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#1 Jan 12 2010 at 1:51 PM Rating: Good
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OK all of you Bastok citizens, we are losing Conquest areas. Last night Windhurst was in the lead in Gustaburg...GUSTABURG! thats our region! I managed to put Bastok back in the lead in Gustaburg with a supply quest, but, that's just insane (or at least we got back in the lead at the same time I completed the supply quest which I am sure helped). I did not even think it was possible for other nations to take control of the starting areas, but, I saw it with my own eyes. I even saw Ronfaure under Bastokan control for a while when I first started which I thought was rather odd.

Also, I am a little ticked that we were in the lead for Zulkhiem a few days ago. I donated a few pieces of weapons and armor to help solidify the lead, then I logged out for the night. I come back on, and San D'oria is back in control of the dunes! WTF?! now I have to wait another week for conquest to re-tally the points. I have not been able to do a supplies quest to the dunes since I started playing. In fact I can't do a supplies quest anywhere except N. Gustaburg because Bastok only controls two areas right now on the whole server!

I need your help Bastok, lets take back the Dunes, lets take back Vanadiel!
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