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Morning, Alexander~

As the title mentions, I'm searching for people interested in joining a Video Recording crew. Recently I've been recording & editing FFXI videos as short tributes for different purposes. However, I'd like to start making videos with higher content quality and better resources than just lucky/random video captures.

For this, though, I need people willing to help and cooperate. Can't make a movie without actors now~(unless you're Woody Allen).
I don't mind jobs of levels, although I'd recommend lv 30-40 since access to many places is very limited below that level.
Even so, I certainly do want people who are actually interested in helping me build a real crew. I don't need cameos and curious people who just want to check it out a day and then leave, so if that's the case, please refrain from volunteering.

My intention is to open a Linkshell group for this sole purpose. The LS will be called D.I.E Studio, as it's the small group a few others and I established a while back as a video editor's association.
It WON'T be a social LS, nor Sky, HNM, Dynamis, Assault, or any other event for that matter. (This doesn't mean you can't come on the LS and chat away; it just means that if you only need help on your AF this isn't the place you're looking for.)

I'll also open up a free posting board so that schedules, plans, subjects, etc can be discussed and organized.

About joining; as I said, everyone's welcome as long as they are REALLY interested in joining and participating in the recordings. Schedules and recording days wont ever be set on stone, nor anyone will be actually forced to attend. Of course I'd apreciate that, if you join, you'd actually do your best to be there; recording times can always be arranged to fit everyone's needs the best way possible. This flexibility, however, is not an excuse to join and then never appear when you're needed. If so, just don't bother to apply, please.

Benefits to joining? This isn't going to be a battling LS, so you wont get a Kirin Osode out of here. But of course you'll be able to point out a video and actually say "That's me there!...dying to a... bunny". How rewarding is that? :D
Also, I look for a friendly atmosphere, so you might also meet new people and very possibly find helping hands when you need them.
And sure enough you'll be given credit in every finished project.

So, basically, if you're genuinely interested in joining the D.I.E Studio as a valuable member and part of the videos cast, let me know by posting it here or sending me a /tell to Onyrica via in-game. Of course, no need to say, your server MUST be Alexander. (At least untill I figure out how to Teleport-Server...) And if you have friends interested, bring them on as well!

For any questions, please /tell me in-game as well. Suggestions, comments? /tell me as well. I'll do my very best to solve it out. ^^

Thanks for your time! \(^.^)
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