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#1 Dec 11 2008 at 7:00 AM Rating: Good
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So, someone finally completed their Mythic Weapon. Well not completely. Apparently after the mass collection of items and various currencies, you have to do a solo BCNM fight against Balrahn. To enter you have to use 3 items dropped from Tier 4 ZNMs. So, turns out that theres some dumb gimmick with the fight, because the person got Balrahn down to 1%, and he started to do 0 damage. 0 Skillchain damage, 0 Weapon skill (including Mythic weaponskill), 0 Damage from the Mythic Weapon ittself, 0 Magic damage and so on. So now, to reenter the fight, they have to collect yet another 3 Tier 4 ZNM drops.

Oh and by the way, that someone that finished the Mythic Weapon is on our server :O!

Congratulations Dragunov on the completion of your Weapon (almost), and good luck with the BCNM!
#2 Dec 11 2008 at 10:49 AM Rating: Decent
I think maybe you have to use the jobs two hour because I believe it is kind of like Maat he is your job. So maybe if you two hour it negates it? Unless Dragunov already used it? Just a thought. Anywys Congratulations Dragunov I hope ya get it!
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#3 Dec 12 2008 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
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Woot go go Dragunov GL with round 2
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