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SKY LS recruitingFollow

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All jobs are welcome to join ^^

Apply at

Point of Contacts: Remnant (Linkshell Leader), Mimosaa (Sack Holder) Desmond

Thursday 4:00 pm est Saturday 4:00 pm est

Gather together Ru'Aun Gardens H-9 area

Disruption Linkshell Sky Rules:

~Every Sky run is worth 10 points. 5 point if you are very late.

~Arriving after sky is roughly 50% done for the day will restrict you of lotting any GOD-NM item that is not free lot.

~Active member is defined as being in atlease one of the past six LS activities.

~Dormant member is not allowed to lot the day of return nor claim any possible benefit the linkshell provides.

~GOD-NM Abjurations cost 30 points. GOD-NM Specific equipment cost 30 points. Kirin's Osode cost is 100 points.

~Exception to the rule above: Wyrmal Abj. Legs, Aquarian Abj. Hand, and Byakko's Haidate cost 50 points.

~Weapons are free lot except for Kirin's Pole which cost 30 point. You can spend point to guarante lot.

~Must meet job requirement level to be able to lot.

~Point leader for the desired specific item receives it.

~In the event that two member have the same amount of point and meet job requirement level, they both cast lot.

~Can only attain one GOD-NM Abjuration or equipment per run, unless it is a free lot or the second item is not desired by anyone else.

~Sky runs are always Thursday and Saturday at 4PM EST unless specify otherwise.

~Special events such as o-hat, rostrum, swift belt, etc. made by the linkshell is equivalent to 10 sky points if done during sky time.

~Attaining Diorite or Ro'Maeve Water in non-sky time for the linkshell is equivalent to 20k and 5 sky points.

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