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The Little Taru : The Battle for BattaliaFollow

#1 Apr 05 2005 at 2:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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Okay , so I haven't finished the last story yet , but this was a request from our resident guru Merodi after we faced Weeping Willow and Lumberjack in Battalia upon coming back from a G1 paper run for a friend. I wasn't very sure how to write about a battle , so I hope it turned out okay, and I'd like to thank Merodi and Alisah for letting me be part of two great fights , one being the Lumberjack battle and the other being Charybdis. I may not be high enough to take a hit , but I can still toss quite a few cures with my mana pool ^.^ I hope I helped XD. I hope you all enjoy.

The small group of adventurers were weary , but happy as they ran across Battalia headed for home. After all , fighting the undead of the Necropolis was never a small task , but they had managed to get the item that Maat had requested Shadowfinal to bring.

The little taru scurried along with the others happily , looking forward to going home. It had been a long day for him and his friends. That day alone , he had journied with his friends to the peaks of Xarcabard and the depths of Fei Yin with an alliance to take on 7 dark creatures. Such a long day , thought the little taru , but a good one.

Reaching the cliff leading back to the lower area of Battalia the little taru quickly leapt and slid down it's slopes to head for the bustling city , when he heard a shout to stop.

"The Weeping Willow is back!!!" Shouted Merodi. Hearing this, the little taru almost tripped over himself sliding down the slopes. If this creature had stopped the Red Mage Merodi in her tracks it couldn't be just a simple monster like so many others that called Battalia home. He had learned this well when he'd went with Merodi and a brave band of adventurers to put an end to a foul sea creature named Charybdis in Sea Serpent's Grotto.

"I'm sending for help!!!" She shouted from over the cliff , "Be prepared!!!"

The little taru looked up to the elvaan monk Aravan , and over to the mithran ranger , Solrain, who both nodded. Standing at the foot of the cliff , Aravan , Solrain , the little taru , and Shadowfinal could do nothing but wait while up top Merodi and the thief Haze battled to keep the monster occupied.

"We're probably going to die." Laughed the little taru.

"Wouldn't have it any other way. " Snickered Solrain

The elvaan monk smiled calmly, " I feel most alive when confronting death."

Then the wait began as the sun slowly crept across the sky. Every now and again Merodi or Haze would shout down to let the small group know everything was okay. In the distance two figures slowly came into view on chocobo. One of them the little taru recognized as Alisah , who had bravely faced Charybdis and took the brunt of its attacks just days before. The little taru waved as her chocobo quickly bounded up the cliff followed by a paladin.

For a moment things grew deathly quiet....

Then the shout came...

"Prepare yourselves!!! We're bringing it down the cliff!!!" Shouted Merodi. The small group at the foot of the cliff quickly made some distance and readied themselves for this creature called Weeping Willow. Suddenly from over the cliff huge green foliage could be seen growing larger and soon it was followed by a hulking trunk.... with two large grotesque eyes.... and a mouth. The Weeping Willow towered over them as it came crashing down the cliff. Merodi , Haze , Alishah , and Amone the paladin were scrambling around the tree casting spells and using abilities the likes of the which the little taru had rarely seen.

For such a large creature the tree moved suprisingly fast chasing Merodi and Alisah around as their group worked together to slowly attack the monster.

Something was wrong.... thought the little taru. This can't be threat Merodi was worried about, but his thoughts were cut short as a small army of saplings leapt out of the Willow's branches and began attacking.

"Time for the clean up crew!!!" Shouted Solrain as the little taru's group began chasing down the saplings. This can't be it.... the little taru began to think again...... HE was tanking a sapling all by himself.

Shortly after the saplings were dispersed the great tree began to show signs of weakening, and finally collapsed defeated.

The little taru and his friends cheered their victory only to be cut short by Merodi and the others.

"This fight isn't over my friends.... " She began. "It's only just begun..."

From within the foliage of the dead tree a horrible cry sounded. The little taru heard another noise...... CASTING!

