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#1 Mar 14 2011 at 3:48 PM Rating: Good
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Greetings folks.

I'm Odorf, and I live in Ragnarok.

As we approach the time when our Universes collide, and become one, I wanted to take a moment to shoot out a note to any newer or returning players struggling their way through the toil and turmoil of "getting familiar" with the game. To have just started or returned, and suddenly be shifted in to a whole new mish-mosh of people can be pretty intimidating, and maybe take away from your desire to keep at it, and make the most of your time in-game.

Well, here's an olive-branch: Please, as Cait Sith becomes Ragnarok, (or Caitrock? Rocksith?), if you find yourself needing a little company, or a party or anything, feel free to message Odorf, or Shadowlizard. We actually just returned after a near-year siesta, the day the servers went down. We planned on doing some light-leveling to re-plug in to the game, and would love to be able to help any of you in making the transition to a new home. I for one am excited to see the family expand and the zones get some new populations.

See you around!


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#2 Mar 31 2011 at 10:59 AM Rating: Excellent
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Thank you Odorf. While we are not happy about our beloved Cait Sith getting sucked into a black hole, we look forward to our invasion plans for your alien world. =)

Seriously, my wife and I are part of a fun linkshell that has seen alot of recent growth from new players and welcome the idea of meeting more friends on Ragnorok.

Midnightstar of Cait Sith
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