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#1 Apr 22 2010 at 12:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Name - Kaitetsu
Race/Nation - Elvaan / San d'Oria Rank 2 (about to be 3)
Jobs - War 22, Mnk 13, Rdm 7 (looking to go Drg and Sam)
Hours of Operation - Monday - Friday (Log in between 6 and 9 pm. Log out around 1 or 2 am)
Friday & Saturday (Log in around 11pm, play till 5-8 am)
Eastern Time Sunday (Logged in early afternoon or early evening. Log out around 1 am)

I've been playing about 2 or 3 weeks now. Started April 6th. I'm loving the game. It is by far the best MMORPG out on the market. I just started really getting into it though. I'm in a ls. Got a few end game friends, and I'm still looking to make more =).

Guidance I need - I started raising a chocobo, so any advice you can give or guidance would be awesome. Also any tips on feeding or getting feed. I have a small chunk of gil but not a huge amount.
Also looking for any advice on money making or crafting.

Thank you!

Evertime a TaruTaru cries, a chocobo gets its wings.
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Wilkommen du Final Fantasy XI. (or something. I'm not Germanian.)

You have an LS, that's a good start. Here's a few tips to make XI easier.

- As soon as you possibly can, start getting access to areas. Kazham at 25, then Aht Uhrgan (which you should be able to solo at 30ish if you do the subjob items quest).

- See if you can get LS friends to help with rank 5. Airships help a LOT at the start of the game.

- Do as many outpost warps as you can. They're by far the quickest mode of transport in the game.

- Get access to [S] areas asap. I don't know if there's a level requirement.

- Unlock Dancer and Ninja at 30 (Ninja you may need help with). They're the 2 most useful subjobs. DRG will also need WAR/WHM/SAM, and SAM will also need WAR.

- You *will* need either DNC/WHM/NIN/RDM leveled at some point for sneak and invisible. DNC is the easiest as it's a JA, therefore no casting time or aggro by magic. But WHM also gives teleports, and RDM gives solo abilities.

- Also level BLM to at least 17 for Warp. You won't regret it.

- Try all the jobs. Yes, SAM and DRG look cool. But I hated WHM until I got to... 50ish (just played it when bored as back in the day I got 83 invites per minute on WHM). Now I love nothing more than rolling around in Campaign busting out Hexa Strikes and cure bombing the **** out of Saruta. Don't count out any jobs until you've tried them.

- There'll be far more info on chocobo raising/racing and crafting than we could possibly provide, on XI Wiki:

- As for making money, if we tell you on here, everyone will do it. Look at the a/h for things you can farm/craft/gain access to efficiently, and if they sell at a high enough/fast enough rate to make it worth your while, do it. Remember that lots of people in this game are pretty frickin rich after years of playing, and subsequently have become lazy and will pay over the odds if it means not having to do it themselves.

- Finally, best of luck. If I'm on, feel free to say hello.
Likibiki ~ 75 WHM ~ 75 SAM ~ 75 THF ~ 75 SMN ~ 74 NIN
Pandemonium Server, FFXI. Retired. Gone but not forgotten.
Cailey ~ 90 DNC ~ 90 RDM ~ 90 BLM
Asura Server, FFXI. Adventurer Extraordinaire.
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