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Ram-hunting and SiravabFollow

#1 Aug 13 2004 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
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My favorite method of farming these days is to head out to Konschtat as THF30/RNG15 and widescan like crazy for Rams. I can go about two hours at a time, widescanning every 4 seconds endlessly, then Flee to the Ram and Steal to claim. 20K an hour is very reasonable farming these things, and I actually get a little bit of experience and the occasional Beastman Seal doing it. The bonus is that most of the other Ram-hunters don't seem to be on the lookout for Stray Mary, so I've nabbed her every time she's been in Widescan range.

The problem is that it can be a little competitive. Even during lull periods there are usually two or so people out there hunting with me, and with just 2 Rams spawned every 5-10 minutes if I get unlucky I can wind up with just a Ram or two in an hour. I think I have a higher tolerance for spamming widescan than most, so I get to more than my fair share, but the last two times I've gone out there's a Mithra RNG named Siravab out there and I've basically been shut out after he showed up. I'll be going through my general routine, running around the current spawn area (Generally, one spawn in the north part of the map, then in a large area to the SE near the telepoint). I see the Ram pop up on Widescan and I immediately Flee to the area. If I'm lucky, I'll get in sight just in time to see Siravab deliver the killing blow. Half the time it's already dead before I get in sight of it. This guy really, really knows his stuff and is waiting right near the spawn point every time. Either I've been witness to the greatest string of luck ever or there is some sort of set pattern to these spawns that Siravab has been able to figure out. Anyway, my advice to all other Ram-hunting afficionados on the server, before you head out to Konschtat or LaTheine (LSmate had the same experience over there), do a /sea all siravab. Wherever he is, save yourself some frustration and go to the other place.
#2 Aug 13 2004 at 9:25 AM Rating: Decent
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thanks for the reminder. I need to get myself a lumbering horn to finish purple belt quest and start the brown belt quest.

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Good luck Deadmeat, I finished both of those quests 2 months ago and it was a PITA. Especially since some of these LV25-35 n00bs that hunt the rams automatically go after the NM without realizing it is for a quest, you may have a hard time getting Lumbering Lambart or the other one.

On another note, trust me. Ram hunting is absolutely nothing compared to hunting for Goobbue Gardeners in Sanctuary of Zi'tah or hunting for Tabar Beaks in Sauromogue Champaign. All is fair in hunting and farming though. Everyone needs gil, even the idiots wearing over 40 mill worth in armor and still trying to out voke you for a regular mob.
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DJSlyde wrote:
Everyone needs gil, even the idiots wearing over 40 mill worth in armor and still trying to out voke you for a regular mob.

LOL i wanna scream everytime i see someone in a scorpions harness beat me to a tiger on bat downs. or anyone lvl70+ doing the same. /cry

on a side note, the banner on the page right now has wayne newton's head sliding back and forth with a target asking me to "Hit Wayne Newton" to win a trip to Vegas...

/sigh i hate work ^_^
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