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#1 Sep 17 2004 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
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So I'm thinking I might try this and see what kind of interest there is. I have a few friends, four, who need their AF 3 quests. Well I organized an alliance to do Dark Knight AF 3 for a friend, and I think instead of trying to shout and put together four more such pick up alliances I would do something a little more ambitious!

I know there are people out there who need help with their AF 3s. I'm hoping a bunch of you read this forum. :) I'm looking for the few, the brave, the proud, the marines... Wait a minute thatís not right! No instead I'm looking for people who are of the appropriate level, lets say 56+, who need help with their AF 3, and don't mind helping others.

Basically I'm going to try and setup an alliance to do all these AF 3s in one blazing night of glory. If you're interested please post here and make sure to include your job and level. I will be looking over the AF 3 quests for all the jobs of people wanting to do this to help organize this.


1) Be prepared to devote the whole night to this! No leaving early! No complaining if your AF is one of the last we do!

2) Advance your AF 3 quest to the point where you are ready for the fight. We will not be using alliance time to get your drops that spawn the NM. The point of the alliance is to handle the fights anything before is your responsibility.

3) Be of an appropriate level. I'm going to say 56 and above for this.

I don't have a night and time picked for this yet. Going to see if there is enough interest and then try and find a good time, but it will be soon. Honestly I am hoping for Monday night.

Thank you :)
#2 Sep 20 2004 at 12:40 AM Rating: Decent
Sounds like a good idea to me, if you are still going to do it I will join. I have no problem staying until everyone has finished their quest, even if it takes more than one night that is fine with me.

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#3 Sep 20 2004 at 8:19 AM Rating: Decent
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i need to do af 3 and im lvl 56 dark....just let me know wat day we are going and i will be there...prob bring a whm and rdm with me
#4 Sep 23 2004 at 1:59 AM Rating: Decent
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I've been on a break from the game for most of the month, but I'll be getting back the 24th. (I'm booked for the 24th to help on a coffer, but after that I'll be free most of the time.) Give me a heads up on when you plan on going and I'll gladly come along. Depending on how busy a friend of mine is, I might be able to get them to come along also. (55 or so Warrior now, needs the AF3. ^^;)

Also, may I suggest maybe setting off multiple days (2-3) instead of a single night, depending on how many people/jobs need to do their AF3? I know a few people that would be interested in coming along but don't have the time to do all of them at once. (I also realize that the participation on certain days may go down by doing this, but it also may bring it up since not everyone has the time to do so many quests all at once. ^^;;)

(Originally posted this on the thread on KillingIfrit. Semi-bumping.)
#5 Sep 23 2004 at 10:03 AM Rating: Decent
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Sorry for the delay in replying. To do this without any high level help will probably take around 15 people of AF 3 level. I am willing to do multiple nights, but right now we'll still need a few more people. If you have friends around AF 3 level let them know about this. Also if you try forming your own alliance in game to get it done give me a tell. If I'm not busy I'll come help out.
#6 Sep 27 2004 at 10:04 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm actually surprised this didn't get more interest. I think between the two copies of the post, here and Killing Ifrit, I got around 7 replies. I've done a few of these fights and unfortunately that isn't near enough without some high level backing.

If you want to try and organize something IG give me a tell and let me know. If I'm not in the middle of something I'll be happy to come along and provide some healing support. Best time for me is usually Friday-Sunday. I donít think this posting is going to generate enough interest to get the job done and for that I do apologize.
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