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~!~ Little bit of back story, skip if you don't like reading ~!~
Hello! I'm new to the forum and quite new to Final Fantasy 11 itself. I'm not new at all to MMORPG's I've been playing them for over 5 years now. But anyways, I was on about a week ago and I saw a video of an Astral Flow Burn party. Needless to say I was very much impressed and wanted to know more. So I google'd "FFXI Astral Flow party" In the end, I came up with this link explaining what it was and how to do it very well.
(Link: )
So, tonight, I tried to get a party together and maybe make something along the lines of that awesomeness happen. It didn't. In fact all that really happened was I looked like a giant noob because in the end I had to send all my summoners that I gathered away because I couldn't find a puller. So, that got me thinking, obviously this isn't something that is going to be able to be a "pick-up" game, it is going to have to be planned with a set date, with people who know what they are doing and have about 3-4 hours to waste on this. So I figured, "What better place to find both people who know how to play and are willing to help plan game events?" The forums! So, back to google I went "FFXI Forum" was what I typed and this site is what I got.
So, lets get down to buisness.

There are two options we have here, Option 1 and Option B. Both options the place will be Korroloka Tunnel and the sync will be 11-13
Option 1:
Party Consists of:
1 Corsair
5 Summoners (one of them needs to be level 12ish)
Outside the party:
1-5 Pullers (level 90 anything)
1 Holder (Red mage preferred but a white mage would work also)
For information of what each person does, please refer to this link:

Option B:
Party Consists of:
1 Paladin (level 90 or as close to as possible and still needing exp)
5 Summoners (one of them needs to be level 12ish)
This one is alot easier to put together, but also it is alot more risky.
I will explain how to do this one here:
The Paladin goes and agro's the whole zone. After he runs back (refer to above link to see how to agro run without losing all the agro) he cures himself a whole bunch. Then the party leader, initiates level sync, the paladin activates his 2 hour (invincible) and the summoners go to work. The reason this is more risky is because the there is only a 30 second window to kill all of the mobs or the paladin dies. Now, it could be possible, with some awesome timing, for the party leader to start the level sync, the paladin casts invincible and then the party leader deactivates the sync, that way, all the mobs killed in the 30 second wait period before the level sync wears off will give alot of exp and the paladin will have less of a chance of dying. But I just thought of that right now.

I want to see how this does on the forums, get some feedback from people and see how it works out before I set a date for the astral flow party, I would also like to talk to a few people who are interested to see what works for them.

Anyways, I am really tired, so I will look over this post in the morning to make sure it looks ok.
Goodbye for now.

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#2 May 02 2011 at 6:55 AM Rating: Good
It's not a bad idea, but the main problem will be finding pullers (just like your first attempt). The issue is that they don't really get anything out of it, and it takes quite a bit of time, so there is no incentive for them to join unless you pay them or something. Usually pullers are one of the smn using a second character, or friends/ls members of the leader.
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