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Good people and people to avoidFollow

#52 Nov 16 2004 at 7:52 PM Rating: Decent
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What are you talking about Zaleigh Psithe is one of the nicest most kind hearted persons on this servor pftf....
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#53 Nov 16 2004 at 7:58 PM Rating: Decent
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i didnt say he wasnt kind, heck i miss hanging around with him but that doesnt change the fact he borrowed gil and stopped talking to me rather than pay it back.. but hey, if 80k is the amount it took for me to learn what he thought of our friendship, it was well worth it.
#54 Nov 16 2004 at 8:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Well nevermind about that from what I heard what Feur said today I'm kind angry oh well people I need to add

Feur: Nicest little taru ever....
Gasher: I ower him 100k,b ut so what lol hes a great guy and once my archer knives sell He will have his money with interst
Arcangl: Great guy nice ranger umm not much else to say.
Khamii! I always see her around lol and she has a nice feel about her.
Rikitiki: Gotta love those free teleports.
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#55 Nov 16 2004 at 8:05 PM Rating: Decent
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i got an invite today in qufim (i'm a level 23thf) from a party in the tower. i head down and we start fighting. the leader (who seemed like a nice enough guy) gets d/c. the lead got passed to some tarutaru named CUTYKITTY as a result. she then drops me from the party cause i'm using a dagger and not a sword.
#56 Nov 16 2004 at 8:24 PM Rating: Decent
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I'll tell you a story about an ******* BRD/WHM currently level BRD62/WHM30..Named Tegdim

Well I made a party, invited this ******* BRD becuase he was the only BRD LFP for awhile, I have had a few partys with him before and know he thinks he knows it all and is basicly rude as ****. So he tells us to go to Boyahda Tree and he knows a good spot to fight crabs, So we go to the tree he's talking about and we finally get to the camp and then I pull a crab and then someone aggroed a crab, Okay NP WHM escape, The MNK died :(, Then as the WHM escaped Tegdim and the NIN die. But they got escaped and then Tegdim is all ****** off even though he could get a RII and lose a whole 300 EXP so his stupid *** HPed! (This is after getting the party together for a **** hour and then another 30ish minutes to get to camp.....) Then he says we are noobs and leaves the party...Even though his stupid *** just got RANK 5 and has an underleveled sub ><. I generally don't really care about what rank a person is but when he's a complete ******* like Tegdim...Grrr..

Stay away from this guy, he's a stupid *** thinks he knows it all.

But as for nice people :)

Khamii- Really friendly nice tarutaru WHM :)
Lex- Another WHM level 70 really nice she has helped me out with things before :)
All of Wolfpack! - Really nice people, always willing to help out!
Eadrick Really nice higher level BLM, I think level 72-73 or around that, really helpful! :)
Freaknasty A higher level THF and I think has RNG higher level, helped me with THF AF :)
Salest, Reneran and Syra Reneran and Syra quit the game, but all of them were very very helpful and helped me out when I first met them as a little level 20 THF Rank 2 didn't know much they all helped me out very very much!

All I can think of as now, If I forget you I'm sorry ^_^

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#57 Nov 16 2004 at 8:36 PM Rating: Decent
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Camila is Alexiea in your linkshell?
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#58 Nov 16 2004 at 8:37 PM Rating: Decent
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If your talking about Wolfpack I think she is, but I went to another LS, I don't really go in WP much but I'm pretty sure she/he is in there.
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#59 Nov 18 2004 at 1:36 AM Rating: Decent
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I agree about tegdim or whatever his name is. I think anyone who pts with him will relize he has serious problems. Including my favorite in gustav tunnel. I was pulling( as drg ; ;) and he was in another pt. Well they had a mob but he saw me coming to a mob not far from his group. He disengages his mob walks up to the 1 im about to claim uses some *** sleep song(cant remember the name im tired) and /slaps me. Or im boyayda tree xping with him. He is pulling mobs when the one we are fighting is half dead. Sure we have another mob rdy but the mp used to heal his *** when sleep wears is much more down time. And he ******* constantly. Glad to see someone feels the same as me besides a few friends who experienced similar problems with him.
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#60 Nov 18 2004 at 9:27 AM Rating: Decent
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Oh yes, He always had to pull like that too, the guy is just an all around *******.
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#61 Nov 18 2004 at 2:12 PM Rating: Good
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re: Tegdim

Tegdim is a 60ish BRD who claims to have an upper 60s DRG. He claims an incredibly low playtime as a way to show off his l33tness. He was invited along to my linkshell one night and lasted all of an hour before removal.

