70 rdm.

Gasher (nin)-An extremely nice friend. He is a great tank and also talented at NM hunting.

Amatsuka (rdm) and Phobia (thf)-They both helped me with my genkai 1 items and many other things.

Heiden (whm)-An all around nice guy. He is very quiet and keeps to himself, but he is always willing to help out when needed.

Pouncingbruise-An extremely nice person and good tank. He helped me so much with cooking when I was a noob. what can I say? I'll always be your little P.

Jtgam (brd)-We met a long time ago and became good friends. If we're ever both online, we are usually together. He is an extremely talented brd and does his job well. I also couldn't ask for a better in-game leveling partner/fiance/friend.

Sageofhalo (sam)-He is a very good samurai. Never seems to miss a skillchain and loves to help out.

Sepirock drg)-A very blunt, but nice guy who is almost always online. He knows more about the game than any other person I know and has also helped me a countless amount of times. If I ever have a question, I feel confident in the responses he supplies.

Sepi, Jtgam, and Sage: (an good example of good people): You volunteered to help me with my ******** coffer. Even though it took over 5 hours to find it, and there were 10 deaths b/t the three of you (some w/out raises), you guys never gave up. I honestly can't say I know too many people who would do something so kind, and I love ya'll so much.

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#150 Dec 08 2004 at 10:54 PM Rating: Decent
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i've not been playing ffxi for that long, but i would like to /cheer some people that i met:)

Taurou: good whm and blm, gratz for the smn quest:) u got carbie!^__^ <3 you!
Nutan: thanks for letting me play on ur account sometimes=P and for giving me gil and PL me for few times!
Glofindel/Shindara: giving me advices and PL me=P go to sleep its late!:P

... and many others who raised me when i died! =P
#151 Dec 09 2004 at 12:51 AM Rating: Decent
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