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Goodbye FFXIFollow

#1 Oct 25 2010 at 9:32 AM Rating: Default
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To all my friends, foes, and those I've met in Final Fantasy XI:

Personal circumstances are now causing me to stop playing FFXI. I barely have enough income and it's hard for me to even write this.

I've been playing through several real life issues since Easter of 2004. I've always been here and I've seen the game progress.

Not this time. Friends, I won't be coming back to FFXI. Things were easier back in the good days. You could get parties at a moment's notice quite frequently. You could find groups of people doing missions. You could ask anyone to help you do stuff, and more often than nought, they would drop what they were doing and help you out, even if they didn't know you.

I don't want to dump anymore money into a game that has become selfish, petty, and will only do things for those who have the highest gil. I hate the fact you have to pay to be key person because you are forced to. Forced to because you don't have people to party with anymore, and not everyone wants to solo. I hate soloing with an undying passion, btw.

FFXI has grown cancer, whether people want to see it or not. It's all about the high levels now. This is something I can't get my mindset to do is only look at me and what I want and what I need. I'm probably a good figure off, but I've given away over 78 million gil to help people. The less fortunate at the time, and watched them grow to surpass me. I enjoy that. I've earned every single bit of my gil.

But my personal circumstance calls me away. If I hear that FFXI has been fixed, then I might come back, but I got more important issues to worry about right now. If I don't have the money to play I can't play.

To Caite, Ghostlee, Cynth, Kendamire, Shakerkate, Silvara, Joan, Ghola and the rest of Honour Linkshell, keep doing what you are doing. Maybe one day ahead people will catch on with exactly how to play the game. Where it's not all about you. Caite, and Ghost, you have done so much for me lately. Thank you. All of you will truly be missed. If you would like my facebook address, simply Private Mail me here on allakhazam.

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