He managed to pick a fight with one of the nicest people in our shell, took huge offense at a minor joke, and stormed off in a fantastic fit of rage. Quick provocation to rage seems to be a Tegdim feature, actually - it characterizes everything he does.

That same night, Teg opted to talk bad about that same shellmate in an xp party full of other shellmates, eventually touching off a huge fight with another of my favorite LS members. ^^; Teg also felt that his endless experience as a Bard (and, theoretically, a Dragoon) qualified him to tell me how to handle my job as a White Mage. That got a chuckle out of me. It was even funnier a few minutes later when he threw Curaga at a bad time mid-fight, drew hate on himself, and died miserably. In true Tegdim style this lead to a spate of ******** and whining, after which he disbanded and HP'd. My team went on fighting sans-Bard.

Another good Tegdim story; I tried BCNM40 for the first time not too long ago, and Teg wound up being in the party with me. Despite my misgivings I kept my mouth shut and tried to make the best of it. We went up against the pack of Mandragoras. As you may know, the best strategy for handling them is to have the PLD engage the Black Mandy and sit still while the BRD throws down Horde Lullaby; let the PLD wake the black mandy, lure him out, and let the team fight him down from that point while the BRD keeps the pack under control.

Aside from Teg, who claims to have done this a million times, none of the rest of us had done a BCNM40 before. Things went pretty well until the BLM failed to watch for and stop the black mandy from casting Flood; the PLD wiped out, the DRK wiped out, the BLM and WHM were quickly dismantled, leaving Teg and myself alone in the pack. (I managed to get Reraise up and hauled for the border; was killed most of the way there, but after we were ejected from the Arena, I was able to slap R2s on people.)

As soon as Flood hit the PLD Teg started with a stream of curses and invectives that I've not seen paralleled anywhere else in Carbuncle. He was angry, rude, condescending, and abusive. The rest of the team wanted to go 'round again, each of us having traded in seals - Tegdim wanted no part of it. Instead of just disbanding and HP'ing, as is his usual deal, he opted to hang around and berate people through party chat for awhile. He HP'd before I got to him in the Raise order - a good move, as I'm averse to raising the little prick.

Another fun Tegdim story; my shell's MNK wound up in a party with him and decided to give him a try, despite our intrashell warnings about this guy. The party went on and was treated to repeated deaths, which Teg was cool with - until Tegdim died, at which point he screamed bloody murder at all present, HP'd, and disbanded.

The moral of the story: Watch out for this one, y'all. He's gaining a reputation fast.
#62 Nov 18 2004 at 4:25 PM Rating: Decent
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I've known about Tegdim for months, ever since I was levelling my WAR for PLD sub in Valk.

He was WHM18/BLM06 at the time and would make sure to mention he had Astral Rings every 30 seconds or so.

He was a terrible WHM and the party suffered many deaths in a short time. We would have had far more deaths if a ~45WHM friend of mine hadn't been nearby to help us out a few times.

After he died once he blamed everyone else in the party because it was clearly our fault that he took hate spamming Cure II and died.

Finally everyone was fed up and the party disbanded and he started to spam "Taru WHM18/BLM06 {Looking for Party} 2x Astral Rings" and got a response of "Astral Rings + Underlevelled sub, {No thanks.}" which caused the remnants of the party standing around to /point and /laugh.

After that first encounter I warned my Linkshell about him but that didn't stop a few of them from partying with him after he became a BRD with similar results. Finally, the entire LS agreed to a policy of immediately leaving any party if he is in it or joins it.
#63 Nov 18 2004 at 4:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Yea people like him is the reason gilsellers have a business
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#64 Nov 18 2004 at 4:55 PM Rating: Decent
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People I like?

Well the people in my linkshell are all cool

mad props to Alessandra and Neumann for helping me out a lot.
Evangeline, Xanthe, Meepin, Gingumfatz, and Airyli are all great people to party with.

To Chiisa, perhaps one of the coolest thfs I have partied with, Hope to see you around.

And to krimson, who is solely responsible for me getting my drk to 30 since if he hadn't invited me, I would have been doomed to multiple deaths in an idiot party.

Finally Skyshadow, my Drk mentor, and cool lowbie Sam friend. Mad props to you.

As for people I dislike......

Not too many here. I will mention a few.

Kalibur. Last I checked a war/drk in khazam. Dude face it, you are a n00b, and the sooner you accept that, change your sub, and relize that having a level 47 Drk does not justify your idiocy, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.

