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Returning after long absence, LS please?Follow

#1 Aug 25 2011 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
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I used to play this game from when it first came out in Canada until just after the release of ToAU, at the time i had unlocked every job and dabbled in almost all of them but never got any higher than level 32 (BLM). at the time it was my first MMO and i was struggling to get the hang of party mechanics as well as enter the whole community aspect of a Linkshell. eventually life got too busy and i stopped playing.

During the 4 years i was in hiatus i have since played WoW and FFXIV (currently waiting for them to fix that last one...) and gained a lot of useful experience in how to group and so on. While i was playing FFXIV i kept remembering how much there was to do in FFXI and how much i did enjoy it at the time and decided to reactivate my account and make use of how i have evolved as a gamer since then.

That being said i want to find a helpful Linkshell that wont mind answering some of my (sometimes stupid sounding) questions, and possibly giving me a hand to get to endgame content (no required but appreciated) as i dont know how difficult it will be for me to gain exp early in the game (1-50?). but most of all i would like some companionship while i muddle my way through the early stages of the game.

I am a fairly easy going guy, good sense of humor (my previous chr was a tarutaru from sandy, his back story was; both my parents were elvann: my dad thinks my mom was cheating on him.) i like long walks on the beach.... nm wrong promo... I learn quickly all i need is a nudge in the right direction (calling someone a noob has never in the history of the word ever made anyone play better)

My ingame chr on this server was started last night since i was unable to retrieve my old chr so i will need to start from scratch. havent created chr yet, still looking for a LS before choosing server. with all i have forgotten about this game i figured it best to start from scratch anyway. even after FFXIV takes off (if it ever does) i will still be playing this game as long as i can find a good group of people to keep me wanting to come back, as if the game its self wont do that but i hope you understand what i mean. i live on the west coast (PST) and am mostly online in the evenings after 9pm PST when my kids go to bed and i can play unhindered. i have lots of time on the weekends to play as i have a steady 8am-4:30pm Monday to Friday job so i can be on at a consistent time. if you require any further information please send me a message on here or reply to this thread.

Thanks for taking the time to read my wordy, lengthy post and i hope to catch someones attention soonish. take care and happy gobbie hunting!
#2 Aug 26 2011 at 5:45 AM Rating: Decent
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Asura is a pretty good server actually- it's the most populous right now, and there's always activity going on. Try hanging out in Port Jeuno on a friday night..... madness.

Anyway, before you stopped playing, the focus of the game seemed to be getting to the high levels (75 at the time) and then the still-developing endgame content. At this point the focus has shifted- Abyssea is the general endpoint of the game now. As a result, EXP is very easy to come by. They increased the EXP in all areas by about 75%.... not sure if this figure is correct or not, but regardless you get a noticeable amount more EXP than previously, just for a normal kill. The level cap has also been raised to 90 (soon to be 95 and then 99). So there are a lot more skills, spells, and jobs available now.

In addition, they have placed "Grounds of Valor" tomes around most areas which allow you to undertake hunts for massive EXP rewards. It's very worth it. Every time I go to the Gusgen Mines now, there is a full alliance (18 people) of people getting EXP together. I wouldn't be surprised if it's perpetually the same party, just rotating members through the weeks.

By all means, jump in and start grinding on Asura. There's lots of Linkshells around that will be more than happy to welcome you. Send a tell to Aegonn or Arteban, I'm sure they'll help you out. Or to me, Geohex... but I'm not actually on as much as I'd like, since I live in Korea.... lol

Best of luck.
Geohex - @ Asura

Sabaku no Hikari
#3 Aug 26 2011 at 8:37 AM Rating: Decent
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Awesome, thanks for all the advise. funny thing tho, i cant remember exactly where i found aegonn's name but i wrote it down earlier yesterday and when i got home i sent him a message. so now i'm in his LS. are you a member of his LS too?

started as a monk and i'm already level 8, no way of getting equipment yet so i might check out this grounds of valor thing.
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