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Lower level ding and leave ok?Follow

#1 Aug 16 2004 at 6:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Lower level ding and leave ok? Usually it is not ok to ding once you level. But here are the times it is ok.

Dunes: When you hit 20, the xp is going to drop drastically, please annonunce when you are 500 tnl>20.

Qufim: When you hit 25, ame thing as above.

Yuhtungle Jungle: When you hit 27, same thing as above. Only way this differs is if everyone is about to ding 27, and you choose to fight the smithies(i highly suggest against this cause gobbies arent worth the trouble unless you have a really good nin tank, and a great bard that can sleep the gob before he gets off his bomb toss.

Yhoator Jungle: You can stay here till 32 as a Mage type, 33 as a Melee.

Garlaige Citadel : 32-35 then it is off to Crawlers Nest.

While this little guide persay isnt to tell you were to level but the popular leveling spots, and when it is ok to ding and leave. Its sucks. I have been leveling a whole buncha subs lately (altough I switch over to my blm so technially it isnt my sub now) through these areas.

Last night we were in yuhutungle and when the the people would hit 27 the mandies would give 61-97 XP, then we would tell the people they where killing xp, leave, then we would see the 185-200+ xp rolling in with the same amount of effort.

So please guys, think about your party, sometimes you are just to high for the mobs that you are fighting and it is time to suck it up and leave that GREAT party.
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#2 Aug 16 2004 at 6:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Even though you spelled it out in the body, the title is a bit misleading. You don't ding and leave, you announce that you're coming up on the critical level and someone starts looking for a replacement. If you hit 20 and the exp starts to suck for your party, still better to give them a little bit of exp as you/they continue searching for a replacement than to just leave them high and dry. OTOH, you're not obligated to stick around forever, and if you gave them plenty of warning and the party leader didn't start looking I'd only stick around for a few fights to help someone else ding.

I've been on the receiving end of "Boy, the exp sure does suck now! Bye, I'm off to Qufim," and we all resented it, especially when it was a WHM and the party collapsed.
#3 Aug 16 2004 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
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This type of behavior is what I consider LAL.

LAL = Level and leave

This mostly occurs at low levels being 50 and below. In every PT I am in, I make sure that XP is checked every 30-60 mintues just to get a TNL update. But since I am in a static now, I am not concerned. But when I level one of my subs, I am always, whats your TNL and so forth.

The dumbest people are the ones that level and leave. Have they ever heard of a cushion at least? With that, you have time to get a replacement and if that player dies, they may not level down. Those type of n00bs are my favorite.
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#4 Aug 17 2004 at 3:15 AM Rating: Good
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Just out of curiosity, what about "buffer xp?"

I'm told that before someone leaves they should stick around and get some buffer exp, so you don't delevel again should you die trying to leave the zone (despite the sucky xp rate) and during that time, a replacement should be found. This also avoids the ding-n-leave, as well.

It's a tricky task sometimes squeezing that last level out of a zone for everyone. I'm not saying what's right, only that it should be done so that everyone is satisfied with the situation.

I've had situations where I was almost booted before I could say farewells, and I've had ones where I was asked to stick around until a replacement could be found. There's a right way to deal with it, and it varies from party to party.
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#5 Aug 17 2004 at 5:03 AM Rating: Decent
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You just have to give notice when you are close to dinging. The other day I was lvling my thf (19) in dunes. Got an invite to a PT, saw that I was in a Pt of 3 that quickly became full (wasn't too thrilled with the makeup being thf/, thf/, thf, rdm, mnk/war, but hey, it's the dunes). The no sub thf was the one who formed the PT. We did two battles, almost without a word when he dinged, said it's time for qufim, and left. He also didn't transfer leader, so when he left, the pt disbanded.
I understand 20 being qufim lvl and not dunes, but that was an example of noobism at its worst, if not just downright rudeness.
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#6 Aug 17 2004 at 10:01 AM Rating: Decent
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I personally think that if you're at one of those "critical levels" where when you ding the party's experience is literally going to be cut in half, it's ok to leave as soon as you ding, as long as you give plenty of advance notice and look for a replacement. The way I see it, no matter when you leave there's probably gonna be someone in your party who's 1k away from the next level and doesn't want you to go. If you ding and stick around for one other person in the party to ding too, when that person dings there's just gonna be someone else in the party who's suddenly close to the next level, and so on. If you wait for everyone to ding to the same level, you could be there for a long time getting crappy exp.

Many times (at lower levels at least) it's actually more efficient when this happens to just keep fighting with 5 players killing VT's (which would now be T or EM to the player who just leveled) while waiting for a replacement to come along. There may be slightly more downtime etc, but not having high level player anymore means you're getting the same, if not slightly more experience that you were before. Often if I'm party leader and someone else in the party dings to a "critical level", I'll politely tell that player that he's not obligated to stick around if he doesn't want to, unless he wants to build up a small exp buffer before leaving.

Of course, I realize this argument may be a bit one-sided coming from a WHM. When I'm party leader and a melee dings and leaves, it's usually not too hard for me to find a replacement for that person, and we can often keep fighting the same mobs with just 5 of us until a new person arrives. I'm painfully aware though that when I'm the one who has to leave, the party often ends up disbanding. If someone asks me nicely to stick around after I ding so they can get 1k more exp for next level I usually will. However if it's been a mediocre party that's been getting 2k exp/hour and the rate's about to drop to 1k exp/hour due to my new level, I don't feel that I'm obligated to stick around for another full hour if I need to log off and go to sleep.

I've been in numerous parties that have disbanded when I was 300 exp tnl, and I never make a big deal about it or complain. I just figure that next time I log on and join a party I'll probably get 2 levels instead of just 1. I also don't care that much about getting "buffer exp" after leveling - if I die afterwards and delevel I've still lose the same amount of exp that I would have if I had the buffer, and the next time I get in a party I'll just regain my level in the first couple fights.

Anyway, that's my 2 gil on the subject.
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