Actually, he's the only one that comes to mind atm, but I am sure there are others.
Luminaire wrote:

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the only good mages are people who played melee first/also. just a mage = ****** player. always. the only good mages that didn't play melee are using bots to cure. true story.

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#65 Nov 19 2004 at 1:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow i see a lot of people i know and a lot of deserving people who are missing... I'm sorry but these people need to be listed i'll save repeating as many as i can you guys have enough fame *cough* freaknasty jk

Asdrubal - Thanks man your the best friend anyone can ask for
Bane - /kneel you are {Master} {Dragoon} i look up to you man
Bloodthorne - Dude i don't know what to say about you you rock
Cinthra - Proud to know you if you quit i'll kill you myself
Eka - Your too sweet for words take good care of JT
Gamerkenji - If there is anyone i know i could ask for help its u
Grei - /cry grei get well i'm so sorry to hear about you <3
Jtgam - Man your incredibly reliable and funny as heck
Khamii - Congrats on your af3! stop bowing to me you desrved it
Leinara - Just a great person who had helped me out in the past
Minkyboodle - Minky you should play more i miss you!!!
Mogi - Incredibly awesome rdm/brd you are an awesome frined
Narim - MINI ME!!! Your awesome cuz your a taru version of me!
Runshushu - /bow you help people to your fullest and i respect u
Silus - I'm glad your back all i say is ur the best puller i know
Silverhawk - Your great person to play with and great to know
Shadowx - Hmmmm incredibly tough red mage
Skyesilstar - I <3 you babe proud to have you by my side(fiancee)
Theanomaly - Wow who hasn't seen you aroud jeuno your stunning
Tommyd - You got me started when i was noob i'll always be there
Upata - Best bard and general player i have met always helpful
Vryce - Stop smoking its killing me now!!!
Wendee - Hi wendee!!! Also hi to Imut and all of WarTeg
Yamino - Yamino I don't know where i would be without you or HonorBound great ls and great people you've helped me a lot!

If i know you and forgot you i'm sorry >.< i know soooo many people its hard to keep up with the giant list i have of friends.
#66 Nov 19 2004 at 7:18 AM Rating: Decent
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Grei - /cry grei get well i'm so sorry to hear about you <3

i used to know him, but we stopped talking for some reason a long time ago...

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#67 Nov 19 2004 at 7:52 AM Rating: Decent
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hmm i got a long list
Awesome folk
Azrik- my LS leader and one uber helpful ****
Desoto~ awesome samurai my personal best friend
Olian ~ the best bard I’ve ever partied with
Drunkcow ~ this guy owns that’s all I got to say
Mythrandyr ~ my mentor
Kirza ~ OWNS!
Xylina ~ confused at times but shes got the right idea
Xiaoto ~ he quite not sure if I should put him here
Gamerkenji ~ my official XP leech
Zenki ~ ……hes okay
Greiver ~ owns but to a lesser degree then drunk or kirza
Blazer ~ awesome tank but sometimes…
Tpolom ~ I love tarus
Kyanii ~ nice girl
Kierin ~ good friend but haven’t seen her in awhile
Reddragon ~ partied with him before hes a good fella
Shokox ~ what can I say
Skeith ~ <impossible to gauge> Monk
Chimm ~ LMAO
Anyone else in aggression I’ve missed….
Fizzy ~ funny girl
Lavery ~ she rocks
Avia ~ If its possible for a whm to own.she owns

.now I know who I forgot..
Jonnysako ~ good guy who needs to go back to lvling PLD
WhtDrgn ~ talked to him once but don’t really know the guy but from the short time I spoke to him I got that he pwns!
Tripping ~ ZZZZZ
Splat ~ Seriously.. I LOVE tarus
Mikhalia ~ Great whm
Deniki ~ old friends are the best ones!
Bubanka ~ <Incredibly Tough> Summoner
Artac ~ we miss you
Darki ~ ya
Sevenflow ~ in all seriousness if your not prepared for his humor... he comes off as a jackass!!!
Knightmarelord ~ not so much me liking him as it is me RESPECTING him
Kirza & Mythrandyr & Azrik ~ had to put them twice cause these guys seriously OWN that much
And much thanx to xylina for remembering me….. -_-????

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#68 Nov 19 2004 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
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First, the bad (at least it's a short list):
Psithe - Why did you steal my sheep? I only had 2 getting toasted by my blaze spikes and there were plenty of other sheep around. You knew I was not in trouble, you checked me twice. Your every so nice reply, "I don't see your name on it."

