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UK/EU Linkshells? hoping to returnFollow

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Hi everyone, please forgive me if the length of this post seems long and the content seems tedious but I'll do my best to get to the point..... eventually lol

My in game name was/is Cirius/Linke
I don't even remember which server i'm currently on I might have been moved.
I'm 31 and from the UK.

I quit playing FFXI around 1.5 years ago after close to 5 years playing... before that I was a very active and I'd consider myself to have been experienced and competent in all my jobs that I lvl'd to 75 (8 of them at the time), I always had a good group of friends in game and really enjoyed the content and the rewards. I completed the majority of the game content but always felt I was losing out somewhere along the line (I'll come to that in a bit)

now I've tried multiple MMO's since FF and to be perfectly honest non of them ever gave me the same sense of achievement that FF did, to be fair to these other games, WoW, LOTR, FFXIV etc to name a few, it wasn't the games fault as such more a case of it just wasn't FF.

I left around the time that Salvage, ZNMs, Einherjar, Augmentation, the crystal war areas (Past vanadiel) had not long been implemented. And obviously since then the level cap has been raised and other areas such as abyssea have been introduced.

now as silly as this sounds i'm daunted by the prospect of coming back to the game were i'm no longer considered experienced... all the new content scares the Sh*t out of me and makes me think there's just so much to take in..for instance augmentation makes me cry a little, last time I logged on I saw so many nice pieces of equipment of varying stats etc.. I was lost... In essence it feels like i'm starting over again... I hate not knowing and feeling like i'm drowning in a "To Do" sea.

But FFXI being like a narcotic to me in the past and with my situation meaning I have plenty of spare time on my hands after work its calling out to me lol....

so what I would love to know is this...

Are there any active UK/EU linkshells that are recruiting an "old" vet like me, who have members willing to help re-immerse me back into the end game community at a slow pace, help me get back up to speed and cap and most off all enjoy the game again. I'm looking for a social/event Ls with a nice bunch of core people, I'm what you would class as a mature gamer now at 31 I guess... so I also have a lot to offer people, I've been involved in running some HNM Ls's myself in the past so I understand the commitment and time involved etc.

Anyway... I appreciate any feedback and suggestions

many thanks


aka Sando1980

Edited, Jun 30th 2011 2:52am by Sando1980
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