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Returning player in a catch 22 situation, perhaps I can find the LS this time around.

I played ffxi around 2003-2004. Reached 54 Monk, at the time I worked 2nd shift so could only play from 12:30am – 5am EST-5 (jp prime time). That’s as far as I could go, nightly on weekdays, also weekends spent every night LFG. While I waited I leveled fishing in to the upper 50’s while LFG (yeah I looked for group, a lot! 80days played). After three and a half months of LFG without a single invite or when attempting to build my own receiving “English – no thanks” I realized after that long haul of dedication of trying to advance, I reached an adventuring end and moved to a different mmo.

Last year, perhaps the year before I returned to ffxi Level sync was implemented, once in a great while (bi weekly) would get a short group on my mnk, but it was situational, example if I was in Rabo fishing and a party nearby needed a quick fill, then that was my only in. Too rare for my enjoyment and with a bad taste in my mouth from my previous experience I realized it was time to make a sacrifice and change. I level other jobs, such as Thf to 45, Bard to 28 and worked on a few subs here and there. Finally tired of LFG I made another sacrifice and decided to roll bst.

Bst is the perfect fit for me, exactly what I needed. I cranked away on that until 54 I believe, spammed desperately for help for AF, even posted here. Shockley I was met with a negative response on here at least when putting myself out there asking for help. Not uncommon on a forum, but the ffxi forum had always been pretty helpful and positive in the past. Perhaps some of you might remember me, a few of my fishing guides are stickied at least were, before it was bought out by ZAM.

Anyway, after about two weeks looking for a LS (also still on 2nd shift mind you). I was faced with the adventuring wall of doom ending my adventuring once again.

Recently I picked up the new FFVIX, needs a lot of work and polish before I can stink myself in to to, I hope one day that’s possible. While playing it made me long for the days of FFXI. I decided to jump back on last weekend and give it another try. This time I decided to sacrifice the idea of having any kind of AF gear and just skip it entirely, one day when BST is high level I’ll have the opportunity to get those items for other jobs.

Last couple days have been excellent, Reached 55 in a hurry with all the new changes, cranked away smoothly on beast with no deaths. Population wasn’t dead which was one of my concerns, helps that I’m also working 1st shift now.

Any rate, tonight I hit the level 55 cap. It was a shame I was doing extremely well on exp tonight making some great progress. Did my research, which is a bit scattered and not very clear. Due to the age of some of the information a lot of the journals or posts no longer have comments which can be pretty helpful. Leaves a lot of unanswered or open ended questions on some of the how tos and what ifs.

I decided to tackle the Crest from Monastic Cavern. From what I gather it requires you to enter it, then exit it in another area, they click on a few banishing gates to get where you need to go. Made it as far as the bashing gate. Waiting for the Orcs to move safely away from the gate for a good 15mins. Wasn’t having any luck on positioning and gave it my best and aggroed. Died pretty quickly with the IT++ cons around. I was pillaged quickly XD .
That’s where I am now at this point; made a lot of sacrifices and here I am again faced quickly this time with the wall of adventuring doom.

I enjoy helping others by nature, actually do prefer grouping over solo play, but mainly enjoy myself in good company. I was hoping at best to find a likeminded buddy to duo BST with statically, **** a static group would be awesome but that’s crazy talk finding that, lord knows I’ve tried in the past.

There an LS in existence that has a good community that might be able to lend a hand? Possibly with some newer members as well as with only being 55 I’m limited on the help I can provide others outside things like subjob items, Airship pass to Jungle and the first AF quest. Outside of that not sure how else I can contribute this low but enjoying doing what I can.

I typically play from 6pm-10pm -5 EST every other night or so (not right now as I’ve hit the wall again). Weekends very big time, don’t have the time I used to.

Hope I hear something and have the opportunity to join a fun lasting LS community


Starting fishing soon?
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