Rebelas - I should have known something was wrong when you used camouflage to hide from the revenant. Anyway you were told, "Don't pull the lesser gaylas, only the greaters." You pulled a lesser, party members almost died. You were told again, "DON'T PULL THE LESSER GAYLAS!" You pulled a lesser again, party members did die, including me. Why did you not listen? You went out to pull again, what did you come back with? Lesser gaylas. Why??? Party members died again including me. Party disbanded. You said to me, "Lady, you're only mad because you died twice." No, dying happens, accidents happen. You did not listen and pulled the wrong mobs. That, obviously was not an accident and that made me mad.

Rooroobear - Only healer available one night in the Dunes. Rank 5, WHM 16 / BLM 1 (yes, one). Refused to stay in our party if we camped on the beach because he said Beach Pugils couldn't use screwdriver if they were not in the water. {/huh} I conceded just to get the party going and moved up out of the water. He was quickly proven wrong. Tried to boss people around, spouted other incorrect things about the game, impatient to the point that he went off to pull twice (whm puller?? we had a good JP thf who was pulling just fine). Finally I had enough and kicked him even though I knew that would end the party. All of the remaining party members agreed with my decision. Thank you for the flurry of venomous tells that followed, the funniest being you calling me a noob. I didn't /blist because is was somehow sadly amusing in a freak show kind of way.

Nice people:
Sybaris (my sweetie), Nukuneko, Azreile, Inkubuss, Estral, Ryooki, Ryooko, Virii, Templar, Stryderhiro, Golive, Mya, Cyrusknight, Sirkodac, Seifert, Jynku, Libby, Noata, Baylan, and many others whose names I sadly do not remember right now but have been great.

I really have to say that most of my experiences have been good to great.


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#69 Nov 19 2004 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
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I havent seen kierin in a long time either she was 1 of my favorite ppl on FFXI i hope she comes back ; ;
People i really like or respect:
Hobbes(Because he is the best person i have met on FFXI)
Narim(Another great FFXI friend and good summoner)
Leene(King of the VE and awesome friend and farmer)
Kierin(Met kierin a long time ago. A good friend i hope she comes back)
Pimpbot(LS buddy good whm)
Eihmadood(LS buddy good blm)
Fratley(Cool guy and 1 of the best plds ive pted with)
Jinzo(Good rdm and funny guy)
Zwitter(and all his mules)- Very good player who actually knows what the **** he is doing.

There is a LOT more i cant post everyone though ><

ppl i dislike:
Jeunoduke(refused to warp 2 me after a pt cause it took to much mp.. We were waiting in saurmugue champain for a 6th to arrive to replace me..)
hucklebery(Jackass who stole from my LS(along with xynx long time ago, But he still brags about it >_>)
I dislike a lot more ppl but its based on them telling me how to play my job or thinking they are the best at (place job here) and brag and bark orders. And a few ppl who will remain nameless cause they dont know i dislike them and they dont need to.
A return may be closer than you think.
#70 Nov 19 2004 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Mikhalia ~ Great whm

he's the leader of my LS LegionsOfChaos

Sirkodac, Seifert, Jynku

used to be in a LS with these people, it was the greatest... then i went offline for 3 days and when i came back the LS had split up for some reason... (i don't know how to spell the name of the shell, but it was something like Exosia or something.)
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#71 Nov 22 2004 at 3:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Hah, interesting to see Tegdimon this list, because he used to be in our linkshell many months ago. Interestingly enough, that charcter Tegdim was supposed to be his girlfriends character, and he was gonna help her raise it to 40 for bcnm to make money. He told us about his 60 dragoon that we never met as well. He liked to point out that he had two astral rings, and that he was so much better than us. "When you guys are waiting 4 hours for a pt I'll be getting another level". I never got to pt with him/her/it.

56 RDM/10NIN can't remember the name(Equi-something), but I saw it metioned earlier. Don't invite this guy, no matter how desterate you think you are. He just want's to pull out his swords (the best eq. he has) and melee (aka miss) the whole battle. His whm and blm I believe are about level 10 as well. Lets see, no accuracy equipment, B sword skill, how good do you think that could be against an IT mob? I'd rather have a pld as a DD than that. Most people like this are very stubborn, you can't tell them anything they dont' already know.

