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#1 Sep 28 2004 at 5:20 AM Rating: Decent
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<Alexander> Sandy-Rank10
(was gonna put details but.. who cares lol)
Bring me to the pty we'll have fun!
LS: Greenteam
#2 Sep 28 2004 at 5:20 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm to tired atm , will come back and post mine^^/sigh 6am
<Alexander> Sandy-Rank10
(was gonna put details but.. who cares lol)
Bring me to the pty we'll have fun!
LS: Greenteam
#3 Sep 28 2004 at 8:20 AM Rating: Decent
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5/12 on the Valkrum Emperor is my NM success and prob my best friend :)
#4 Sep 28 2004 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
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I don't usually camp NM but my best time was in Beadeaux camping two NM near each other. One of them gave me a Holy Phial and the other one gave me a Fearie Shield (in less than 30 mins between). That time seriously helped me buy a Dark Staff.
#5 Sep 28 2004 at 11:13 AM Rating: Decent
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Well im not on ur server but i decided i would post mine. I was chilling at the spooks spawn when i claimed him. I was the only one there! Got the drop. So i decided that i would run check on the crypt ghost. He was just chillin there with nobody around so i got him and got the drop as well. Now i am a 53 thf so i dont know if that had anything to do with it. Well later on that day i was running through East Sararbuta and decided i would stay at spini's spawn for a little while. About 20 minutes later he pops and what did i get u guess it. 3/3 for the day that day. I was so happy!
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#6 Sep 28 2004 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
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I don't really camp NMs... I just kinda run into them lol

Ran into the Dhamiel NM in Tahrongi and got it's drop, same with the Fungi NM in LaTheine.

None of the NMs I've "run into" have very profitable drops so I just kept them for my characters.
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Nevets on Alexander
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#7 Sep 28 2004 at 1:39 PM Rating: Decent
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Posting from bahamut >.>
1/1 on Spini Sippi (walked by as it killed a lv 8 blm)
1/1 on Mysticmaker Profblix (thanks to ninja to help kill it, i merely claimed it out of 4 other campers)
LS: 0/3 on Dealdy Dodo, 0/1 Tabar Beak, and 0/1 on some dumb rollanberry ochu.
Demetrick, Bahamut 75NIN/75BST

#8 Sep 28 2004 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
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I really needed money for Balance Rings, so I decided to do what my brother did once; camp Spook.

Spook's a ******* to camp, though. Spawns every night and its drop, the Traveler's Mantle, sells for around 25k. There is normally around five people camping it per night. I got the spawn at least once a night for the ten nights I camped it; not a single drop once.

I also tried the Crypt Ghost for the Martial Slacks. Two spawns, zero drops.

As I had given up and was on my way out, I ran across the Goblin Gruel and decided to fight it without any real knowledge of it's level or drop. I dispatched it with ease and it dropped a Valor Earring. I giggled with glee when I found out it sold for 30k.
#9 Sep 29 2004 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
108 posts
Two kills in five attempts on Leaping Lizzy with one drop. The time I got the drop, there were a couple of folks in one of my linkshells who were also camping it. I was WAR/RNG trying very hard to concentrate on my wide scan, and they kept trying to distract me by saying "I GOT IT" and "<Provoke> on Leaping Lizzy!" or something like that. While they were busy typing more of these distractions, I saw Lizzy pop on the radar and darted towards it. It was far, so I didn't think I would get it, but as I approached, I targeted it and hit my provoke macro which for some reason targeted a vulture that happened to be closer. I retargeted Lizzy and hit the manual attack button, feeling that I didn't have a chance at this point, but whether it was luck or the intervention of a sympathetic goddess, I snagged Lizzy. The funny thing was Lizzy had popped right between those two guys who were trying to distract me! While fighting Lizzy, I wouldn't have cared if I got the drop because it was rewarding enough knowing I gave it my all despite those two, and I promptly proceeded to mock the **** out of them in the linkshell for not paying attention. As they were cursing up a storm and everyone else in the linkshell was laughing at them for trying to distract me and congratulating me on getting Lizzy, Lizzy died and I saw the boots drop! That one shining moment will be my fondest memory of this game.
#10 Sep 29 2004 at 3:43 PM Rating: Good
2,137 posts
3/7 on venomous claw on Genbu. 3/7 on Serket Ring from Serket (0/7 on his claw).
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#11 Sep 29 2004 at 10:02 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm 3/4 on Leaping Lizzy, thats about it ._. lol ^^v
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#12 Sep 29 2004 at 11:20 PM Rating: Decent
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Well only time I have ever been successful on a nightmare that actually drops anything good was lizzy. I was lvl 14 thief and i heard a high lvl talking about the boots. So I went to the spot in s gust but I didn't know where he spawned. About 20 minutes later lizzy spawns right on top of me. I killed it and got no drop. Then an hour later he spawns on me again I killed and got drop. Sold the boots imediately and put the gil in goldsmithing. Was pretty cool at lvl 14 with no sub to have 200 grand. :) may be a double post sorry
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#13 Sep 30 2004 at 10:54 AM Rating: Good
358 posts
0/5 on the Emperor. (5 insect wings, though!)
0/2 on the Monster Signa.
1/30 on the Stroper Chyme w/ TH2. (Got Archer's Ring on #7). This place had a full group of gil farmers/sells .. was tough competition.
1/5 on Ashmaker Something (Priest's Robe)
2/3 on the moldivite earring w/ TH2 (rare/ex though)
0/3 on the Shaman's cloak (rare/ex)
Server: Alexander
Mithra, Rank 10
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#14 Sep 30 2004 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
577 posts
1/7 on Lizzy O.o
0/1 VE
0/3 Spook
1/2 Mystic
0/1 Torrent
0/5 Stroper Chyme (charmed him once, stuck had to warp out)
0/1 Mary


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#15 Sep 30 2004 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
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ONe day i was on my way from bastok from Sandy and i was thinking hmmm maybe ill sub rng and scan while i was running.

Get into West Ronufare, bam Jaggedy was there... got off whoop'd him and no drop.. of course. Run back to stables... run through La Thiene CHeck up on Ol Tumbler.. he's there no drop... Get a choco from the crag run to Konshtat HIghlands and see Mary... NO DROP

SE was playing with me but i really didnt mind it was good fun!
#16 Sep 30 2004 at 7:27 PM Rating: Decent
951 posts
0/24 on Lizzy
0/2 on VE
0/2 on Ashmaker
0/10 on Crypt
0/1 on Goblin Greul
1/22 on Spook....

Yea.... so... no NMs for me, thank you very much, I'll mine ^.^
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