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This one is short, sweet, and standalone, so there is no need to get into a lot of precursory explanations here. Enjoy the fun little romp! ^^b


Requested by: Deedlit
Subject(s): Phyree, Deedlit, and Zephie
Genre: Comedy
Setting: Windurst

* * * * *

It was high noon. The sun danced off the waves of the Sea of Bastore and scattered off it as if a thousand diamonds were tumbling on top of a rippling azure cloth. Port Windurst was bustling with fishermen, and an occasional explosion could be heard from the magic students practicing nearby. More noticeably, a steady rumbling was coming from above. The airship was coming in for another water landing!

Zephie anxiously awaited its arrival, for this ship contained precious cargo. Her pawed hands wrung themselves anxiously, her ears twitched, and her tail flitted hither and thither.


The previous day...

"I dunno about this, Deed," Phyree cautioned, "If she is anything like the letters indicate...well, our time might be better spent elsewhere."

"No no no. Zephie has been my pen pal in Windurst for a few years now and I told her we'd visit. She's so excited to meet you too, don't you know?"

"I do. I do." Phyree grimaced remembering one instance where the mithra wrote in a letter how she broke her leg tripping over her own tail. To make matters worse, she had a whole bucketful of sardines to use as bait which ended up covering her in a slime so foul that at the clinic, she was cordoned off to a wing by herself due to the smell.

"Zephie is my friend, Phyree, we ARE going whether you like it or not," Deedlit snuffed as she was packing a few things for the four day trip to the Quon Continent. "I suggest you start packing."

Phyree shot her a glare that would have caused blindness should Deedlit of turned around to see it. A sigh relented from tight lips and turned the white mage's healing hands to packing hands.


Zephie motioned joyfully as the ship docked. The mithra bobbed up and down just waiting for the door of the customs office to open. A mix of a squeal and purr emitted from her lips. Finally the doors opened and shot a column of light down the middle of the room. It was bright and made Zephie squint, but she saw a tall elvaan figure with white hair and ran forward. She bumped her knee on the counter in the middle of the room but limped at amazing speed.

"Ohmygoddessitissogoodtofinallyseeandmeetyou!" All in one breath. "Ijustknowthatwe'llhavesomuchfunandstuffandmyhouseisreallyneattoo!" As her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she saw she had clamped onto the leg of an elvaan male. A very upset elvaan male.

"Hey, you aren't Deedlit!" The tall leg she clung to flicked and sent her teapot over kettle to the floor. She rubbed her bumped head and whimpered.

"Zephie is that you," Deedlit prodded, "Hey Zephie, it's your penpal Deedlit here!" Almost as if she had forgotten she'd been kicked halfway across the room, the mithra scampered over and rapidly inquired into her overseas friend's life. Personal life at that. Really personal. Phyree shook her head and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

Deedlit then introduced Phyree to Zephie and the white mage was barraged with questions as well. Some of them were very intimate and made her blush on the outside, and wonder just why in Altana's Grace those inquired details were shared in mail to a seeming stranger, let alone if anyone else had gotten ahold of the letter.

"...THREE TIMES?!" Zephie shouted loudly in the customs building. Phyree's face flushed red with anger and embarassment as the entire customs staff was treated to a personal fact by the shouting mithra. Deedlit settled the cat-woman down. Phyree cast invisible on herself. An unseen and stern "Let's go." grumbled from beside Deedlit followed by an audible stomping to the door.

The next few days followed suit. Deedlit was enjoying time catching up with her pal across the pond, Phyree sought ways to break away and do her own thing, and Zephie...well...Zephie was in need of Phyree's healing magic or the local clinic's services no less than twice a day. Of memorable note was when Zephie pulled the fishing rod back to cast, and proceeded to flip herself over the side because she hooked her tail while casting the lure.

It finally came time to part. Phyree watched as Zephie and Deedlit hugged and said their goodbyes. Deedlit's eyes softened and became teary. Zephie then bit Deedlit's long ear and said, "If you are gonna cry, let it be about that kind of pain and not the pain here." A large paw pointed to the elvaan's heart. "And Phyree..." The hume white mage turned her blonde head to the mithra walking over to her.

"Yes Zephie?"

The cat-woman bit down on Phyree's hand to draw blood. "Aaah! What was that for?"

"What was what for?"

" my hand!!!"

"Huh? I dunno," she shrugged, "Hey you better catch your airship before it leaves!"

Phyree stood fuming in disbelief but was carted off by her arm from the passing Deedlit. "Come on, let's go go go Phyree!"

Zephie and Phyree stared at each other until the doors closed between them. Zephie stood smiling with a bit of a blank look on her face. Phyree stood frowning with a very focused determination shooting from her eyes.

She finally sighed, "Crazy mithra..."
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