Reddragon: lvl 60 whm. I really hate to do this, but I have partied with him 4 times and have been sadly dissapointed every time. He claims to have 2 million gil, but refuses to have a dark staff. He told our party(lvl 50) Kuftal tunnel or I disband. So we went there, got wiped on the first fight, he warped/disbanded leaving us dead and stranded. Another time in King Ranperre's Tomb he and our blm were arguing. I told them both please stop several times. Finally booted both of them to cool down. Our blm talks to me and rejoins, but he (red) gets angry and warps out. His party abilities aren't terrible, but his attitude is.

Good people:
Wolfen: Known him for a while, nice guy. Plays 54 warrior and also PLD sometimes for fun.
Smokey(59 whm): Best WHM I've met. Smart about mp usage. He rarely pulls hate, he see's every detail, and his "nobody dies" policy rocks. Nice guy too, get him in your pt if you can.
Dezeral (58 thf): Best THF I've pt'd with, he/she does tons more damage then they should, and can do anything a pt leader would ask. My xp always flows better with dez in pt.
Zilartz: (58ish NIN) Best ninja I've ever played with, and a very nice guy. He is Chineese, but his english is good considering, and he isn't shy about trying to communicate. He performs his job very well too. Also plays a 65ish RDM.
Baralai (68 rng): Nice guy from my linkshell, has gotten me not one but 2 pieces of AF gear, when no one else wanted to help.
Nelwynn: 32ish whm Nice girl, always fun to hang out with. In my old linkshell.
Wiltedrose: 32 drk 15brd RL friend, nice guy and a player that takes his job seriously. He's also played every final fantasy game made (and beat them).
Jackknife: My samurai buddy! Jackknife is very enthusiastic and fun to talk to, and well... he kicks ***!
Godpoing: Nice guy, humble, and willing to help anyone. Never looking for compensation.

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#72 Nov 22 2004 at 10:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Sorry, not related to topic, but:

/wave Tinman
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{Please check it}
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#73 Nov 22 2004 at 12:39 PM Rating: Decent
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I guess I will contribute a little to this thread. Over my months of playing Final Fantasy XI, I have met many people that I really enjoy the company of, and a very select few that I have not. Let's start of the happy way with the good people:

Thingol - A very great Linkshell buddy. He has helped me do so many things in this game, and has given me tons of helpful advice. Always willing to help his LS mates. ^.^

Paigne - Another LS buddy (actually LS leader). Probably the most knowledgable NA player on Carbuncle as far as game dynamics go. Everything that he does is precise and effective. A mentor and a friend.

Krum - LS buddy that has helped me do many quests and missions. Always willing to take time out to help!

Ragman - See discription for Krum.

Arcrin - RL friend who started the game around the same time as I did. Good buddy who will help anyone who needs it.

Zessei - Another RL friend who started the game less than a month ago and has leveled EXTREMELY fast! Great guy!

All my RP buddies from the Zhentarim - Very laid back guys and gals that play the game to have fun!

Tay - One of the first people I partied with on my first run through {Valkurm Dunes}. We've kept in touch ever since. Great guy!

Alyson - One of Jafar's first "in-game crushes". A very fun girl to be around, just wish she played more... >.>

I'm sure that I am missing a billion people, but you guys all know you're great! ^.^

Now there have been a few people that weren't so cool in the game..

Petroo - Me and a buddy were in {Ghelsba Outpost} leveling together and we attacked one of the Orcish War Machines (it was EM to both of us). We got pretty close to beating it but then we both started missing every swing. We called for help and ran to Petroo, who could have easily helped us out. Instead he /em laughed at us and sent me a tell saying Haha. I'm glad you died. That's what you get for stealing my mobs. Apparently us killing monsters in Ghelsba was forbidden because they all belonged to him. Ahh well.. See if he gets helped next time he needs it. ^.^

That's about the only person that I just do not like at all because of an in-game experience.

- Jafar
- Server - Carbuncle
- Character - Jafar - Rank 10
- Job Levels - RNG 73, NIN 61, RDM 61, WHM 48, BLM 37, WAR 26, BST 23, THF 19, BRD 12

Woodworking - 56 | Alchemy - 20
#74 Nov 22 2004 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
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hahahahaha... I know Shin!!! HellsWrath is awesome!!!
#75 Nov 22 2004 at 7:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Everyone in the linkshell LegionsofChaos!!!
Char> Cheesethief, Thief75|Bard70
Serv> Carbuncle
LS> Hamburglars/Divine
Clothcraft> 78+2
#76 Nov 22 2004 at 7:54 PM Rating: Decent
103 posts
Everyone in the linkshell LegionsofChaos!!!

Are what? Good people? Hopefully that's what you meant.
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