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Guerrand's Christmas Barrage of Mixmas Cheer!!!Follow

#1 Dec 23 2008 at 8:46 PM Rating: Good
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Merry Christmas, Caitsith!

Merry Christmas MakeShiftMilitia!

I love you all, and have enjoyed these last long years together! And, with MakeShiftMilitia...I hope for many more years to come. I appreciate all that you ALL have done in this past year to help me become a better player and a friend to all of Caitsith. You all mean so much to me. I hope you all find joy and revelry in this holiday season.

Merry Tidings to all of my dearest friends: Moteboard, Rayne, Ibhalliwell, Tylendel, Anubisxii, Sobek - my dearest husband!, Endtanis - my thanks for giving me a pearl to a GREAT LS!, Mistress Nessus, for always finding it your heart and your time to allow me in your MH to show your superb decor, the random New players who /bow and /salute to me after a minor assistance, and anyone whom I may have overlooked; you are always dear to my heart and I wish you ALL the best in this season of peace. May the Beastmen succumb to your easiest WS's and may we all find our way back to our home cities to rejoice and reminisce (sp) on the triumphs and celebrations that we not only had but are yet to come.

Be careful out there in the real world, 'cause only in Vana'Diel do I have the powers to {raise} you. I look forward to seeing you all again in the coming year, as we all become more powerful and better geared; and have sweet, sweet Mog House decor to show off~~!

Your humble RDM, now and forever,


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