"It's casting something!!!" He shouted, but it was too late as the very earth around the little taru ripped itself from the ground sending him and his friends reeling.

"S-st-stonega..." The little taru muttered weakly as he lay on the ground. Pushing himself to his feet he saw that Solrain, Aravan, and Shadowfinal were all near death as well.

"Quickly , m-my friends.... lets get some distance... so we can heal..." He muttered as he stumbled forward. Slowly the small group made some distance and began to heal. Looking back the taru saw that a beetle had came from within the foliage.... and Merodi , Alisah , Haze , and Amone were still on their feet fighting.

The little taru stood amazed for a moment , his friends and he had came a long way in their journies together and had grown strong, but that one spell had nearly wiped them all out, yet that group over their still stood strong.

Weakly the little taru smiled to himself..... " I've a long way to go yet..." He whispered as he readied himself to head back.

"And what are you doing , little one?" The elvaan monk asked the little taru.

"I can't fight.... but I can cure." He replied as he began making his way back to the battle.

Suddenly the little taru found that Solrain and Aravan were walking beside him as well as Shadowfinal.

"What are you doing?" The little taru asked.

"We can't let a silly beetle eat our pet mage!!!" Laughed Solrain.

The group rejoined the fight. The little taru scrambling around the battle from a distance tossing cures and avoiding the nasty spell the beetle was casting , while Merodi , Alisah , Haze , and Amone slowly fought the beetle. Alisah quickly glanced up to Merodi and nodded , "It's time" she said.

Suddenly the small group of adventurers converged onto the beetle and let fly with their strongest abilities. The little taru stood gape mouthed as he tossed cures. How long before his friends and he could battle like that .... he wondered.

With the group using their strongest abilities the beetle stood no chance.... Lumberjack fell.

The small band of adventurers celebrated for a while in Battalia , laughing and talking of the adventure and playing as though they were children. The little taru had donned his Lord's Yukata and happily joined the merriment. But as all good adventures must , this one came to an end. And the weary travelers all went back to Jeuno.

The little taru stood on a hillside alone in Batttalia watching the sun set in the distance. This day had been a truly great adventure. So many battles fought , so many victories for his friends, but the little taru saw just how much farther he had to go...

Something tugged at the sleeve of the little taru's yukata. Looking down , he smiled happily as he knelt and hugged Carbuncle. " You're right old friend.... we WILL be that strong one day." He said as he watched the sun go down with Carbuncle by his side.
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#2 Apr 05 2005 at 2:54 PM Rating: Good
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you know, if you keep this up, we're just going to expect it all the time don't you? Anyways, great job par usual Kit.

I'll buy your next round at the Merry Minstrel.

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#3 Apr 05 2005 at 6:19 PM Rating: Good
omg Kit, I sound like part of the mithran militia! Never let me bark out orders like that *laughs*

You did more than your fair share of keeping us all alive lil' friend, you did wonderful. I was just there as sacrifical cat slaughter *giggles* I hope we have more adventures just like that Kit ^^
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#4 Apr 05 2005 at 7:22 PM Rating: Decent
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Yup, thats how it happened for the most part. Excellent description Kit, and you even quoted me quoting Jim Morrison, nice.

Like Auni said, you keep this up and I'm calling Mick Foley's publisher, if he can write a kids book....
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#5 Apr 05 2005 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
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/clap that was just as good as the rest standing room only good job. /clap somemore
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#6 Apr 06 2005 at 11:22 AM Rating: Good
Okay, that's it.

*picks Kitaru up, stuffs him into a briefcase, and then carries his tiny taru **** over to another website, *

We NEED good Final Fantasy XI writers there...most people only post one or two stories, and then stop after that. We all could use a nice serial series from someone with a taru perspective there.

Its also a good way to get your writings out to more people. Once again, I urge you to consider taking that site into consideration for your publishings^^

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#7 Apr 06 2005 at 12:03 PM Rating: Good
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Nice... I sit here cheering for the little taru that could.. :)

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#8 Apr 06 2005 at 12:24 PM Rating: Good
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