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What the heck is BCNM???Follow

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Probly a dumb question! thnks

cesel-20war, 6mnk!

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BCNM stands for "Burning Circle Notorious Monster"

Scattered across the world are several "Burning Circles" that can be used to start boss-type fights. In some cases the circles are used for plot-driven fights, like the Rank 3 Dragon fights.

Many of the circles can also be used for Orb fights, which are most often referred to as BCNMs. You can trade Beastman Seals and Kindred Seals to a dealer in Port Jeuno for various orbs. When you trade one of these orbs to a circle you trigger a fight with a set of NMs. These fights generally cap your level and restrict the number of people that can enter the circle.

BCNMs also often have very good drops (Mannequin parts, expensive spells, expensive armor, etc) so sometimes groups will form to do BCNM fights for fun and profit.

Here's an example of an Orb BCNM fight.

Splaytree - Elvaan - Alexander
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B- Burning

C- Circle

N- Notorious

M- Monster

For BCNM battles you need a special orb that you can purchaise with the beastmens seal you get while adventuring. each battle is a PT battle with 3-6 members and each has a special lvl cap. you can find all information on all these fights on this site:

Edit: Splaytree beat me >.<

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