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AntiMatter seeks to expand horizons to take HNM(recruitment)Follow

#1 Nov 10 2004 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
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AntiMatter, for those of you who are aware of our existence, has for the four months of our life been, simply put, a social LS capable of taking out NMs and some small HNMs. Priding myself as an intelligent and dependable individual, I sought to create a LS that would exist for the soul purpose of containing a relaxing social outlet for not only FFXI discussion, but also serious, real world issues.

We're a bunch that mutually enjoys joking around and having serious indepth discussion about discoveries contained both inside and outside the world of FFXI. Considering this, it has always been important to me to recruit only people who are there for the environment at hand, and not just there to ride our reigns to high level activities, only to leave us for a HNM LS.

Sadly, this event mentioned has occurred more often than I would like to admit, and consequently, our LS has been left lacking in both mage power, and tank power.

In an attempt to amend for my LS's lack of a real tank for big HNMs, I have commited to leveling my PLD to be my LS's primary tank. Almost ready.

Considering my PLD's HNM ability is nigh met, our mage situation, regretfully, has not been resolved in this time like I had hoped. I am severely against recruiting just anyone to my LS. What I desire are people who are noble, intelligent, and competent. Open mindedness is a trait I like to find in people because to be closed minded is to end discussion, and discussion is our LS's only real strong stance.

Yet, we want to experience more. We need to be more self sufficient. To do this, we must expand and recruit jobs that are vital to the end game. As it stands, AntiMatter has 3 RDMs, 2 BRDs, 2 BLMs, and 1 WHM above level 60. We have countless melee DD in all ranges. Currently, we have 1 tank past level 60, and that is me.

What makes this more difficult is that we come from around the world, and naturally, this makes it difficult to perform many events. It's always too early or too late for one of our more vital players to make it, thus, the event generally cannot be met.

This is a recruitment to mages and tanks. Mages and tanks who want a LS that will give them more than just the same old HNM end game ordeal all other LSs will offer you. This LS will NEVER be HNM only, and if that's all you seek, please stop reading now.

Like I mentioned, AntiMatter is a noble LS. We've done smaller HNMs, and successfuly won both the claim and battle. We've been beaten to a claim and cheered on those who beat us for a successful battle. We abhor kill stealing. We are not petty.

The overall goal of AntiMatter is to make an environment where everyone feels like they are helped and at home. Now to further enjoy our experience, we wish to fight HNM for Rare/Ex or expensive drops. We want to fight harder NMs to get our members rare items that they desire. We want to do all this while still maintaining the same social atmosphere we've existed to bring our entire life span.

If you are a WHM, BLM, PLD, NIN, RNG, SMN or THF that is level 60+ and share the same ideals that we do, please contact me to be recruited. Keep in mind, I only wish to be contacted by those who are SERIOUS about what I mentioned here in this topic. I DO NOT want to give out a pearl to someone who will only sign on once ever. Naturally, if you are not one of the jobs listed, we will still consider your acception into the LS. We will not close our minds and home to someone soley because they are not the job we need. Also, keep in mind just because you contact me, it does not ensure you will make it in the LS. While we need the jobs I mentioned, you sure aren't going to ruin our reputation and ideals if you're known for kill stealing, trash talking, or just flat out being an ignoramous jerk.

On another note, those who are recruited cannot expect to jump right into the HNM fighting like I mentioned we are recruiting for. It will take some time to organize the teams we need for certain HNMs, research what we need to do, and get down spawn times to begin camping.

If you are a high level player who is interested in obtaining your goals with friends in a mature, intelligent, yet light hearted and humorous atmosphere, either contact Crinx, Panferpaw, or Onorgul in game or leave a post here.
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#2 Nov 10 2004 at 7:31 PM Rating: Good
As an one-time member of AntiMatter, I must vouch for the quality and integrity of this LS. If you're an individual with quality and integrity and looking for a good mature-level LS, I would recommend you consider AntiMatter.

/wave Crinx. All the best with your recruiting! :-)
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DeRockinyoursocksin wrote:

You realise the date on this post is "Nov 11 2004", right? That's over six and a half years ago!
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